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  1. One thing I would add to the Admiral's comments, and this would go for any religion, would be that you should not expect to be able to discriminate IC against non-believers. This would against not only the tenants of our group but against the expectations for Starfleet officers.
  2. I find it interesting that no one has said they'll go begging to Paramount...
  3. Ok... so sitting there and watching Vulcan implode wasn't epic?
  4. Here's the new poll of the week! Get to discussing!
  5. My sincere apologies. Our internet crashed at work so I haven't been able to move this until I got home. Here ya go!
  6. Yes, but epic means something else in the context of this poll.
  7. Basically the Klingons got hit with a genetic disease that almost wiped them all out after injecting themselves with the same DNA that Khan and the supermen had, but Phlox managed to save them. As a sideeffect of his treatment, they all got smooth heads . The foreheads gradually came back after centuries of work.
  8. In keeping with the season, my gift to you all is a double poll for the week! This week's poll deals with the mythical joviality of our favorite Christmas present deliverer, Saint Nicholas. Legend has it that the jolly old saint lives at or near the North Poll, er, Pole, where he runs a workshop that turns out massive amounts of toys to deliver all over the world to good little girls and boys. Which of the cast members, and I mean all of the series and movies, would make the best Santa Claus? Who has the looks, the attitude and the patience to deal with the little kiddies pulling on the beard
  9. We are all Star Trek fans; that goes without saying. However, imagine yourself in a world where, due to some unknown heinous offense, you were shunned by all things Star Trek. Imagine that you receive a perpetual cease and desist order from Paramount's lawyers, barring you from anything to do with Star Trek. Send back your uniform, sell your videos, renounce your membership in the fan club: we don't want you. Your poster is up at all the conventions with a big "Not Welcome" label. Toy stores don't allow you to buy the action figures. You're not even allowed to utter such famous phrases as "Mak
  10. Yes, Vulcans plus frivolity is always funny, but not generally epic in quite the intended way here.
  11. My apologies for this not getting moved correctly. Go!
  12. Being an engineer and warp field specialist by training, I find myself needing to know why and how things happen. That is why ghost stories, especially ones that can't be logically explained, are what send shivers up my spine. There is a legend among my husband's countrymen, those humans that come from the little island that calls itself England, of their island's patron saint, St. George the Dragonslayer, and how he, in his benevolence, comes to the aid of brave bands of true Englishmen when in battle against overwhelming odds and facing certain death. I'm not so sure about this legend myse
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