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  1. One thing I would add to the Admiral's comments, and this would go for any religion, would be that you should not expect to be able to discriminate IC against non-believers. This would against not only the tenants of our group but against the expectations for Starfleet officers.
  2. We have had, as the Admiral may remember, Romulan members though. Perhaps you might play a character who dreams of a more democratic and peaceful incarnation of the Empire. Just a thought.
  3. Welcome to the group! Having run the training sessions a couple of times, I know that the trainers get the admissions essays and duty post choices when they are set as the coordinator for the group. I would ask your trainer to forward it. The posting you get in training is usually your top duty choice, but doesn't really matter much. The place it comes in most is when you are posted to a ship.
  4. We might need to be careful with those images, since they're directly out of a book. -- Jenn
  5. Actually, yes, I did. It is packed up somewhere now, but I got it from federationmodels.com. Jenn
  6. Way back in the day, I was strolling the internet looking for a physical model of an Akira-class cruiser. I stumbled across this and, being a role-player, I tried it out. I've been here (almost) ever since. Just when I thought I was out... they pull me back in! Jenn
  7. It is training. You're expected to make mistakes. Don't sweat it; just be careful next time.
  8. I'd try it... I'll wager the intense writing practice will improve your written english at the least! (not that its bad now by any means)
  9. There's a couple of routes for this. One is NPC ships. These are ships that are creations of regular players, with the permission of their commanding officers, for the purposes of simming the plotline. For example, the USS Wellington has been used by a couple of different groups for a couple uses, most recently to tow the USS Ronin back to a shipyard to be repaired. The other way, which I think is the one you're asking about, is becoming your own captain. After you go through the ranks, are approved for your own command and promoted to Captain, you may propose your own ship to the fleet. Usually canon ship classes take less work to get approved, but other non-canon ships have been in the fleet. Examples include the Achilles-class and the Ronin-class. To become a captain in your own right takes a lot of time and work. My path took about 5 years. Hope this helps.
  10. Having trained 4 classes, I'll go ahead and answer too. In the course of those 4 classes, I had 14 pass and 5 people fail, 4 of which were because they stopped simming. The last person was a huge problem, disruptive tot he simming group and very argumentative. I ended up putting him on moderated status and he calmed down a little bit, but still was somewhat disruptive and ended up not passing because of that. Jenn
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