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  1. ((Counselling Suite, Deck 7, USS Gorkon)) Trepidation forming like a stone icicle in the pit of her stomach, Jo Marshall, ever the effective evader of most things emotionally explaining, slipped into the Counselling Suite with her hands clasped behind her back. Some while since she’d last had anything that approached near to counselling, despite sending new Ensigns and fellow officers off for their heads to be shrunk, the guilt of that hypocrisy had finally reached a little pinnacle and toppled over, which led to Jo standing there, which led to Jo feeling uncomfortable. An appointment made with the bubbly Counsellor, Jo pressed the button for the contact on the side of the door. Fortune: Come in! Inside was the usual style of Corliss’ office, various colored chairs, her plant at its home on a shelf, and herself settled in a seat with a PADD, one leg slightly bouncing. Fortune: Jo! It’s nice to see you. Marshall: You too, Corliss. Feels like it’s been an age. The blonde took a quick glance around the counselling office, a representation of the internal workings of their unique counsellor. Fortune: Well, it feels like decades between missions sometimes. It’ll take a bit for my internal clock to reset itself. She chuckled, sweeping a loop of pink hair back behind her ear, gesturing at a chair. Fortune: Come, come, sit, sit. Need anything to drink? Leaving the safety of the doorway behind, Jo walked inside and took up a seat where instructed. Ever comfortable on a ship she knew like the back of her hand, coming for an appointed talk was something that set her on a bit of an edge. With a heavy exhale, Jo relaxed into the chair and smiled. Marshall: Coffee would never go amiss, but I think I’ll go for green tea, this time please. Influence of the better half. Fortune: Strangely, I’m not at all surprised Erin drinks tea. Some people have that feel to them, I suppose. Anything added to it? Marshall: I’ll take it how you have it. ::Said with a grin.:: Show me the ways of the tea. Fortune: A roommate showed me the glory of a dab of honey inside, and I’ve never gone back. Corliss happily replicated them a pair of cups of tea, slipping the steaming cup onto the table between them towards Jo. Her own cupped into her hand, the steam warming her face a little as it curled up. Across from her, the blonde picked up the mug and cradled it in her hands; the little warmth was welcome. Fortune: So! Here to chat things out, I take it? Marshall: If you’re willing to have your ear bent in all kinds of directions. I’m not one for sticking to a particular topic when the flood gates open. Fortune: Everyone likes a listening ear, sometimes just as a sounding board, or just to reason things out to themselves. ::she cooled her tea with a breath, taking a sip.:: If walls could talk, I’m sure they’d report me to Quinn for losing my common sense...and, sometimes, a random object. They always end up on the dresser… Marshall: Always the dresser. Or the coffee table. I’m half convinced there’s a blackhole down the back of the sofa that just randomly drops things back onto various bits of furniture from pockets. Sipping at the warm tea, Jo relaxed a little further into the chair. Never one to sit in a chair like a normal person, she tucked a leg underneath her and leaned to one side. This was just a conversation; nothing to worry about, no hidden depths to probe, no hidden meanings to discover. Just a conversation with a friend over tea. Marshall: It’s been a while since I’ve sat down for this, you know. Last time wasn’t long after we came back from Over There. I’m a bit rusty. Fortune: Momentum is a funny thing like that. Once you get going, there’s no stopping. Marshall: I’ve never found it easy to do, not about me anyway. ::She hazarded a smile, motes of nerves threading through it.:: People can be usually persuaded to talk about themselves more. Anyone who does find this kind of thing easy to do are right up there with those who eat salad for breakfast. Fortune: ::she wrinkled her nose at that thought.:: Salad? I’m more of a waffle person. ::she grinned.:: Actually, a lot of people find it hard to talk about themselves. They’re not sure what to say, or how to say it, until they’re asked questions or something pertains to their interests. Nodding, Jo dropped her gaze to the tea in her mug, floating there without a care in the world. Marshall: What do you suggest? Fortune: Well, your bike...or talking about Erin...oooorrr maybe something you’ve done on shift lately? Maybe anything with the recent mission…? Jo pursed her lips for a moment, teeth chewing on the inside of her cheek, mind revolving around several things simultaneously. Despite the appearance of being as shallow as a teaspoon sometimes, there were hidden depths in there, as deep as the oceans of the planet revolving beneath them, as expansive as the space around them. Marshall: I’m finding it harder to… ::The false start didn’t help and she rolled her eyes at herself.:: Do you ever find yourself so angry with someone it just sits there? Fortune: Ah, stewing anger? ::she popped her lips in thought.:: Sometimes, if I’m frustrated. It’s a normal response to certain events, but it’s not healthy to keep it rolling around like a hot ball