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  1. Pity vote? Hmm... I don't believe in those. Its kind of like me giving a Pity Grade because someone tells me: "Oh, professor, I'll lose my scholarship!" Well, good... you shouldn't have it if you aren't going to work for it. I say Picard gets my vote because he is the best captain. Don't vote for Janeway just because she happens to have two X chromosomes. *glares at Rourke*
  2. Since when did Starfleet become a feudal system? ((Sorry for the nit-picking... we now return you to your regularly scheduled discussion))
  3. Its been too long since I saw any movies... my bad. Still, though: tactical capability is not nessesary for a Captain of a science vessel. Its not a fault of the Captain; its the fault of the people who put him there. Ransom still has my vote (as if I could change it anyway ) Jellico's on the list for being a jerk. However, he did pull off a huge diplomatic coup when he managed to get Picard back with the mines. I was thinking of Ben Maxwell of the USS Phoenix when I was talking about the civilians getting killed.
  4. I'm surprised, Mal. No Admiral Pressman? (from "The Pegasus") Harriman I give the benefit of the doubt to. He was in the chair as a first-time Captain with three legends standing behind him. Esteban I give the benefit of the doubt to as well. After all, Khan was engineered to be superior... Kirk had problems with him. That leaves me Ransom from the Equinox and Jellico from the Cairo. Hmm. Neither is exactly a shining example of Captain-ness. Captain-isity. Captain-ity. Well, you know what I mean. Ransom destroys sentient beings in an effort to get his crew home. Jellico fires on helpless Cardassian civilians because he thinks that the ship they're on may be smuggling weapons (I'm assuming this is the incident that puts him here, right Mal, not just him being a pain in the butt during "Chain of Command"?) If it turns out that there really were weapons, Jellico has a justification. However, Ransom had no reasonable justification under any circumstances. One can argue that the first one that died (the accident) was ok, but even that is stretching it. However, the murder of the others was a BIG no-no. He gets my vote.
  5. Journey to the center of the galaxy with a emotionally strung out crew, led by a smiling Vulcan, to find God. Enough said. :puke: :puke:
  6. Well, I just want to see DS9 get syndicated so I can catch up on the episodes that I didn't get to see. I moved three times during the last 3 months of the show.
  7. It's certainly an interesting premise.
  8. I still have to say start with season one. There's alot of development of personal stuffg there... motivations, you understand why stuf is as it is. Why does Sisko call Dax (a woman) Old Man? Why is the station way away from Bajor? Stuff like that...
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