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  1. so this manic dream state, i had like these super high res monitors inside my mind.. the video patches were like off the hook some how I had wired the computer screen video signal thru my minds eye in the dream? suddenly I could control the whole thing the dream and the dreamer.. go figure.. it inturn worked into a house that was like, filled with water and people would float from room to room then as I hehe broke all the fish tank like things and paid close attention to the blue sheep that...

  2. the wall sat down and the chair opened the door.the floor walked in then the klingon had a prune.beam out of here before it eats you whole.. or so.ride the sky west eat the best buns in time or nowso when is there neither food nor now, in waterfallsgo from the how it crashes like clouds breaking out.

  3. I have a section 8 room in my 2 bedroom apartment, that is for rent, you would need to be put on my section 8.,, and approved by the landlord,,if I don't get someone I might have to move,..

  4. Why oh why am I the wicked one without rest, I do try my best to fall asleep,..

  5. i am building up to a note post,,, lots of thoughts and ideas ,,,mmmm

  6. All that is needed is to remember what is going on so it can continue to "go on"

  7. Becoming lost,. Might be hospitalized soon,.. Forgetting the easy to remember reality settings/actions and prompting them again in a overly redundancy in life events,..Think there might be more need inside then out?

  8. Just so nobody knows nobody, this much we know.

  9. I have change my mind no I will not post this.. sorta like yet but in time it gets put out there for no particular reason at all.

  10. I am exploding ,,, again.

  11. just played episode season 8 @STO these are some of the images I caught I know there is so much detail going into each image, it is hard to imagine this in action.,, but yep I pushed the print screen during these action images.
  12. I am easily understood by the things I choose not to do more so then what I do or even what happens,..

  13. Any minor world that breaks apart falls together again And I'm going insaneAnd I'm laughing at the frozen rainBut I plan to find the time Steely Dan

  14. pi piqui .. :) return to sender marked unknown address and unknown planet, keep them separated is good but different planets ,, what ever.

  15. You know it. Just wait, I don't have an inkling of any what so ever idea that is going on... round one: love is victorious - round two: better then one but still love beats their best, I love this,.. It is days like this that never end where it makes me wait to see it out.. round three and love's new groove is packed.. :)

  16. Just while opening a letter I struck a chord with time harmonically effected some...

  17. Wait; it is just one more mountain in the way. It is not like you are trying to move a chain of mountains...well you are,.. Ok, One mountain, at a time just move one mountain at a time.,, save some of the mountain range moving for another day. ;)

  18. my belly button just fell out.. off or what it is it is not. :P quit poking me, I had to get a new belly button, just, just because you know. :)

  19. Don't waste time at all, read and write till you drop the pen from your hand... given contextualizations as nominal or worse. adher to second level meanings as they exist,.. maybe there is reason but perpendicular to the know thoughts that neither touch either. have a pudding or some kind of push off into the unknown hahe

  20. i just like fell out again, but, so what might as well change the tree that I am following now. can't let the tree run my life... or the mutant X chemical .. you know that there is a theory that life and death have no meaning so be it known ,,send help.. but how???? always are the same go now ... anyway is fine.. meh.

  21. having difficult time thinking true thoughts now.

  22. "Another age must be the judge." - Charles Babbage,..

  23. This should be interesting. Wonder how many people on my list don't even bother with me? I'm running a test to see who reads my posts. I realize that's about 20 (or less) of you. If you read this, leave me a one word comment about your day. Only one word please. Then copy and paste this to your wall so I can leave a word for you. Don't just put a word and not copy,..

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