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  1. Mitchell would normally be the one to show up in a sweat stained, greasy flight suit. You know something more like the first one rather than the second one.
  2. Personally I think the most epic moment of the reboot films was in the first one when on that Icy ball, we here the name James T Kirk and the face wrap goes down to reveal Spock Prime standing there looking at new Kirk and Spock.
  3. (Cargo Bay - USS Marauder) ::Captain Jackson stood and watched as the last “tray” of pods was moved into place. His ship now boasted fifteen of these “trays” in the modified cargo bays and holds. Each tray held three rows of seven pods. Each pod held one “member” of his crew. Over three hundred people. :: oO Why did I sign up for such a mission? It’s a near suicide run. But its still a rescue mission, so if we pull it off, we will be heroes. Oo ::The heavily modified starship had started life as an Achilles class heavy cruiser, which was designed for long-range endurance missions. For this mis
  4. Thank you for the clarification Admiral. i had a sim I wrote once that was set way in the future, that I thought might fit the theme. I might try using it as a guide and see what I come up with.
  5. I've got a question. Its probably silly, but I'm not sure of the answer. For the writing challenge, a simmer can't alter a sim sent to their ship, and submit it right?
  6. “Desperate Times” A lone starship moved through deep space, racing at warp. Designed by humans, and wearing the old markings of the old United Federation of Planets' Starfleet, the ship was one of the last of a “dying breed” as the old quote went. Her appearance in this portion of space made this a day even more out of the ordinary. On her bridge, Captain Jack Mitchell sat watching the stars race by and hoping they hadn't been detected. His ship, the Achilles class USS Ranger, was one of Starfleet's few remaining heavy cruisers. As such, she and four other ships had been dispatched to raid en
  7. Well, I tried to get the 1.4 patch but it wouldnt install. Anyone know where I can get the 1.01 patch at to install first so the 1.04 patch will then install? I tried to email the manufacturer for help but no answer yet.
  8. I just got a copy of DS9: The Dominion Wars still sealed in the original box. But after I installed it, when I run it, when I hit the launch fleet button for the first Federation mission, it crashes and reboots my computer. Anyone know why that is? Could it be because I have XP? If so, how come it does the same thing when I run it in compatibility mode of 95/98.
  9. I own: - Armada 1 & 2, -Starfleet Command II -Starfleet Command Orion Pirates -Star Trek: Invasion I'm planning on getting the one for P/S 2 whenever I get a new job and get some money again. I also had the old PC game where you were Kirk, Spock, McCoy and some poor security guy who almost always 9 out of 10 times died.
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