in a pan, you know? Marshall: I’m aware completely ignoring these issues is an unhealthy coping mechanism, ::she took a sip of tea and exhaled,:: so I’m ignoring that fact, too. Fortune: Ignorance may be bliss, but only up until whatever it is sideswipes us across the face. The young blonde exhaled again, this time through her nose as the tea mug came down away from her lips and rested in her lap. On the out breath, her shoulders relaxed and she willed her heart to stop beating so fast, like a drum behind her ribs, solid and consistent. Marshall: I— ::She bit her lip at the false start again and closed her eyes.:: When we were trapped in the dreamworld, ‘Kos and Erin did a mind meld to get back and wake the Admiral up. They… I don’t know, merged minds? Is that a thing Betazoids can do? Fortune: Not…::she paused, as if trying to work through her words.:: Not...really...in a way. Marshall: It’s a difficult one to explain, ::she exhaled with a self-deprecating smile,:: I’ve thought about this in so many ways. Is it like how Vulcans share their melds? Like how Deltans do? Or something else entirely. Fortune: Not like Vulcan melding, in...a way. So. ::She sighed, raising her hand up, then placing it back down in thought.:: So there is something, like bonding, but it’s not something any one Betazoid can do on their own. A blonde eyebrow raised as Jo took a sip of warm, fragrant tea, enjoying the soothing effects of it more than anything else, though still surprised she hadn’t tried to drown in the contents of the mug. Marshall: You guys do this in groups? Fortune: Oh you need priestesses, some people from the Houses to stand over and ensure all goes well. ::she flittered her fingers in the air.:: But not like how Vulcans can...reach in and grab someone’s mind. I...suppose our difference would be like...well, like a river. ::she placed her cup down, lacing her fingers together.:: With Vulcans, they’re fisherman. They can reach in, grab up someone’s thoughts, and physically touch them. With us, or rather, in my experience, it’s like...grazing the river. You can touch the river, but not the fish. Marshall: And you make a bond with the river or the fish? ::She scratched at her cheek with a slender finger, confusion bouncing around on her features.:: I’m not sure I understand. Fortune: There’s not a bond as much, unless a familial link of course. Is...there something you’re worried about for the both of them? Wrinkling her nose, Jo looked down at the liquid in the mug sloshing around as she held the vessel in her hands. That was the Skarbek; this simmering layer of viscous liquid and the rest of it beneath the surface. They were different people in there, leading different lives under different circumstances, but out of it… She chewed her lips as she looked back up at the lively counsellor and her shoulders deflated. Marshall: Yes and no, with a hefty dose of I don’t know in there, too. ::Her tongue stuck in her cheek and she exhaled heavily.:: Erin says it’s like a library in her mind; there are all these books there dedicated to Kos’ life and she could choose to read whatever she wanted, but she doesn’t. It’s a choice not to. Fortune: How intriguing to think of it like a library...and kind of her not to intrude in on his privacy. Is it the fact she’s able to access those memories…? Marshall: That she’s in that position in the first place. That she’s walking around with someone else’s every thought and memory in her head. It didn’t do anything, it didn’t change anything, it just implanted this in her head and her in his. She leaned forward and placed the mug down on the table, fingers threading into her hair as she sat back, curling one leg beneath her. Visible agitation wasn’t in Jo’s litany of behaviours and she didn’t know what to do with herself while every cell tried to vibrate on an unfamiliar wavelength. To Corliss, it was like watching sparks of electricity around a statue, shifting and crackling in equal measure. Marshall: He knows more about her than I ever will, and he knows more about me than I want anyone but her to know. Fortune: And...you don’t like that. Jo chewed the inside of her cheek as blue eyes unfocused somewhere around where the table was; the serious side of the middle Marshall brimming up to the surface through those deep layers where she kept it as buried as possible. It made her heart hurt to think about, and had done for the longest time; tarred on the inside, set aflame and left to burn. She bit her lips as the rolling urge to burst into tears in a hot ball of rage melted and stemmed. Marshall: I can’t be mad about it and I can’t even begin to talk to Erin about it. She’s the one with all of this to deal with, not me. What kind of person feels like this is anything to do with me? Fortune: A private person. A concerned one. And, it makes you human, Jo. Marshall: Does it have to? Fortune: Well, mortal, human, same? ::she laughed, shaking her head.:: All the same, it makes you a person. If there’s something besides ‘just a feeling’ that’s making you worried, for instance, some new habit she has or the like, then I’d suggest encouraging her to talk to someone about it. With a shake of her head, the young blonde lifted the mug to take a drink, thinking through the year since. Erin hadn’t changed; still