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    TOS style fits good, ... what's up with the red shirt? It's a good colour for away missions, isn't it?
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    I didn't realize how quick the internet could actually be. You know these forums used to take two minutes before all images actually loaded up? Takes five seconds now. Netflix and Online Multiplayer here I flipping come.
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    Day 3 of my first attempt as FO academy trainer. And all the cadets are STILL alive....!!!
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    That pic looks amazing to me! So cool to see ur character in a Star Trek scene like that! LOVE IT!
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    Welcome back! It's been years wondering how it'll be to sim with you. Now I've got a chance.
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    Welcome to the group!
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    Space may be the final frontier, but it's made in a Hollywood basement...
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    I just wanted to tell you that I loved your scientific analysis of the Seraphim and Subspace Starfish! That's the kind of stuff I live for in this game! I actually wrote up something similar just for my own personal use, but never posted it anywhere. Your report makes the science we encounter real and fascinating and I just wanted to thank you for putting real thought into it. And not just real thought, but real ethical dilemmas! I mean, who knows who else might accidentally wander into the nebula in the future. If we don't close the fissures they're blood is on our hands. And thanks for making sure to take my small contributions into account, even little details in Seneca's sim, I really appreciate that.
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    Our hearts go out to the victims in Las Vegas. #VegasStrong
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    I just have to say it...your name still amuses me due seeing: And my imagination goes wild seeing a Gorn trying to like a post and getting frustrated over it xD
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    Happy Birthday, James! I hope you had a chance to enjoy it!
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    Hey, just wanted to say, I love your new wiki picture of Rune! It looks great!
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    Can only "like" posts once. I believe we need to expand this number to however many times a human being can click the "like" button.
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    Hey, I have a crazy request. Would you be willing to write a paragraph psychological profile from Rune's perspective on Nate? I'd like to insert it into Nate's wiki bio, but from your actual perspective. And I always liked the way you wrote Rune when she was a counselor!
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    Happy Birthday, Captain Cupcake!!
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    Haha! Birthday buddies! Hope you have a splendid day.
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    Happy birthday! It's a good day for birthdays.
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