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  1. OOC: Glad to be back! IC: ::T'Pen bowed her head, a tendril of her whitening hair flipping down into her line of site. Wiping the wet tendril back, she looked up and then down. Below her, a sheer wall of rock and open expanse of space. Above her, more of the same unyielding, unmoving rock. She continued ascending the rock face, inch by inch, feeling the breeze that had whipped up from the lower tree tops that made up Shinraka's formidable forest. Clipping in to the rock face, she turned herself ever so slightly to her left. An outcropping stood out from the shear cliff face. Set atop the small pile, sat a next made of small stones, twigs and what appeared to be twine. Thinking back, T'Pen had noticed that several strands of twine had been missing from her garden. She inwardly smiled at the memory and finding the thief was directly before her. Listening closely, tuning out the wind around her, she heard the soft chirps coming from within the nest. Leaning over, she peered in, seeing three baby rock pigeons opening their mouths up towards what they perceived was their mother. T'Pen started to talk with them in her own special way, but became distracted by a larger shadow that grew into her field of vision. Looking up into the massive form of the Rock Pigeon; its purple plumage and dark blue eyes looking back, T'Pen thought that her life was finally at an end. She'd heard stories of Rock Pigeons with their claw-like feet ripping people open from throat to groin and feeding on their insides. She'd never seen it first hand and really had no wish to have it happen now, but being as high as she was, T'Pen knew she was either bird feed or a grease spot somewhere far below.:: T'Pen: Easy. Easy. I was merely looking. ::The Rock Pigeon honked loudly, shaking the rocks around T'Pen's hand. She blinked. Something happened at the exact same time the bird had honked. Then it happened again.:: =/\=Chirp=/\= ::T'Pen grabbed her pant leg, but at the same time the Rock Pigeon must have thought T'Pen was going to swing at her. It snapped down on T'Pen's right hand, swinging T'Pen away from the rock, then directly into the rock, jarring her with bone rattling force. T'Pen tried to grab her combadge again, but the Rock Pigeon had her tightly clenched in its beak.:: T'Pen: Let go! ::Swinging hard with her left hand, she hit the bird on its beak. The creature let go, hurtling T'Pen away from the rock face and towards the forest below. Thinking fast, T'Pen slapped her leg, where the combadge had been clipped to the inside of a pocket.:: T'Pen: =/\=Go ahead. =/\= Voice: =/\=Ma'am. Donaldson here. You're being recalled.=/\= T'Pen: =/\=Unless Starfleet wants me in a million pieces, Ensign, I'd suggest beaming me right now to where you are.=/\= Donaldson: =/\=Um..Uh...=/\= T'Pen: =/\=Sooner would be better than later, Ensign!=/\= Donaldson: =/\=Aye aye Ma'am.=/\= ::T'Pen felt the familiar feeling of a transporter beam. With a thud, she landed on her side, upon the transporter padd.:: T'Pen: ::Grunting:: Report! Donaldson: Starfleet reuped you, Ma'am. T'Pen: Let me guess, SB118? Donaldson: Yes Ma'am. T'Pen: When? Donaldson: Next Shuttle out. Two minutes. T'Pen: Beam me directly to the shuttle, Ensign. Donaldson: Aye Ma'am. And good luck. ::The transporter beam took hold of her again and when she blinked, she was in the back portion of a small shuttle.:: T'Pen: Second star to the right and on till morning. SB118 here I come. TBC Doc
  2. Thanks Jaxx. Glad to see you're still alive and well and ready to command soon!


  3. Coming back to SB118 after a year away.

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