as funny, unassuming and genius as ever. Jo had lost countless hours watching her talk, laugh and frown and so much love had given her the strength to seek counselling for all the anger with nowhere to go. Marshall: And if there’s not, what do you suggest? Fortune: Well...I suppose you should think about your view on privacy. A frown crested for a second and Jo leaned forward, elbows on her knees as she looked at Corliss as though self-reflection were a foreign concept. Her hand found the back of her neck, feeling coming in waves like fluctuations in temperature. Growing up in a Federation colony, the majority population Bajoran, the sharing of telepathic and empathic thoughts and feelings was a near foreign concept to her until she started seeing more of the galaxy. Perhaps picking up on the fact she didn’t know quite what to say, Corliss continued. Fortune: It wasn’t until I went to Academy that the foreign thought of someone not knowing what I was thinking, or about to do, had settled into my mind, and made me feel...alone. For some of my friends, the thought of their families being able to access and stroll through their mind like a walk in the park made them cringe. ::she shrugged, lacing her fingers together as she watched the other.:: Every feeling someone feels is valid. I do think you need to talk to Erin about this. It’s about her, and about Genkos, and about your relationship as well, and being open and honest in a relationship is something I always encourage. Nodding, as though the information had filtered through her mind and wrapped in vines around her heart, her lips disappeared behind her teeth for a second as she thought on it, then exhaled again slumping back into the chair, hands on the arms of it, fingers drumming. Talking to Genkos would be difficult, talking to Erin doubly so. Pinpricks of tears started at the corner of her eyes as her jaw clenched at the back, one long breath exhaled and she smiled; a fleeting thing that barely remained. Marshall: How are you, Corliss? I’m sorry I haven’t asked. ::Picking up her mug again, she smiled.:: Your hair looks good, as always. Fortune: Ah, do you think? ::she slipped a hand up to a stray curl, winding the pink hair in a small circle.:: I gave it all a good scrubbing on my shift off, it’s my own form of stress-relief, I suppose. ::she cracked a grin, tilting her head.:: Would you like to talk about my wigs, I take it? Marshall: I can only take so much talking about me. ::Her lips thinned into a smile that verged on the self-deprecating, or mawkish, certainly nothing joyful.:: And it’s a rare occasion we see each other; not properly since we were on Nassau playing pirates. Fortune: It’s hard talking about oneself, it’s true. We tend to prey upon our own fears and embolden them in ways that others don’t tend to see them. ::she hummed, shrugging.:: Plus, I think I made a convincing pirate captain. A chuckle through a mouthful of tea shook Jo’s shoulders and she nodded, remembering full well the destructive force that was the Captain persona Corliss had undertaken on their Nassau journey. It wasn’t the most welcoming of places; even when they’d first touched down, it was touch and go whether they would be able to stay or not, and Jo recalled trying to think of an easy escape route should it go south. Marshall: The fact that you pulled the character out of the hat with a seconds’ notice was incredible; that you kept it up while an Andorian with a mohawk asked for the docking fee was something else. I can just about remember you talking to the docking agents when we were trying to leave. Fortune: Well, I think had they pressured more questions, I might have cracked. I do like the name Marisol however, it’s very...rolls off the tongue, hm? Marshall: It does. Maybe she’ll make a reappearance one day. Their trip there had been anything but simple, and resulted in the near-death of not only the Orion trying to prevent their escape, but Jo had almost tripped the light fantastic too; sitting in the back of that shuttlecraft, preparing for the eventuality that seemed a little too inevitable. With Corliss’ quick thinking, they’d finally got free of the asteroid and back into space to meet up with the Triumphant, and it couldn’t have come soon enough. Fortune: How are you and Erin? Beyond the…::she wiggled her fingers in the air.:: with Genkos, how are things when you’re together? Anything new? Any sentient plants I might need to warn the Admiral about?? ::she teased.:: Marshall: There’s always sentient plants to warn the Admiral about. ::She grinned at the mention of her partner and settled a bit further into the chair, not quite the live wire she’d walked in as.:: We’re fine, at least I think we are. She’s met my parents recently, she seems to get along with my younger brother fairly well, through a mutual love of adrenaline rushes and building things. Fortune: Ah, a pair, are they? ::she chuckled.:: It’s good they’re getting along, I know some feel anxiety over if their family will care for someone they are in a relationship with. ::she took a sip of her tea again, humming.:: Mm. So...what’s brought all this on then? Marshall: Guilt, I think. ::Her teeth chewed around on the inside of her lips, the feeling like a warm stone sinking from heart downwards.:: She’s