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  1. sometimes there is nothing left but nothing at all.. so we ... Move on.

  2. Listening to George Crumb, and being reminded of notations I create,..http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_TpC7HPqAGg&feature=youtube_gdata_player

  3. Does anyone know where the closest sex shop is?

  4. true or false?God is dumb?

  5. hu,,,. shadow of play..-- opening that is simple inside the mind."Many human situations are basically dependent on the encounter of two people. The encounter between two persons is very often only external; each looks upon the other as an object, as a thing among things. Each is outside of the other, separated from the other as an object to be known and manipulated. We do not often notice the externality of our encounters with one another because we are immersed in a bubble of thoughts and...

  6. clouds vs trees win lose or lose loss loose

  7. Totally suicidal ... All night/morning just not in the "mood" to pretend life is any more positive then a rock ... I don't feel better now ,. But so what,.. Going on is so so useless I guess that is why I go on,..happy afternoon,..

  8. Attention:Know what you fear,..Fear what you know,..

  9. Positive action is better then positive thinking.June 25Not just lucky“The process of coming to believe restores us to sanity. The strength to move into action comes from this belief.”Basic Text, p. 25––––=––––Coming to believe is a process that stems from personal experience. Each of us has this experience; all addicts who find recovery in NA have solid evidence of a benevolent Power acting for good in their lives. Th...

  10. Hi, again,..Louis and Ms. Taveras, I know you need not know about this Ms Taveras but I have included you as well since you are the section 8 worker overseeing this apartment this year. Again, "they" have come in my apartment and shut the light switch off that caused, in turn, for my phone/internet connection to stop working due to no power where the switch was thrown that had stopped that. .. this switch was on when I left this morning... this is happening further and I will contact the...

  11. i feel like two or three things more then now.what emotion is that.this thing is telling me to go home. so what.values and the qualities of the values there of are ridiculous,. again.

  12. Déjà vu dueThe universe starts here.

  13. Stigma, of doing unique things// Everyone is different and does unique things differently So What,...Everyone who is different is stigmatized by others who are different from them.The Solution is seeing/identifying with a commonality between everyone,.. Easy but so what,.. Sorry voices are telling me to stop now,.

  14. OK, sure, but will it last forever?

  15. perhaps that is it...///

  16. selfies some.. yeah

  17. Fear is a beast that knows how scared we are.The truth is never in time.The reality of meaningful thought has no meaning, at all.Visions of peace are true illusions of time.

  18. If we begin to define reality, then lets not make the same mistakes again, err yeah. :P

  19. space looking thru the hole in reality... :)

  20. My new guitar needs a name... the tentative name suggestion is...Sarjana - creative; creation - which I might run with .. but . I am thinking to let the FB peeps suggest something or other. too.. what do you suggest I call the guitar.. it is a 22EDO = that is a tuning from India. The frets have been reworked to allow quarter steps in it, being the division between two half steps.

  21. What we need is balance: a balanced life, a balanced diet, a balanced budget and lots of balancing bars.. :P

  22. I can be anything you want, just tell me what you want? - no worries... it is all good.. ok .

  23. What shall we call this thing as it is now?

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