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  1. I desperately want a new Star Trek show but worry that it might be too influenced by the current movie franchise. My biggest concern would be that we end up with some kind of super-glossy Star Trek: Agents of SHIELD type thing always acting as a sort of watered down version of the films. I agree with all of Sky's points too
  2. ((Capitol - New Romulus, 2400)) ::So much had changed in the galaxy since the Romulan homeworld had been destroyed. Captain Kaedyn Zehn marvelled at this as he stepped into the visitor's gallery above the newly built Romulan Senate chamber. He had personally seen the effects while serving onboard Starbase 118 on the edge of Romulan space. Where once the Empire was known for its insularity and paranoid control, he had seen it in tatters. He had also seen it rebuild itself at an impressive speed..:: ::Almost immediately after this thought had passed it was replaced by confusion that Starfle
  3. Hiya, fellow Ops/Victory crew member!

  4. ((IKS Reclaw)) “Help us,” the voice crackled, echoing around the dimly lit room, “Somebody... please help us.” Jados, son of Heran, looked up from his computer and stared at the large object in the middle of the cargo hold. Finally, he had managed to interface with the mysterious device that they had found adrift in space. Moments earlier he had been cursing his rotten luck. Had he been on a Starfleet vessel, he had no doubt that this would have been easier. Klingon ships rarely had the most rudimentary scientific equipment. He turned his attention back to his computer, desperate to make
  5. Mostly I have been lost in the World of Warcraft... been back through training and now i'm on the Resolutions. How's things?

  6. Where have you been

  7. I like that controlled element that Picard brings. He's deliberate, diplomatic, controlled and essentially pacifist unless totally necessary. I think he personifies the ideology of the Federation.
  8. Captain: Kathryn Janeway First Officer: Kira Nerys CSO/Second Officer: Jadzia Dax ACSO: T'Pol Tactical: Worf Ops: Data Security: Tasha Yar Helm: Sulu CEO: B'Elanna Torres ACEO: Tucker Mission Specialist: Seven of Nine CMO: Bev Crusher ACMO: The Doctor Counsellor: Deana Troi Pet: Porthos (he's adorable, I want one)
  9. I I was tempted to vote for Sisko because I loved DS9 and I really liked Sisko, I think he really came into his own during the Dominion War but then I had this thought: if Picard had been in charge of DS9 then maybe there wouldn't even have been a war.
  10. generations was awful!! awful, awful, awful!!
  11. Away Team is exellent, I hope they make a follow-up; Elite Force was very entertaining; Armada 1 and 2 were both fantastic but practically all other star trek gamers are really awful (and i have wasted money on more than one)
  12. despite my hatred of Enterprise in the first season, I must admit I found myself getting hooked in Season 3 and now I'm actually lookig forward to season 4
  13. Sounds like a mini-series, not a movie. I defiantely think the powers that be in the trek world now are just totally running it into the ground. We have two Series and two well liked crews in the shape of DS9 and Voyager that could have movies. Or if they were going to be ambitious: three crews in the same time frame. Why do they need to go back in time? Or even if they were going to do, at *least* do it with the Enterprise crew after they've finished their tv run. I'd think that was better than trying to develop a new crew for a movie.
  14. During the Earth year 2375, much of the Alpha Quadrant was gripped in a bloody war between the combined Federation, Klingon and Romulan Alliance and the Gamma Quadrant Empire known as the Dominion and their newest members, the Cardassians. Unbeknownst to the Alpha Quadrant alliance, the Dominion had been negotiating in secret, an alliance with the mysterious Breen. Deciding to enter with a bang, the Breen struck a savage blow at the Federation’s heart: Earth. The city of San Francisco was specifically targeted, located there were many key Starfleet facilities including Starfleet Command, S
  15. I got into DS9 through season 4, "Way of the Warrior" was the first DS9 episode I watched
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