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  1. the window of time split and exploded into and infinity of windows where every moment of xoet's life it could see and as the windows congealed of times past present and future three the windows in motion and pulsating xoet was now obsessed with itselves in side the windows in their moments verily exposed inside 12's chamber of life as the love of itself became true No more could xoet explain the either the real or unreal ness of the window for it was both real and unreal and neither at once where prefect and imperfect became one with itselves inside the existence and non existence between itse
  2. Your values are off xoet said to itself in the window of time go to your future of you not the past and me were we will see how to know ourselves inside the lives we lead where they want to be and to see them as they are real for now is the moment that becomes the moment in your mind and my mind become divided in two divided in three of the past present and future yet there is another we know too well see where we have the circle of time dilation's into growing existence if know to use the present ways to be free where we craft the future shapes our selves divided into to the five eyes each a
  3. I have an Idea for future challenges that might be good and might be bad but I think we can discuss it here what if every writing challenge was a poll were the poll was the grading of the challenge it could be that we would have the judges votes and the popular votes as well
  4. Now is one and time has past into the future of us created by we We are one and the past has changed again for the sake of us 2 for even in between the realities of nothing and everything there I am into you a blur of a dream you had looking out the windows windows to infinity where nothing becomes a real existance going moving beyond that and before this there is ever present nothings yes more than one and the answer is answered to be known nows where the tree has died to become the seeds of life into and of its Itselves divided inside the perfect posture where love and life are You travel in
  5. The distortions grew like the mutant tree xoet planted long ago as the image of itself grew to infinite dimensions, time flux, questions kept coming from the image from the past and now xoet answered I am not now nor was I then here and now nor then and there but..... I am with you here now your time is less you future is more you grow I am at fault for the fault for told was the fault I am now and will be so I leave you with the following questions to ponder because I ask them too when you know answers we two will be one again why is that unanswered when the question divines Itselves into two
  6. The way I am approaching my story is each time I go to add something I am or consider myself as the future self communicating with the last future self that typed the entry before not sure if that is OK or not but since this is my first writing challenge I guess I will approach the idea that way...(Hopefully It will get me out of my circular reasoning)
  7. what had once been just a window to lookout now was a look into xoet's eyes Greetings xoet this is you from the future, you made me what I am today you gave me the ideas I have made real today, because of you I have survived because of you I hate you for keeping me alive to tell you I hate you keeping me... xoet was confused by the future xoet saying these things to It why was It getting blamed for things it had not done yet but will do only to tell it self in the past that It was going to make the same mistakes over. xoet spoke to Its future self to ask questions of It this seemed to be the
  8. Time like the putty that xoet shaped with its hands or the ideas that created its likeness and then disappeared the form and functions of the likes of which have never been yet there it was in front of xoet the window to anytime it would choose what to look at what not to look at but when when what was going on and when it took place perplexing as a seed in the ground and then a tree the seed has to be planted yet the window was solid as a diamond masking the definite shapes it formed and solidifying them into matter and energy what had once been just a window to lookout now was look into xoe
  9. This will probably be my first writing challenge entry I don't know what to write so I guess I have to look over the other writing challenges and put something together about windows mmm windows a tentative title I have so far is "The windowpane melted into the ground" or possibly floor depending if I decide to be inside or outside of the window you know looking in or looking out ... guess I have to decide which side of the window I am on ahhh I know a dialog thru a window maybe...
  10. A window by any other name is still a window. Just don't shut the window on my fingers. Jumping out of windows again I see. My first finger painting was done on a window when I was two I will not tell you what I used as the paint...lets just say at that age I did not mind the smell... I was told from then on I was an artist ...
  11. Will___________________38% Spock_________________43% the traveler____________65% Wesley________________44% the duck_______________31% a nanobot______________.01% borg___________________34% schizo________________-2i+10% alive___________________42% dead___________________56.1% avoided_________________52% hurt_____________________8.7% happy___________________69% freaked out_______________50% reasonable________________22% beyond__________________0/0 % weird____________________100 % geekish__________________33&1/3% psychic__________________3.14159...% de evolved_______________e^2PIE + i % liqui
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