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  1. I still have all my old LUG Trek stuff, both in hard copies and in .pdfs. I have almost everything Decipher put out for Trek. Plus, I still have all my old FASA Trek stuff, too.
  2. need to speak with you. urgent. what is the best way?

  3. Now, did that seem logical?

  4. No, did that seem logical?

  5. Funny thing...this was the very idea behind my original website (whose contents can now be found here). It was born out of the Star Trek RPG by Decipher, and a couple of different incarnations/campaign ideas that I played/GM'd. It started with a campaign focused around a group of Academy cadets and the unconventional adventures they had...which merged into them being characters in my Dark Frontier campaign (which the website focuses on), but they are spread out, much like Cody's idea, and have opportunities to work together, because of their Academy connection (they were Blackstar Squad). The
  6. So, I agree. Nimoy pioneered the Vulcan species. As such, I think he still experimented a bit with how a Vulcan should be portrayed. That being said, (and because it's obviously going to be Nimoy, and why shouldn't it?) I voted for Tim Russ. Quinto does a good job, but he's still too emotional. Blalock was way too emotional. I think Tim Russ (and Mark Leonard was a VERY close second in my book) was able to study and build on the work of those before him and refine the way Vulcans act and respond. I voted for Russ.
  7. Well, it isn't...to us Vulcans! But, I know! Almost a decade. Sheesh! We're all so old now!
  8. Nice to be home. And wonderful to see how much many of you have grown...Rear Admiral! I remember when you were a Cadet!
  9. Hello, everyone. I will also be starting training on Monday. I'm a returning character, but have been gone for longer than most of you have been here for. Looking forward to sinking my teeth into simming again. It's been too long.
  10. Ugh. Here's what I got: So why do I feel like "Guy" from Galaxyquest? (Redshirt was 80%, Spock was 74%. Soooooooooooo close!)
  11. ***MORE SPOILERS** Tucker and T'Pol - the first pairing I've actually agreed with, and enjoyed...and they couldn't even get that right. They couldn't stay together? What was the problem there? So it was touching, but wouldn't it have been sadder if they had stayed together? Even had a family? I thought the ENT/TNG mix was a little cheesey, but I liked the fact that they fit it into the background of an already aired episode (even if it was obvious that Riker and Troi were older here). Whoever thought of that had a good idea. As for how I feel about the end...don't know. I just hope that when/i
  12. Okay, this is a general question for everyone out there: Who has what episodes of TOS, TNG, DS9, VOY, ENT, and any/all of the movies on DVD? The reason I'm asking is quite simple - picture resources. We have a huge number of people in this organization who want information on a topic where a picture could help. Or they want to modify a uniform for their own picture. Or they're working on a website and need a specific picture. The internet is great, but limited. You're looking for something in particular, and get the same picture that doesn't quite work from 48 different sites. I'm wondering if
  13. Okay, after those last two posts, anything I have to say is going to sound boring and unintelligent. But I'll say stuff anyway. First, I agree with Wolf. As I read OSC's Opinion I couldn't help feeling that he totally missed what Trek was/is about. After every sentence I had a "well, what about this" comeback ready. I might not go so far as to say that Roddenberry was a genius (which some people believe), but he had a vision. And it's a heck of a lot better vision of the future than things like the Matrix, or the Terminator have. I don't know about the rest of you, but I'd like to live in a
  14. The other episode was called "Inner Light", it was also one of my favourites, and it won an award (Golden Globe, I think).
  15. Back to the original idea of this thread... CO = Captain Styles (Excelsior, STIII) XO = Commander Benjamin Sisko 2O/Deck Off. = Commander Chakotay COO = LtCmdr Data CEO = LtCmdr Montgomery Scott CTO = LtCmdr Worf CMO = Dr. Julian Bashir CSO = Lt Jadzia Dax SC = Lt Tuvok CHO = Lt(jg) Tom Paris Counselor = none (due to the fact that Deanna Troi and Ezri Dax were the only two we ever had, and I can't stand Deanna, and I would have chosen Erzi, but I already have the Dax symbiont present with Jadzia - can't have it twice, right?)
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