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  1. Lol, I know where you're coming from Nimue... It is progressing VERY fast! Very is a mild expression here - you had first kiss and next get to bed, lol! I know it was just sleeping but... ::scratch, scratch... snif::
  2. OK, I'm reading this third time, and still cannot figure out what it was supposed to say to me... to anyone - sorry?! Can you, please explain? Hey not fair - sentence was so cutely strange, I loved it - no editing... - now I get it, OK! JUST A NOTE - this sim have in a posted version one open TAG, but it is there accidentally, that is not a tag, it is just simply removed in final version.
  3. Well kids - I really love how you're writing your relationship, but let me tell you something - SLOW DOWN!!!!!!!!! Let me point you to one thing I recently had a chance to read - Reporter 42 which was focused on relationships - slow down and enjoy it.
  4. ((Cooper's Quarters USS Victory)) ::James wakes up to his beloved Tressa next to him. Shelooks even more beautiful when she is sleeping. He marvels at her angelic facewith her pale blonde hair. She stirs a little as he gently tries to not wakeher.:: :: Tressa's eyes opened slowly, she had slept well andwas reluctant to wake. She stirred, becoming aware of James next to her, shelooked to him smiling.:: Cooper: I'm sorry Nihopeca, I did not mean to wake you. Tressa: :: Stretching a little and cuddling closer to him:: You didn't. Cooper: ::He leans over to kiss her gently on hercheek.:: Good Mo
  5. What you've done there is you've revealed your evil and nefarious scheme before actually doing it. You're not by any chance a Bond villain, are you? Don't share our secrets! That's not nice, you know!
  6. Throughout the sim there was some strange signs, one of them was not recognized by my Word when I copied the document in it, so I had to replace it myself. The sign is €¦ and in some cases seem like comma and in some like full stop. I'd like authors to check the sim as is posted here and see is it correct as they posted it, if not to repost it with correct signs. The sim is two parter and is posted on a group here: http://games.groups.yahoo.com/group/sb118-victory/message/12882 http://games.groups.yahoo.com/group/sb118-victory/message/12883
  7. (( TacticalOffice USS Victory )) ::James was sitting in his office dreamingabout the forthcoming evening with Tressa when his commbadge chirped.:: Tressa: =/\= Ensign Tressa to EnsignCooper... =/\= Cooper: ::Tapping the commbadge:: =/\=Cooper here,go ahead.=/\= ::Her call brought a wide smile to his face, as always.:: Tressa: =/\= Heya, it's me, still up forsome lunch? =/\= Cooper:=/\=Hi, yes I can meet you, and make yousomething if you like?=/\= Tressa: =/\=Sounds good! :: she paused :: Wouldyou like to meet my tribble, Fang? =/\= Cooper:=/\= Sure, I would like to meet Fang. I canmake
  8. I just read a two part sim - Joint post between two ensigns, great work. Problem is that the sim works really good only as ONE story. As one post it's really long and it's the only explanation I can see for posting it as two parter, cannot say it is a reason, but I presume it is! Since I never encountered similar situation, want to ask - should I post it as two entries or to post as one, despite being posted on a group as two entries?
  9. The board is set up to not allow any deleting of posts. Everything goes to an invisible holding area. But normally, all the stories in this area just get moved to their respective archive folder. Is it this one?: http://www.starbase1...-civilisations/ - it was in the May/June archive. I just moved it back into Mar/Apr. Thank you, thank you, thank you... I thought it's lost! Strange that I have all other stories except that one!
  10. Can anyone tell me where those old stories are stored now - I misplaced mine and cannot find it anywhere. So tried to find it here and it's not in Mar/Apr '10 and cannot find it in Beta Antares Shipyard. Hope it's not just deleted
  11. Growing old is mandatory, but growing up is optional. SO Let me be childish, don't condemn me for that!

  12. Think anyone will realize if I repost my Trill creation myth story? cannot wait to see your version - I started a myth-buster type of story, maybe this time I actually finish it. This last round kicked me in a head, I had more than a half of the story finished and started to work on finishing it.... a day too late! It was about a young man who was kidnapped as a little child and spent whole life in a "family" that kidnapped him and have a problem integrating back into his real family and community and is asking his right to choose - and his choice is to return to family he loves and care for.
  13. Who stole my profile comments?

  14. Huh, that's great - I didn't even had idea!
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