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  1. I been in sto since the beginning but,, after the beta tests,.. Well mostly ,. I took the break from most trek and find I still like the trek forums but can't seem to divide up time between various games and writing RPGs ... I am in beta now with a new game that is about to explode ,,. Like when I was in beta with SWTOR. -- just this beta is so high speed my system does barely manage,.. I expect to burnout in the warframe.com beta game really soon,..idk,.. I need to RPG trek but ,..idk -as well-- the video game speed is too addictive-- The game is all ninja fight,.. But the delta rising se
  2. Do you watch/keep up with ,,, the news? and if so ,, How?

  3. 5 or more new voices talking in my head right now,.. Mocking my every word,..it is difficult to see how people are grateful about,.. Anything - still I go on , there is no joy in my life it is merely just a mockery of my choices,..and how I live,..@@@@ I do not curse them for fear of the real people striking back, as the have in a grand misunderstanding ,,,

  4. temporal - time/focused thoughts developed by crunching time/\loops out of their realities (both negative and positive realities of a non-special type and nature) were is the reason and logic now.? the random loss of meaning and ambiguous verifications of nothingness is understood for what they are. usually we just carry on ... our luggage and leave the rest.

  5. setting up a TIME LAB in my bedroom were I will be making, extra time allotments from time to time.. :)

  6. We are inventing new lives again :)

  7. We all like pancakes! How do you eat your pancakes?? I eat mine with diet syrup and real butter.. usually with milk.. :)

  8. my psychiatrist explained I do not sleep correctly I did not know there was a correct way to sleep.. I like to sleep on my left side sorta crunching my heart on the left side and thus putting me to sleep... I was told I could end up having symptoms of my disease 'they' call schizo-effective.. I like my diseases... enjoy the symptoms... and use said symptoms as a force of emotions in my artistry... otherwise there really is very little emotions left for me to feel ,, usually.. My dr. would ra...

  9. so today I wake up and feel sick,, go back to sleep.., then the person I ate dinner with last nite tells me they puked it all up,, well I did not get that sick but I felt sick all day long I don't know, the Chinese food tasted good but had a weird effect - I noticed it after I ate.. then I was sick yuck ,, I guess I still like Chinese food but ,, I don't know why it made me sick.. we may never know.

  10. so so so... I spent the last for hours from 7pm to now 11 pm trying to get my midi to work... I still do not know why the "correct" configuration did not work... but I took all the connectors all the midi options all the different MIDI settings (lost my mind a few times) and it still did not work so I went back... to the original configuration that originally did not work and then - it works - you know the one it was in when I started and it did not work.. four hours wasted now I am too tied...

  11. Once maybe twice when I was a radish I would grow to the light, then the light stopped I waited for the light, just to help me grow but it never came back ever so I stopped growing and died,.. Maybe once or twice...,,

  12. how does one love love or live life living life.. see the one true thing as trueand the one.. it is all one it is all now one now won now no-won nowon mew

  13. I am a professional human specializing in managing my feelings. What is your occupation?

  14. four of them what is the best one? what one..????

  15. ok Got a big response to that ,,, dribble I put out about the college nightmare from hell... but it was true.. :)so here is a new post just done at that same forum about things and such..in response to Robert Maxwell..Robert Maxwell wrote: Have you tried discovering a smooth function in the eigenvalues of Sobolev spaces? That's where I'd start.my response.. :)Using the Banach–Tarski paradox in the Sobolev space, not only can eigenvalues and there following vector equations be sm...

  16. i don't know why to post this stuff but... welll since no one knows how to read and or care usually it does not matter what I post yep so about the decision to stop the life support on Dad. a forum post conversation going on .. at a different corner of the net.Re: I'm checking in! Coffee and cookies edition!^ yes It it was finials week at Rutgers and I was taking 18.5 credits... Oh and as well had my first psychotic break from reality at the time because the voices in my head were too d...

  17. You imagine me sipping champagne from your bootFor taste of your elegant prideGD-hell in a bucket..this always sounded like,,, for a taste of your elegant PIE,..today I mean today like five seconds ago I found the "correct" lyric.. maybe..So have you ever done that...????if so post it here so I can see some silliness... excuse me while I kiss this guy...? AHHHH no.,, oh Sky.. yepcranberry sauce..go on post your funnies.. :)

  18. 35If one follows the great symbol (Tao) and resides in the universe,There will be no harm.There will be pleasantness, peace and no incidence.Music and feast arrests the passer-by,And yet Tao is too simple to have flavor.It is invisible if anyone tries to see.It is inaudible if anyone tries to listen.It cannot be exhausted, how much it may be employed..Lao Tzu: The Tao Te Ching,,,,, thirty fifth stanza 0000

  19. Tinfoil Rap Artist = what I am.. is what I do or what you do is what you are but we are one. usually from time before time.

  20. "I am one, you'll all see... I'm the one...,,," - quadrophenia,.. The who,..watching with friend,.. his first time seeing it,..

  21. http://micro.soonlabel.com/harmonic_series/20140830_a_cup_of_time.mp3

    Chris Vaisvil is the "producer" of this piece from the below mentioned pieces I have posted on the net.. the link above takes you to the upload of the work it-self..

    a cup of time is a derivative work of 4 compositions by William Victor Newbold. Chris Vaisvil sampled the four pieces listed below and applied harmonic filtering and also pitch adjusted the filtering to be in the form of a just minor-minor seventh chord (1/1...

  22. some fun in image workings these are big... :) in size.

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