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  1. I believe this is the link you're thinking of: http://forums.starbase118.net/index.php?/topic/6646-arrival-at-starbase-118-introduce-your-character-here/ And not be any more confusing, but all of the actual official role playing is done via e-mail. If you haven't done so yet, sign up here: http://www.starbase118.net/about/application/ Be sure to have fun!
  2. This sounds like a cool idea. You could probably set up a thread in the In-Character section of the forums and SIM from there! http://forums.starbase118.net/index.php?/forum/464-in-character/
  3. It's great to have you Shan! We love active folks on the forums. What duty post are you looking to get when you graduate training?
  4. So glad you're back!

  5. Welcome from a fellow Hoosier! (Indianapolis here.) Glad to have you. I'm sure your computer skills will come in handy around here as well. Have fun in training!
  6. is on the Highway to the Danger Zone.

  7. Just a city boy... born and raised in south Detroit...

    1. Blake


      Glee: Baaaadddd

      Journey: GOOD

    2. Hannibal Parker

      Hannibal Parker

      This is a very sick crew.....

    3. Blake


      Who are you talking to. Me or him? *snicker*

  8. got it from search. sent me to wiki

  9. is there a deck plan somewhere for starbase 118?

  10. You better hope not, or Sky'll get Kitty to kill YOU!!!!

  11. "Dialysis? What is this, the Dark Ages?"

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