empathic; I know she can feel it when I’m… ::Her hands made a gesture as though she were holding a lump of energy between her palms.:: A tiny ball of rage. Corliss nodded. People in a rage tended to sit like a stone around her, feeling like they were about to burn to a crisp should they continue to smoulder. It certainly was an odd feeling. Fortune: Yes. She’s most likely waiting for you to come to her about whatever it is. I’m told it’s improper to bring up someone else’s emotions if they don’t talk about it first. Jo chewed the soft fleshy bit of her cheek as she nodded slowly, trying not to imagine how hard it would be if their roles were reversed, knowing she’d be afraid of asking the question in case the answer shattered them like glass. But they were made of stronger stuff than melted sand, sustained heavier blows than an internalised quarry over a Betazoid/Deltan mind warp. As if knowing Jo needed an explanation from the part of a Betazoid, Corliss continued. Fortune: Thoughts, emotions, they’re all kept tight under lock and key. Those of us who can easily feel or read them, we try not to step into the pitfalls of privacy that others may have. ::she paused.:: It can be hard, especially if you care for them, but can’t bring it up under the pretence of privacy. Marshall: You're right. I haven't really... ::she sighed with the words,:: thought about how it feels for her. You'd think an operations officer would be half decent at communicating. ::Swallowing down a swell of emotion and ran a hand into her hair, she exhaled a laugh.:: Selfish in more ways than one. Fortune: Not selfish...well...::she gave a helpless shrug.:: It's so much easier to read someone's mind than to talk it out that speaking can oft seem straining. Speaking was often straining, especially about the tumultuous warp core performing the fusion reaction every day. Jo felt selfish, and that was the issue; at the core of herself, where her internal M/ARA drive pumped fluid around her vitals. Erin — the ichor and nectar of her life as they tried to navigate being together — was different. Part of her wasn’t human, and it was that part which made Jo’s spine tingle and flesh goose and read from her skin that crosscurrent of emotions. It was selfish that Jo had tried to hide it for so long while Erin could feel it simmering beneath. Fortune: Lots of couples dance the dance of 'do I or don't I?'. People, in general, do that as well. They don't want to talk about something, but at the same time, wish the other party just...knew what they were thinking. If you...want, there's also mediation you two could do. Marshall: As in diplomatic mediation? Fortune: Mostly I sit here as you two talk to one another, and fill the silences in-between with compliments to your uniforms for the day. ::she cracked a grin, chuckling.:: But no, some people find a serious talk daunting and having someone they can rely on, a little, to help get their words across, helpful. The thought had some merit as Jo’s blonde eyebrows furrowed in thought, winding her way through how that would work between them when a red blush caught her cheeks as she remembered how Deltans usually took their diplomatic mediation. With a grin, she shook her head. Marshall: I errr, I think it might be best if I do this one alone, Counselor if you don’t mind. Fortune: Ah, no insult taken, but it’s there if you’d like it to be. Has our talk panned out like you thought it would? ::she smiled.:: I’m told counselling can be…’an experience’. Not sure what that could entail. Marshall: An experience. ::She smiled with an exhaled laugh, heart feeling a little lighter for the moment, even if it wouldn’t last long.:: I haven’t had counselling like this for anything other than work and myself for a long time, and I’m glad it was with you. Fortune: You’re kind, Jo. ::she chuckled.:: So, what’ve you got in mind then? Marshall: Some kind of an action plan, I think. ::That was the best way she worked, after all. Give her a task list and it would all be done in no time; let her mind wander and she’d be thinking of new bike parts.:: Erin deserves an explanation and I… ::she forced the words out as they tried to stop in her throat,:: need to talk about this with her. It’s not going to be easy, but nothing worth having ever is, is it? Fortune: That’s how the saying goes, I believe. So! ::she clapped her hands, looking excited.:: Action plan it is! Some people find writing out what they want to say easier so that they can let it all out at once. The blonde nodded again, the process of getting her thoughts down onto a PADD to make sense of them seemed like a good idea. Seeing everything in a line would give it a priority, give it purpose, let her refine her thoughts before they came tumbling out into her partner’s lap like tribbles from an overhead storage locker. Fortune: There’s no guessing how she’ll respond, but you can take the time to craft out your beginning explanation, that way there’s no...hesitation, or fumbling for words. And then, from there, the conversation flows. Marshall: I think I might just have to do that, Corliss, thank you. ::She smiled and let out a breath to relax her shoulders again; armed with a plan, it would be easier. Armed with a plan, she could do next to anything. It was only two steps. Two steps she