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  1. OOC: Glad to be back! IC: ::T'Pen bowed her head, a tendril of her whitening hair flipping down into her line of site. Wiping the wet tendril back, she looked up and then down. Below her, a sheer wall of rock and open expanse of space. Above her, more of the same unyielding, unmoving rock. She continued ascending the rock face, inch by inch, feeling the breeze that had whipped up from the lower tree tops that made up Shinraka's formidable forest. Clipping in to the rock face, she turned herself ever so slightly to her left. An outcropping stood out from the shear cliff face. Set atop the sma
  2. Thanks Jaxx. Glad to see you're still alive and well and ready to command soon!


  3. Coming back to SB118 after a year away.

  4. I agree. I was moved when it was originally posted on the CHALLENGER site. Way to go you two. Are you sure you aren't really married??? DOC
  5. Reviews by Captain T'Pen - CO U.S.S. CHALLENGER Golden Rays... Golden Path - CMDR Assanti-Stone Most of the time, I like to see new and creative use of the written word that isn't directly associated with our current characters. And though I've entered a couple of stories myself, I always fall back on using my main character of T'Pen as a source of inspiration. In this case, I don't think the story would have quite the same appeal of Commander Assanti-Stone had used a newly developed character's point of view. The interplay between story telling style and script style breaks up the flow of t
  6. One Final Secret By Jonathan Bockhorst (AKA: Robert Falcon) Reviewed by Captain T'Pen What a story... What a story... I really felt like I was sitting in the pub as the story unfolded. Breathing in the stale smoking air, smooth wood of the warn bar, smelling the foamy beer drawn from a tap. Gosh, I could use a cold one right now. The descriptions are tremendous. The story riviting. Bravo! WHAT A STORY. Doc
  7. The Prime Directive: A Bedtime Story The Secret of Where the Ferengi Really Got the 'Rules of Acquisition' by Jackford B. Kolk Reviewed by Captain T'Pen This rounds submissions, as has been stated by the other judges, were very very good. I applaud Mr. Kolk for his entry. Parent/child story telling is very difficult. Especially when trying to express the gestures and features of children. The best writting is one where the description of the child, sitting with rapt attention, overshadows all else. Mr. Kolks piece is very well written, but change in present to past tenses, then springboard
  8. I, for one, was looking forward to seeing a review on mine. I can't tell what's good, bad, ugly if it isn't reviewed. Seems like mine wasn't reviewed last round either. Maybe this round... Good luck everyone. Doc
  9. If you would like to find out what actually happened during the Destrus Line conflict, drop Captain T'Pen an e-mail at scb4k@yahoo.com. You won't be disappointed. -DOC
  10. Waste deep mud. Muck, silt and scattered bones strew across a battle field so bogged down from constant rain and flash pack explosions from above it looked like the pockmarked skin of an adolessant. Driving, acidic rain pelted the line of soldiers, the sky lit by flashes of lightening and artillery explosions. No one moved a muscle. Some slept, some whispered to each other, all were miserable and loved every moment. A fist darted out from the collection of leather and metal armor, briefly hitting a raw recruit along his chest plate. When he looked up, it was through rain soaked hair and tiny
  11. I was rather disappointed that reviews weren't done for all of the participants this round. DOC
  12. Been trying to add the Arrow key for some time now. Sorry...
  13. Destined for Failure? By Captain T’Pen Georgia lay flat on her back, her breathing raspy and heavy. The warning lights and miniature klaxon of her EVA suit drowned out any sound of the avalanching rock and dust that fell all around her prone body. A gentle hiss of escaping air from the perforation in her suit’s leg, echoed through the cavern like an overly zealous snake ready to strike. Grunting with effort, Georgia attempted to sit up, but her gloved hands slid over the plethora of tiny pebbles and sand, causing her shoulder and helmeted head to violently fall and impact against the ledge s
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