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  1. Hi everyone! Just popped by to say hello. Glad to see you are all still around I miss you all. Happy voyages and SIMming to each and every one of you! Tracey Townson H237708TT0
  2. Welcome! Don't worry about the style. You'll get used to it. Back when I was at University, I wrote so many papers starting out with the habitual :: starting each paragraph
  3. Welcome. Looking forward to the torment BTW: Canada will win every event in the upcoming Olympic games. Even those they won't be participating in BTW2: The check is in the mail
  4. Marines have Marine specific ranks in our group. http://wiki.starbase118.net/wiki/index.php?title=Starfleet_Rank_Index:_Marines
  5. Salut Francois. Ici, un autre Quebecois. Bienvenue chez le groupe. BTW: I too speak French and English, but English is my first language.
  6. You'll do just fine, Titch If you run into any trouble, you can always send one of the command offers an e-mail for assistance. They are more than happy to help. Just relax, have fun, and enjoy the ride
  7. You would have to attend a week-long academy training group, which is actually quite a bit of fun. You would then be posted to a ship determined by several factors. During training, you will be given a questionnaire which will determine what kind of ship would be best suited to your SIMming pace, etc. You will be posted as an Ensign. Speeds of promotion vary, but it normally depends on factors such as your enthusiasm, SIMming frequency, cooperation and helpfulness towards others on your ship, building both on the main plots and your character, and your contributions to the group as a whole. If you are concerned about starting off as an Ensign, I wouldn't worry so much. If you have SIMming experience and you still have access to you old SIMs and you wish to maintain your character, just remember, what would be a rehashing of old events to your old group, is brand new to us The only thing you would have to tweak would be the formatting. Other than that, coming with a pre-made character is quite a time-saver when it comes to pondering what sort of character to play, and adding a bio to that character. Also, this group is not going to fade away anytime soon. I have been in and out for the last 10+ years. (Yup, it gets in your blood) The group's creator is still around, and the staff are always there to assist when needed. It has maintained a steady level of participation since I have been here (that's 10+ years), and for that I thank the recruitment and advertising team, who keep a steady flow of Cadets coming in on a weekly basis. I hope this answers your question.
  8. When I returned to this group after a few years of absence, I also used the same character, but I changed her dramatically. One of the great things about returning with the same character after a LOA, is that you can almost reinvent the same character by using the logic of what they may have learned off screen during that time. In this way, I was able to return using an old character, who quite frankly I got tired of playing, but whom had a special place in my SIMming heart, and changed that character to someone whom I find much more interesting to play. In any game, RL always takes precidence over the "game". The UFOP is no different, and it is bad when it happens. Right now, due to an active recruiting group and a large amount of active players, we will soon see more and more Lt. Commanders and above in the group. I cannot say how things work if a Captain is unable to SIM for quite some time due to RL concerns, but at this time, and in the near future, there will be more than enough higher ranking officers to "cover" for the Capatain. At least for a while, or until a mission is complete. However, I am only assuming how this is how it would work. I understand the frustration of moving from ship to ship in the fleet, especially in the middle of a mission. I remember going from the Hammond to the Tiger years ago while a Borg ship was just off of our hull . If I ever get to the executive I will try to convince them that ending missions before any transfers would be in the best interest of all. But who am I? Perhaps these things are just not possible to overcome in group that is run by volunteers. From my personal experience, transfers have always been a breaking point for many SIMmers. Experienced or otherwise. We get attached to a specific ship and group and we feel comfortable there. When going to a new ship, you feel like you have to reexplain yourself and your actions to your new crew for them to get an understanding of your character. If you are transfered to a ship that is already established, you may feel like an intruder or outsider, having to relearn all again. Especially since some Captains have different SIMming rules than others. But all the things mentioned I find hard to believe would be any different in any other group such as this. Its something we all have to live with and make the best of if one wishes to eventually make Captain in this group. I am sure everry Captain has been through this at at least one point in their UFOP career. But remember first of all that this is a game. Take it as such, and have fun. Maybe make new friends along the way, and as you climb the ranks, you'll see all the hard work that goes into this group. I for one am happy to see you back Rogg. Even though I have never SIMmed with your character, you appear to have a very unique one, indeed
  9. Before I joined, years ago, I too was an avid fan and I had read several novels. I was never a writer and I still do not concider myself a very good writer, but the people in this group helped and the creativity this group allows, increases those skills over time. I am sorry to hear RL has taken you from training, but I am sure there will always be a spot open if you wish to return.
  10. So far it looks like I was the only flop Y'Shirad was a tough trainer.
  11. I hate to admit it, but the first time I trained, way back when these boards didn't exist yet, I failed. I got so confused and was so nervous I'd make a mistake, I just stopped SIMming in training. I passed the second time around though because I had a better idea of what to expect. Anyone else failed in their first attempt or was it only me? edit: Whoops. Maybe I should've put this in the Registrar section. If a moderator could move it, I'd appreciate it
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