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    I think there are few Tellarites written and should be written more often. They are terrific fun to read, and they provide a very interesting balance between Vulcan stoicism and humans, for example. In this SIM @Sirokwrites Zheg in all his flowery glory, a character quite different from his main character and at the same time full of personality, with an amazing capacity (as is his habit) for technobabble and, to crown it all, reconnecting two SIMs a little bit different so that everything works. What more can you ask in a SIM? Add to all this that English isn't Sirok's main language. I try to avoid posting Sirok's SIMs here because I'm obviously biased, but you deserve this one. Good job.
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    I went for "The Visitor" too, but this was a REALLY hard choice. "Family" and "The Inner Light" are both phenomenal, but what pushed "The Visitor" over the edge for me is that you know, you know Patrick Stewart is a powerhouse actor and so you expect the best ... whereas "The Visitor" showed the Jake-Ben dynamic primarily via an actor we didn't know in one of the parts! And man, did it pay off.
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    My vote is very, very personal and it's for The Visitor. Because I saw it a year after my father's death and the Tony Todd and Avery Brooks performance really got to me. The other ones are very good episodes and in what you ask Journey to Babel and Family are very good. The Inner Light is great, but not so much because of the family orientation but because of the other themes it presents.
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    This mission has been a bit of a chaos, having us chased by dinosaurs every other minute, and this was some really good writing of @Caitríona Cayne describing it all! 🍻 ((Control Center, Asteroid Trueno, Bratax System)) After sustaining an injury trying to open the doors to the operations facility inside the control district, Ensign Bavo was successful in her attempts and one by one the group was able to slide through the narrow crack which had been opened - but a Dilophosaurus' head followed. Lt. Commander Sevo fought back and was able to disorientate the beast by punching it in the side of the head, forcing a momentary retreat back outside. This gave the group enough time to push the doors closed fully, sealing the entrance. Now with two injuries, Bavo's abdomen and Sevo's hand, the group needed to make their way to a medical station before moving on to find weapons. Feeling a little anxious just standing around, M'ira pointed in the direction of the emergency medical station - trying to prompt everyone to go. M'ira: Let's get to the emergency medical station first and make our way towards the weapons locker. From there it would be an even shorter run to the control room. How does that sound to you? And so they did move on. Slowly they walked through the entrance hall of the facility, past a security checkpoint and finally they took a right down a hallway which displayed their shining glory for now - a red cross. Duyzer led the team forward, M'ira tried to keep to the back of the group. She was always watching, listening out for anything that might be a cause for alarm. Finally, they made their way past double doors and stepped into the medbay - she faced the hallway, stepping backwards as she let the door close in front of her. Sevo: Well, s---. Turning around to face the others, she was able to now see the disarray that had fallen upon the medbay. It looked like it was completely ransacked - it only caused her more reason to be alarmed. "Why did this happen?" "Who would do this?" Her mind filling with such questions. Bavo: I’m sure something’s here that we can use. M’ira: I hope so, for your sake. ::She spoke with a nod in Bevo's direction. Her gentle purring p's and hissing s's more prominent as she whispered her words.:: Duyzer: ::he whispered:: We should get what we need and leav- ::he heard something, and held his breath:: There was a noise, a crunch of glass which was being pressed into the ground by an unseen force. She held her arm up instinctively to make sure the others stayed quiet for now. Turning her head, while her body remained completely still - she tried to glance around to the direction of the noise. A light flashed in the same direction coming from the science officers torch. There was a moment of silence before the chaos ensued. A Dilophosaurus had burst into their view out of nowhere as it launched itself onto a counter as the already misplaced equipment shattered and cracked off the ground as if a collection of pans in a kitchen had fallen to the ground. With a loud shriek, the creature had been joined by another member of its pack which gave a much softer reply to its partner. Sevo: Um...run? Duyzer: ::he stumbled over his own words before blurting it out:: RUN! Bavo: Where?! M'ira: Remain calm, and if they move towards you - try to run towards me. M'ira wanted to position herself in the group where the creatures would need to pass her first to get to them, however the way they initially entered the room put her at the back. She stepped slowly forward but noticed the lingering eye of one the Dilophosaurus shift in her direction. She remained still for a moment, her arms raised and out as if she was surrendering, although she was only trying to make herself look bigger and scarier. The others seemed to shift and she tried to follow with them, stepping forward each time she did - if anything she was getting closer to the dinosaurs, who moved along with them - like a game of chess, who was going to fall first? One of the dinosaurs stepped closer, advancing towards the group and then she heard running and could see the shape of Duyzer running towards the entrance behind her. The other two remained frozen where they stood, the dinosaurs didn't seem to be alarmed yet by one of their prey running, and why would they when three of them remained in front of them? Sevo: ::whispering:: I have an idea, but you’re not going to like it. We need that one to charge. She looked at the one Sevo was pointing, but her eyes still stayed fixed on the dinosaurs - not wanting to ever give them a chance to jump them when they glanced away. All she could do right now was trust that these officers knew what they were doing. She would have preferred they backed out of the room and ran to weapons storage but if they had a plan to deal with this now - well, who was she to interfere. She heard the door open from behind as the others moved back - maybe they were just going to do what she had hoped after all? She stepped backwards, just as she entered, she exited the same way. Duyzer: Commander?! Duyzer shouted from behind them, but from the sound of footsteps, she could only guess he was moving closer to them again. Bavo: Are you even sure that’ll hold them? ::Miri whispered