could do. It filled the inner cavity with a motivation; a need to press on and do it now.:: Would you… would you mind if we cut the session here and I go do just that? Fortune: Oh! Not a problem at all! ::her hands fluttered a bit in the air, although she figured Jo would want to go and get started now that she had a starting point.:: It’s always as long or as short as you prefer. If you need me, I’ll be here! Filled with the inspiration to do just that, Jo deposited the empty mug into the recycling pad of the replicator and when she returned to Corliss, it was with a growing sense of gratitude, perhaps a little bit of a high now they were finding a way through those mental blockages like her brain had started to speak in a language she understood instead of strings of curses. Fortune: As my great-grandmother would say, may fortune be with you! And probably an admonishment on not visiting more often. Marshall: Then, I’ll definitely try to. Next time, I’ll bring danishes and we can talk about my parents. ::Her lips twinged in a smile, definitely finding its way to her eyes this time.:: Thank you, Corliss. I was dreading this and… you’ve actually made me feel a lot better about it. Like I can try and do this. Fortune: I’ve never doubted you, Jo. Danishes sound very good! I’ll look forward to it. ::she grinned, pleased with how relaxed Jo looked now.:: There was a slight moment of hesitation, as if Jo wanted to say something else and just couldn’t quite bring herself to, then she smiled and shook her head. Another time, perhaps. She had other things to worry about. fin -- Lieutenant Corliss Fortune Highest Quality Counsellor Brain USS Gorkon G239510CF0 & Lt. Commander Jo Marshall First Officer USS Gorkon, NCC-82293 G239304JM0
  2. @Jalana five year buds! Congratulations all our members who achieved long service awards! @Roshanara Rahman, @Dassa Alexander-Dalton, @Nyka Wyss, what a wonderful accomplishment to be a part of our community for 10 and 15 years and how pleased we are to have to you. Well done and here's to the future! @Geoffrey Teller A good job guarantee indeed. You've absolutely earned this and I'm so pleased to see all your enthusiasm and dedication rewarded. Well done, Brian! @Alieth It's been an absolute delight meeting and chatting with you. Seeing all your hard work around the fleet, peeking at your sims and hearing your praises sung by so many others, I know you've earned this award many times over. Congratulations! @Blake I've constantly been astounded by the time, effort and dedication you put into the wiki and I'm delighted to see that it's been noticed and recognised by the fleet at large. Thank you for everything that you do and congratulations on your award! @Samira Neathler I wrote the presentation so I've said a fair bit already, but let me just thank you again for your part making the Academy such a fantastic part of our group, It's very much appreciated! ❤️ @Jo Marshall You do make Discord such a fun place to be! Thank you for all the time and energy you've poured into it all, for making me chuckle with the bots, creating all those wonderful emoji and of course encouraging so many creative efforts to the fore with the writing challenge. Congratulations! Congratulations to Karen Stendhal, @Toryn Raga, @Sheila Bailey and @Noa T'Nessa Levinson. Thank you so much for being a part of our community, bringing your creativity, joy and love for writing and Trek while facing your individual challenges. @FltAdml. Wolf I don't think I can overstate how much I admire you and everything that you do. You've been a mentor, an inspiration and hold a special place in my heart, and I'm so grateful to be a part of the community you created and champion. We owe you more congratulations and appreciations than I could ever put into words. Thank you. ❤️
  3. Quinn's rather partial to genmaicha (or occasionally, chai).
  4. This was such a fantastic mission, and it's thanks to all of you!
  5. Just to echo what others have said, it's mostly a habit/holdover from the past and you're not doing anything wrong if you don't include them in yours. When it comes to other people's, as long as you've read the sim, you aren't missing any vital information if you don't spot it. I generally feel that by the end of the post, it's self-evident when other characters are tagged, and whether the scene's finishing or continuing on -- we don't use tag/TBC on the Gorkon, and the only time I ever use TBC or fin/end is when it's a multi-part post. Putting tags in subject lines is a ship specific thing and you're always best checking with your CO/XO/mentor how to manage that, but your solution sounds reasonable and sensible to me.
  6. Hi T'Katt! You're definitely added to the group, and you should be able to send emails to it from your email address as you have been doing. If you'd like to view and/or post from the group's web interface (which is the provided link), you'll need a Google account. I believe you can create one with your existing email here: https://accounts.google.com/signupwithoutgmail You need to manually add your character's name to the subject line of your sims. So for you, you'd put something like: Cadet Dugoras - The Title of My Sim I think I've sorted your forum issue, but if you have any problems, please let me know.
