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  1. begin status entry:

    Things have changed ... all the better.  ---- I guess I am a cadet again.. ===reporting for duty.(I started this character .. a long time ago then dropped off the SB118 grid.  I figured I might be back to sim.)  so with these tools to write == I will update what happened between the years say 2012 and now-- about --I don't really remember when I dropped out of starbase 118 to inactive.(edit: in the wiki logs- 2015)  but started the journey here in 2002 as the records indicate.

    I have stopped playing the space ninja video game(warframe) and the STO --- as the three D environments had me spinning and dizzy into nausea.  Thus needing to take the zofran in prescription form just to settle my stomach --- sad it is like the roller coaster dilemma I suffer from .. were I have not really been on a roller coaster since high school.  I did play these video games at like 8 hrs a day almost everyday..---  now empty space.  in parallel I was a member of the star trek sim site (deleted). (briefly) where I have news -- the alt universe sim did fall thru when the lead player in RL died. sad but then after a few months they erased all the sim activity and never to be found along with my account there.. == so I leave them with the time gone.  (Not a good feeling) I think this .. can be marked up to learning- so= I saw there sim process very different from here (maybe)  most of the posts were JP = well all the posts very few solo things. with stuff the interface was.. if you will - designed to magnify a JP this is most likely possible as well at google IMO.. but IDK the posts were done daily and in contact sheets one to one or one to three or so like that. there would be openings in the jp to fill in. but- you would only do so after the other simmer filled in their spots and such..--- the format was typical novel group writing. I started the google group for the eagle back when we switched from yahoo.  Wolf- asked to open that up for the sim site and I kept inside the group getting every email they posted since day one in my google email.  this is really what led me to wander back here- the fun I saw.  and I wanted to be apart of and since it --- is like --- ended, over, and deleted at that other sim fleet.. and my game is at zero now --- I was a time-science ensign there-- that never really got past the counseling desk at a wormhole timeportal starbase... full of holo-lifeform simming.  thinking about it I might have those logs in old emails from before the holidays.

    I will put-in the cadet .. forms and re-apply and look at the shiny new things I have missed.  please any thoughts about this entry feel free to comment.. I would like that, from anyone-  Oh my main character here 'xoet 12' reached lt commander as science and ended there..--- a very long time ago.

    end status entry.

  2. Any content is better then no content.

  3. If I "appear" intelligent it is only because there are no more dumb things left to do,.. Done that,.

  4. It's been another very long year! Thanks for being a part of it. If we could only stop these long years,.. From happening,..

  5. Apples and antsbugs on banana's cats on carpets dogs digging ditches elephants eating eggsflounders floatinggerbils getting grosshamsters having hemorrhoids iguanas inventing inter-dimensional-traveljaguars jumping janitors kangaroos kicking Lama's Lamentingmonkeys moaningnewts needing nerdsorangutans opening Orpheus's orificepuppies peeing pooping party's Quala's Questioning qualityRats retreatingSnakes slideways slithers Turtles toasting toadsUakari's under usedVenison...

  6. just watched Equilibrium from 2002 this is the review I wrote during the show..brutal, I don't think I could last in this, on this world... thinking this is about the Librium or Soma from brave new would--- atlas is art - first flaw is the architecture that presents emotional responses from them... cleric's fighting clerics what is this coming to. - I know you are feeling this --- it is the dream of the android that has no emotions to know emotions... he has a little monster for a kid.., I...

  7. I have the fans on and am considering putting the air conditioning on again.. maybe.... it is so hot... I am losing my mind..

  8. We put things on the tree,..

  9. More logging of the eye dr,.@faybennettr

  10. EVERYTHING ,,, everything is on my mind fb so just get out of my mind.. OK?

  11. Thanks everyone for the birthday wishes,..Thanks for taking time out to say happy birthday,..Love all of you,..

  12. is one less tooth in his head ... removed at 2:22pm today :)

  13. Is anyone allowed to do anything

  14. And now what are you going to post?????Ok off to the desktop not because it is better then this by a long shot but

  15. It is NOT procrastination but a very strong sense of having patience with everything ,... :)

  16. jump in....growth in anger growth in peace... and that anger is violent like the negative thoughts we release to the one... oneness onelessness of thoughts and ,, - If I were called I Would answer ,,, would you?

  17. In timeless realities and or so much more

  18. I have mastered my fate and I control my soul with self manipulations of the grand soul of souls as That can manifest time as real... nothing is more real then realities within my mind and worlds of thought like the abacus above my bed as I look out my crib's window as a young one that knows nothing as invincible as life's end and beginning below me is just more, of the same. so what - ever I know is now known as forever and endless like being the victor between good and evil or ,,, not.

  19. [rant]-ok so In the sense of quality of life --- my theme for the day.. I feel that because I have to pay.. for my air conditioner to run right now since the landlord has the heat on === or suffer ,, and melt,, (help me help me) and since my air is really not powerful enoght to go up against my apartment's heat delevery .. I am suffering ... (modern life) and as such can not do what I want.. keep this hot computer on with the music instruments and make more music ,, btw I have the window o...

  20. I have gone crazy but don't worry I have gone there before... same old same old. :P

  21. I could not sleep so - I will let you know what I know - it is that the sounds that are guide the ones that can follow the sounds that are... the voice guide us thru the sky beyond light and dark into the higher planes of experience were existence is not real and reality has no existence as it is. we know ... this experience is now everywhere we all are.

  22. Today, it means anything, but nothing is more important because.. a republican does not care about anything where nothing is always more important ... this makes perfect sense for the republican but the democrat is lost, without doubt, in the national liberal hangover and after a party or part party part not - apart of - fell out of the way when there is no way to go: anymore.... so what.. nation wide depression sets in for the political intellectuals and surf noises seem ominous or so it goes.

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