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  1. ((T'Mihn's Apartment )) :: After her scheduled medical check-up with Dr. Hendon,T'Mihn went to work unpacking her belongings while Ahyel was exploring the place. She had most of her belongings on their places. The feline and the kittens ran all over. At this moment the entire brood were perched on the back of the couch looking out the window chittering at the avian life perched on the balcony railing running the wall outside. The birds tantalizingly out of reach. Tails swishing back and forth, high pitched, clicks, chirps and chatter were easily detected by Vulcan hearing. She grinned,
  2. A friend told me I was delusional. I almost fell off my unicorn.

  3. Starfleet Priority Two STARFLEET PRIORITY TWO - NEW SHIP ASSIGNMENT USS REVOLUTION-B CONGRATULATIONS, MARINE CAPTAIN! YOU ARE TO REPORT TO THE “USS REVOLUTION-B” DURING THE NEXT 48 HOURS AND BE PREPARED FOR DEPARTURE WITHIN THE NEXT 72 HOURS. THIS IS A DEEP SPACE MISSION OF THE GREATEST…. He had stopped reading after that and so had she. The Marine sat on the edge of the bed, clasping his hands in front of him, elbows balanced precariously on his knees. Every now and then his hand went through his short hair to the back of his neck then back down again, resuming his original pose.
  4. Sorry to disagree with you buddy, but I'm an English man through and through. Part of the British Empire, but I only class myself as British on special occasions. Who would want to be part of a conglomerate society that's ruled by a man who clearly throws his own faeces at his children? Besides, with Irish roots, Scottish heritage and a bringing up in jolly old England, I'd like to think I'm English. It's not like saying "I'm an American!" Well, it is nowadays but back in the day it was something to be gosh darn well proud of and that should come back. Plus, no one can say they're a true
  5. Eyup folks, when's Round 3 going to close for voting? Not that I'm eager or anything.
  6. Ens Sariel Locke Chief of Science USS Constitution-B & Lt. Cmdr. Tash Zubowskivich Chief of Security USS Constitution-B ((Sariels Quarters - 0545)) :: Tash slowly came to consciousness, though not by any choice of his own. His head ached... hangover... big surprise. It didn't immediately occur to him that anything was different... except he was somehow aware there was no blanket. He almost always slept under wraps. :: :: Laying there, stretched out naked on his stomach, head turned to face off the side of the bed, green eyes barely opened. :: :: These... weren't his quarters. :: :: As soon
  7. Ens Sariel Locke Chief of Science USS Constitution-B & Lt. Cmdr. Tash Zubowskivich Chief of Security USS Constitution-B ((Corridors - Crew Quarters)) :: Tash had just had his sudden encounter with Ensign Little, the new tactical officer. Unfortunately, he felt no better off, even after attempting to regain his civility. Too many things going on all at once, too many people bleeding him dry... and an Ensign told him to “calm down.” What was that? Well... he knew what it was... it was a Vulcanish response to a somewhat crazed Terran tromping down the corridors like a Bakovik Bison. Those bea
  8. (( QUARTERS - CHALLENGER )) ::Having spoken with T’Pen over their destination and what was coming up in the near future, Toni went back to her living accommodations to try and make sense of everything. Entering their quarters, Toni saw Heath and despite her hurt, her heart still leaped at the sight of him. Trying hard not to show it, she spoke dryly.:: Turner: I see you made it home in one piece. :: Heath smiled, despite the situation. Seeing her seemed to make it better and worse simultaneously.:: West: Enjoy Bajor? Turner: ::sighing heavily:: I didn't go to Bajor. I went with Danzia
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