  7. "Gie him strong drink until he wink,That's sinking in despair;An' liquor guid to fire his bluid,That's prest wi' grief and care:There let him bouse, an' deep carouse,Wi' bumpers flowing o'er,Till he forgets his loves or debts,An' minds his griefs no more."
  8. Andreas Katsulas forever and ever. And ever.
  9. I know it might end up as a bit of an anachronism from what we've seen, but from a purely OOC practical (i.e. image manipulation) standpoint, I think it's easier and best to keep the First Contact version in play. The All Good Things uniforms showed up in only 3 episodes, which doesn't give us a lot to work with when it comes to photoshopping characters, whereas we have 3 movies and several seasons of DS9 (plus the odd episode of Voyager) as fodder for the FC uniform.
  10. I really wish they'd put A Final Unity on GOG.
  11. For anyone who's interested in seeing how this plays, Geek and Sundry are broadcasting live tabletop sessions of a campaign called "Shield of Tomorrow" on Twitch. The first episode is here, although it's subscribers only (if you have an Amazon Prime account, you can get a free sub every month via Twitch Prime!), but if you catch future ones live they are free, so check the schedule!
  12. We also have our leading lady, Sonequa Martin-Green: http://ew.com/article/2016/12/15/star-trek-discovery-walking-dead-sonequa-martin-green/
  13. (( Government Offices, Yarista, Palanon, Tyrellian System )) :: The monitor flashed in the darkened office, illuminating the immaculate and bare desk space around it. The silhouetted figure stood beside the window turned imperceptibly, enough to see the message, read the contents with disaffection, and turn back to the casement. Between dark eyes and glacial white hair a deep frown carved into her features. :: Worry had long since disappeared from her body, leaving behind an anger that was almost tangible. Her fist clenched on the arm that crossed her chest, her teeth removing slivers of the thumbnail on her opposite hand. The tall white buildings she could see stood out from the grass, the hazy blue of lakes, the transit ring that surrounded it all - her beautiful home. Her days of wandering out in the central garden alone were gone. :: Her mind felt like a razor blade dragged over taut piano wire; increasingly intensifying with each passing moment that she could still breathe. :: The decision to stay or to leave weighed heavily on her spirit. They wanted her to; she knew they did. They hoped she would take a shuttle, get off the planet, remove herself so that she was no longer their problem. They bandied around statements about her personal safety as if she didn’t know her card had been marked, as if she wasn’t acutely aware of her current predicament and how precarious prosecuting their internal invaders would be. :: As if she wasn’t cruelly conscious that she had no assurances of sanctuary from her own law enforcement - ambassadors that she used to trust, ministers she could no longer depend on, senators who held positions of distinction, who were no longer honourable. :: She would be damned if they were going to dictate her future. She was prepared for war and she would bear the inferno if she had to. There would be no running and hiding. She would not bow to their whim, sacrifice her principles for her life, be the embodiment of the corruption now rife within her own offices. She looked around at the stark white office encompassing her with darkness. Once it had filled her with pride; now she struggled to hold onto any of it. :: The monitor flashed again. :: She barely turned, far too used to the consistent news reports and transmissions, until she caught sight of the revolving symbol adorning the message heading. Unmistakable. Distinct. Her stomach dropped as a thousand possibilities gracefully grappled with her judgement. :: The tone of the communication was crystal clear. Starfleet were coming... :: ...whether she liked it or not.:: TBC -- MSNPC Jhaeina Raisaris Chief Prosecutor Yarista, Capital City of Palanon Tyrellian System Simmed by LtJG Jocelyn Marshall G239304JM0
  14. The most amazing piece of equipment to me is the medical tricorder! The diagnostic capability of that one small device simply blows me away -- what we need blood tests, CT/MRI/PET scans, ECGs, EEGs, and so much more for -- it can all be done with a mere wave of a little box.
  15. Well, now I have to save up for a VR set and a rig that can support it. So cool!
  16. Haha! Birthday buddies! Hope you have a splendid day. :D

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      I did, thank you. I hope you did as well!

