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  1. I am starting a new character(chapter) so I created this character ... in 2015 like five years ago.. -and it was just a name.  no direction or idea for any background or way to proceed because I have had various characters here as they are listed in the wiki but I have not been here since making the name Clase Drene //so IDK, I think I wanted to approach the character again in the future with new vision and without preconceived ideas of what his origins are.  I choose his. actual race and species this morning.  This did not he that till today.  He did have a gender since 2015 but now a race.  // I hope to fill in all the blanks as best as possible.  The last time here I was losing time to read what I needed to read in order to keep in continuity with other shipmates due to real life time restrictions.  

    I am Bill being a musician, artist with the media at hand.  In computer art music and so forth.  Before I did a (toon) sim character here from 2002 with xoet.  LIke back then I am still looking to improve my writing and group writing abilities, thru cooperation, empathy and compassion, my writing and reading process has significantly improved since being here five years ago.  I mean if I can see this then I guess it has changed.  But I also see things like increased typos happening, and rewriting being more important than actual first drafts.

    I am starting at square one, bottom level with a cadet to see myself get to the higher ranks over time.  I will be portraying an engineer this time not the usual science guy I usually like.  Unless I am really needed in science which would probably not be as good.

    I'm a returning sim player with some knowledge about this, but going to go over everything here with a fine tooth comb as I am doing so far, and really enjoying all of this with great determination going on.

  2. great writing. T'Mer you are going to really like it here. Welcome! so to cover one of the questions,

    When a scenario is developed into several rewrites I believe a hypertext would be necessary or a kind of multithreaded jump might work.. but I don't think there is implementation of the multithreaded storyline since... there are several drawbacks for group participation, not to mention confusion. I think you can see how that would cause a problem?

  3. i stopped at about level 35 if I remember not going to try again for a little bit more time and probably not sign in to sto for the next week but... when I say something like that I usually sign in before that.. :)

    I try to focus on the writing here not the video there.. there is another game in the startrek universe too about the delta quadrant playing the characters themselves somehow? or is this the delta thing going on at sto?

    I would try inventing new scenario's in the sto foundry but my system probably can't handle back-end behind the scenes stuff to make new missions.. ahhh welll I do have lots of ideas but no way to resolve the missions in there because of time basically. :(

  4. these choices are so telling about peoples trek experience... :o

    I agree maybe... not

    Commander Chakotay: is number one because he would go against the captain when they are wrong... flat out wrong. --- or wrong until proven right...

    Spoke does not question Jim,, only pon farr was there some kind of disorderly conduct and that was ,,, welll kinda unnecessary... IMO

    Rikar is a captain.. as he should be,, but was the perfect FO that was his fault..

    Kira is where I need to research more.. lots more.. I will with netflix :) What is this parallel universe thing? or is that universe perpendicular ??

  5. new trek series - where somehow there is a connection to reality ,,, wait they did that with Hercules and well him having to drive a car and all was silly... very very silly... I did not like that but then I was not big on that show as well. IDK

    it is possible to make a new show but were running out of trek-scenario's,, maybe?

  6. Bakari... --- :)

    BAKARI: Well, if you'll excuse me, captain, I better be off to meet my own team. ::He looked at the others.:: Good luck, all.

    ::And off he went, power walking his way down the corridor.::
    BAKARI: oO What genius decided to put transporter room 3 so far away from transporter room 2?! Oo

    too funny maybe transport to transporter room 3..???

  7. DeVeau: Hi.

    ::Raissa smiled and leaned forward in her chair and then gestured to the seat across from her.::

    Moonsong: ::faint pause:: I would like to talk to you before we begin.

    DeVeau: Er...don’t we talk even when we begin?


    seems like talk therapy is all talk anyway.. --- (not true..)

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  8. Skyfire: Let’s start thinking, folks.

    after this line,, I really expected some snide remark.. but there was not ---

    after this line I was like floored but ,,,,, I guess that was just in my head.. ---

    after this line , I was expecting something like "but I thought we were thinking"

    after this line. -we could do a complete thread with response after response...

    nice ,,

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  9. I said Bashir but I think Odo would do a better job and make a most excellent Captian... I voted for Bashir to make it much more Interesting or corny(depending on how you look at it.)... like when Bashir does the 007 holodeck programs... I mean he is playing that part but it is really ... bad kind of quirky acting.. but also interesting in that ... it is a takeoff of 007.. so he could do the whole thing like that ---((it's been a long day.)) besides I did not have time when DS9 was on and Voyager was on and STtng./..were all on every week,, So I had to compromise with one of them (DS9) ,, back in 90's and so on...I admit that Voyager was first runs and Star Trek Next Generation was in reruns but I did not see the next gen show for show..so time budgets were invented and installed into my week routines... and DS9 often lost... Only to be watched in reruns... but even still have not seen all of them..

  10. There are many times we have seen the fact that this science fiction group of stories under the name star trek effect the realities of civilization and entered society in different ways. Example how many different times are there ships called enterprise? the other way of influence occur just as often,.. we as a star trek writing group will use society's ideas and "labels" of things for the things in the scenarios and story lines.

    I am posting this topic/thread here to see if we can "spot" and number, such instances of a connection between life...or society and our world in the trek universe...??

    1. I always liked the communicator copy for our cell phones.. very cool cell phone though that has gotten old...

    2. Iso-Linear chip development and such... very nice adaptation to the trek world...

    3. the enterprise nasa ship .. (excellent)


  11. I been in sto since the beginning but,, after the beta tests,.. Well mostly ,. I took the break from most trek and find I still like the trek forums but can't seem to divide up time between various games and writing RPGs ... I am in beta now with a new game that is about to explode ,,. Like when I was in beta with SWTOR. -- just this beta is so high speed my system does barely manage,.. I expect to burnout in the warframe.com beta game really soon,..idk,.. I need to RPG trek but ,..idk -as well-- the video game speed is too addictive-- The game is all ninja fight,.. But the delta rising seems intense enough to do sto again,..

    Anyhow ..

    Time seems too unstable for me to directly commit to anything at all,..

  12. Breathing life into the Quoting section...

    So, since there have not been any posts since 2-25 today is 4-6.

    I propose:

    1. quotes out of the sim's as it is now with sim number references..

    2. quotes out of our minds.,, IC but not in a sim or not in a sim yet...

    3. quotes from books, this can be any book past present future...

    4. or just sayings, phrases, idioms and expressions and such..,

    5. Our own RL quotes or our thoughts in quote form...

    thinking I will go first this is my favorite quote right now.. and such

    #3. “There’s no one thing that’s true. It’s all true.” ― Ernest Hemingway For Whom the Bell Tolls

  13. as I try to balance my account ,,, I have a Klingon character a Romulus character and a star trek basic character.. they have three distinctive story lines for each of my characters..

    Piquis is the startrek one. I am thinking parts of this image is copywritten but I know not what is and isn't so anyway..Game play image... deep space//


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