  17. And this is why Quinn and Lily are best friends.
  18. (( Junction 06, Jefferies Tubes, USS Tharsis )) :: With the water flow slowed at the moment thanks to Cmdr. Eerie acting as a plug, they had a little more time to come up with a plan.:: Drax: We have to risk the other way. Although, it doesn't have to be all of us. Captain, it is between Lt. Sevo, Ensign Orrey or myself. :: He paused for a brief second.:: With that being said I volunteer to go. Eerie: I don't swim. I sink. Anyways, a bit preoccupied right now. But, I could make good speed. :: Very reluctantly, Ayiana summoned up some courage to get past her fears and spoke up. :: Sevo: No. Y-you’re too big and slow to go swimming th-through the tubes for that switch. oO Yea, insult the Klingon. Smart move, Ayiana. Oo :: Ayiana paused. She couldn’t believe she was about to do this :: Sevo: I’ll do it. Reynolds: Can you swim? Eerie: We need to do something. Even I can't hold forever. Sevo: I-I grew up in a coastal city. I’ve probably swam m-more than all of you combined. :: Her panic was steadily rising, but through some miracle of Starfleet training and indoctrination, her sense of duty to protect the her teammates and her Captain helped to overcome her anxiety. For now. :: Reynolds: All right. ::She took a shuddering breath.:: Be *quick*. :: Ayiana started removing her uniform, tossing them into the rising water. The heavy cloth of her tunic and undershirt would quickly soak up water and weigh her down. She also took off her boots and socks; it would be much easier to paddle and swim without them. Still decked in her uniform pants and grey tank top, Ayiana was ready as she’d ever be. She kept her tricorder and phaser attached to her pants, though; just in case. Starfleet engineering was remarkably resilient; most of their handheld equipment was waterproof. :: Sevo: Did I forget to mention? Water polo in high school, and I was Top Ten in the 400 and 800 meters in my last couple of years at the Academy. oO Of course, that was a couple of years ago. And I’ve hardly had a chance to get in a pool since graduation! Oo :: With a last nod to the captain, Ayiana submerged beneath the rising water in the tube junction and entered the crawl tube below the water’s surface, meaning it was completely filled by now. They had just crawled through this section, so Ayiana had a pretty good idea how long it was. From the team’s junction to the previous one was about 20 meters, and Ayiana could hold her breath underwater for 2-3 minutes (of course, that was back when she kept in physical condition for competitive swimming). :: :: As she started swimming through the tube, utilizing a “dolphin kick” technique, Ayiana began to feel calmer. She had forgotten how much fun it was to swim. The city of Najana on Trill was a coastal city, so Ayiana frequented the beach and ocean throughout her childhood. Naturally as she entered the Trill equivalent of high school, she joined the swim team, continuing her academic aquatics during her attendance at Trill’s Starfleet Academy campus, eventually becoming rather proficient in diving and short-distance swimming. Sadly, after Ayiana graduated and was assigned to the Victory, her first Starfleet posting, she never had much time to keep up with the physical training required. :: :: However, memories of her childhood in the water came rushing back as she swam on. None of her previous hosts swam as much as Ayiana did pre-Join, so this was one of her few skills she really felt was all her “own;” and not gifted by the Joining. In fact, post-Joining, her reflexes had increased, necessitating her to be reassigned to the Joined Women’s Division at the Academy; (an experienced swimmer with heightened reflexes gifted by a Joining could quite literally swim circles around an Unjoined, causing an unfair advantage in a straight-up competition). The negative side of the Joining, however, caused her lung capacity to decrease due to more oxygen and blood being needed for the Symbiont (essentially a second brain). More training could have restored Ayiana’s endurance, but she had graduated shortly after Joining and never had the chance to keep practicing. :: oO Man, I forgot how much I liked swimming! If I make it out of this alive, maybe I should start swimming again. Oo :: Ayiana reached the previous junction and praised the ancient Gods that there was still a pocket of air in it. The junction was a three-way with one tube heading straight on and another going vertically down. :: Ayiana pulled out her tricorder and called up a schematic of the area. She wasn’t an engineer and didn’t really know where to look for a shutoff valve. Taking a look at the schematics only made it worse. :: oO Oh great. These tubes weren’t designed to channel water, so of course there wouldn’t be a shutoff switch! Now what? The Captain is counting on me! Oo :: She spent the next couple of minutes treading water, analyzing the schematics, looking for something - anything. The bottom screen of her tricorder showed the archived Oberth schematics, while on the top screen, Ayiana simultaneously did a scan of the area and compared the two. Here, her pattern recognition helped again. She was good at picking out obscure details - such as the line indicating a seal underwater below her on the live scan that wasn’t there on the schematics! :: oO Someone sealed the tube! If I can break that seal, the water will drain down the shaft! Oo :: Of course, she had no idea where all that water would ultimately end up, but for the moment, her team’s lives took priority. Ayiana replaced her tricorder on her hip, took one big breath, and dove back underwater. Swimming increasingly deeper was harder than swimming close to the surface. As the amount of water increased above a person, the pressure on their body increased as well, ultimately reducing lung capacity and altering blood flow. Ayiana only had a minute and a half - tops - before she would pass out and probably drown. :: oO There’s the hatch. oO :: The “seal” was simply a tube hatch that had been closed; normally only closed in emergencies such as decompression. By the look of it, it wasn’t welded shut. If she could simply find the manual actuator, she could open the hatch and let the water drain. Of course, all that water rushing past her would sweep Ayiana down along with it, unless she could hold on to something. As Ayiana floated underwater, looking around for the actuator, her long, red hair floated freely in the water behind her like a forest of red kelp. She began to notice her vision starting to get blurry, and was having an increasingly harder time holding her breath. She had to act NOW! :: oO Found the actuator. Oo :: Grabbing onto the ladder that ran the length of the vertical tube. :: oO And this looks sturdy enough. Here goes… Oo :: Ayiana held on to the ladder with her left hand and reached for the mechanical, manual release actuator with her right. She tried to pump the actuator, but it hardly budged. It was hard enough to move the damn things without a ton of water pressure on top! She ended up having to use both arms. Finally after a few pumps, the seal began to break and Ayiana watched as her hair started twisting and turning around her, following the flow of water through the slightly-open hatch. She could also feel the water flowing past her. :: oO A couple more pumps should do it! Oo :: Indeed, two pumps later, the hatch doors violently retracted, and the full force of the water above Ayiana came rushing down. She nearly was swept away with the current as she managed to grab onto the ladder bars. Her legs had been pushed through the hatch, and Ayiana held with all her strength, trying not to be swept away with it. :: oO Th-there goes the water! I hope that drained away from the rest of the guys! Oo :: With her breath strained to the limit, Ayiana could feel her grip starting to slip. As the last of the water drained past her, Ayiana’s breath broke and she took in a lungful of water as she let go of the ladder. Barely conscious, and acting more out of a survival instinct than conscious thought, she managed to grab on again to some rungs a little further down the shaft. With a leg, she kicked open a hatch opening in the wall, climbed and crawled out onto the open deck. :: *Cough*…*cough*...*glub*! :: Coughing out a lungful of water, Ayiana lay down on her back on the deck, taking in a very comforting breath of air, her legs still dangling in the tube. For the next several seconds, she was involuntarily coughing up water. Her clothes were soaked, she was freezing, and her hair was matted to her face and splayed over the deck, but she was alive. :: *BEEP-BEEP-BEEP* :: Ayiana leaned up suddenly. :: oO What was that?! Oo *BEEP-BEEP-BEEP* :: Suddenly remembering. :: oO My field detector! Someone is really close! Oo :: Ayiana grudgingly stood up, and pulled out her tricorder. Opening up the detector application again, she saw she was fully encompassed by the red circle indicating the 5-meter radius of the dispersion “red zone.” Meaning that whatever was generating it was very close by. She turned off the beeping, but kept the blinking indicator light and vibration warnings on. :: :: She grabbed her phaser with her right hand, hoped that it still worked after being underwater so long, and slowly - very slowly - made her way down the deck to the corner. Fortunately, the corridor was dark, except for emergency lighting. Ayiana pressed herself against the wall and slowly crept one eye around the corner. :: Turner: -- floor hatch, sir. I-- I forget to seal it. Brunsig: We can use this to our advantage. How? Turner: It's… ah… the path of least resistance? That'll be where they're most likely to escape. Brunsig: Good lad. Brunsig: Then let's get over there. :: Ayiana estimated about half a dozen people down there. They were in ragged and partially removed Starfleet uniforms; no doubt some of the Tharsis’ crew. They were setting an ambush for the Captain and her team! With the dispersion fields still in place, there was no way for Ayiana to contact Captain Reynolds and warn them! She had to do something or they would be captured, or possibly killed - right after avoiding a nasty drowning. :: :: She crouched low and followed the pack, keeping well behind them but barely within eyesight. At least their own tricorders wouldn’t detect Ayiana. Now if only she had more combat training. ::
  19. Patrick Stewart did an AMA (yesterday, I think?) and I discovered that we drink the same tea: Yorkshire Gold.
  20. I picked Chakotay. It was fairly clear, at least in the early seasons, that it's possible -- even likely -- that the Starfleet and Maquis crews may never have integrated without him. I think that took some immense leadership skills.
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