loudly as Sevo was already putting her plan in motion:: M’ira: Whatever you are doing - I hope it works. These animals will tear us apart in seconds if you... Sevo: Hey, ugly! Over here! ::she waved her arms back and forth furiously:: ...antagonise them. She would have said - and now all she could do was hope that they would have a chance to run. A screech from in front of them came from the room and everything happened quickly. One of the dinosaurs leapt from inside and out into the hall but just then from the corner of her eye, M'ira saw Duyzer come into view. He launched himself towards the dinosaur holding two cables in his hands which he laid down onto the creature. There was a crackling noise and another screech from the creature - a painful one, and both the dinosaur and Duyzer dropped to the floor. M'ira rushed forward, and luckily the man was still alive - by the gods, he was a brave man. She reached out to grabs his arms to help him get back onto his feet quickly. The partner of the not so lucky creature let out a screech of its own before making its way in their direction quickly. Sevo: Response. Duyzer: I don’t care- we’re gonna run. As they began to move, the young Bajoran with the yellow adorned uniform who had made a head start before they moved towards a maintenance cart. With a quick tinker, the wheels unlocked and M'ira could see it veering slightly off to the left. Bavo: M’ira help! With her quick pace, the Caitian was able to move into position next to the Ensign quickly. Positioning her body slightly off centre, she slammed her shoulder into the cart with all her might, digging her lower paws into the ground as it began to move. She kept pushing and pushing as it picked up momentum - even pulling the injured officer along for a moment before she let go. Glancing past the edge of the cart she could see the dinosaur approaching fast, she tried to push hard, faster. Finally with one last shove, stretching her upper paws against the edge - she launched herself away from the cart and sent it hurtling on its collision course towards the dinosaur. She didn't rest to make sure that her mark was hit, instead, she turned and ran as quick as she could back to others - catching up with them just as they hit the main lobby. Sevo: Response. Duyzer: Where do we go?! ::he shouted, not planning to stop running:: Bavo: Weapons? Control centre command? Back to the petting zoo? M'ira: Weapons! Right! ::She shouted - glancing back she could see the cart had flipped and the dinosaur was gone. Did it hit and retreat? She wondered.:: Sevo: Response. As the group swayed to the right and began to run down another corridor they began to slow down - they had been running so much by now that it was understandable people needed to catch their breath, especially the injured. Turning at the end of the corridor, led by way of the curved walls - a Dilophosaurus burst out of one of the rooms directly into their way. The Ensign upfront darted into the opening closest which led into a large mess hall, so large that there were three doubled doors leading into the hall from this corridor. The door next to M'ira also led into the same room but she was still at a distance to the others. Bavo: Quick hide! Duyzer/Sevo: response M'ira ducked in and slid quickly under one of the tables, she could still see out as she lay prone, the dinosaur stepped into the room and then another one. She sighed - why were they always showing up in pairs? They stopped for a moment, but she couldn't see their heads - she wondered if they were going to try sniffing them out or something but then they started making their way further away from her and countertops blocked her view of their legs. She slid out from under the table, crouching she shifted quickly to the end of the long table and poked her head out slowly - just enough to see with one eye peeking out. On the other side of the room, she could see more doubled doors - presumably leading to the service area and kitchens. Realising that must be where the others had slid off to, she couldn't think of any other way to help them. Standing up she lept onto the long table she had been hidden behind, slamming her paws down as hard as she could. The dinosaur at the back was just halfway through the doorway and stood still when it heard her. Building up all the air she could in her lungs she let out a massive scream which erupted into the hall as a cat-like roar. The dinosaur stepped back into the kitchen and let out an equally deafening screech before launching itself in her direction. Moving quickly down the table, she glanced back to see the dinosaur leaping from table to table - making its way towards her and picking up its pace with every passing breath. As soon as she saw the other one tumbling into the room too, the following suit - she jumped down off the table and out into the hallway from where they came. The noise of the dinosaurs hitting into the wall as they crashed out of the room came from behind. She looked behind to see them catching up. They were a lot quicker than she remembered. Running as fast as possible for her legs to withstand, she could feel the breeze rushing through her fur as the hat - it was always a little too big for her, inside written on the label was an S. -- ((Flashback, over 30 years ago, Brentalia)) A young Caitian stalks their prey, prowling in the darkest depths of the area. Watching and being ever so careful not to alert them of her presence. She creeps closer, and closer and... An older Caitian turns and lets out a roar, grabbing the younger one from the ground he lifts her and spins her around in his arms until the sounds of giggling are heard. S'Terah: What is this wild beast that stalks my domain? He puts the girl down and gets down onto his knees before ruffling her mane. His fingers gently combing through the mess it had become - and so quickly too. He sighed. S'Terah: You need another haircut little one. M'ira: Noooooo! He smirked a little and took the hat off of his head before fanning himself with it. S'Terah: Listen - if you get your haircut I'll leave you run around with the hat for awhile okay? The child had a devilish grin form on her face as her two canine teeth came through her lips and peaked slightly. He smiled and ruffled her hair again. S'Terah: Someday it will be even yours. You see this here - ::he flipped it over and revealed the label inside:: this is an S - the first letter in my name. Can you spell my name little one? -- M'ira thought fondly about her father as she ran through the halls of the command center. Hoping that someday she would see him again, her last words to him where "I love you too". Running for her life, she was thankful she had said that to him. — M'ira Park Warden BetaGen Inc. simmed by Ensign Caitríona Cayne Medical USS Gorkon A238808CH0
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    Hi Everyone! I'm Dorothy. I live in Huntsville, AL (also known as the Rocket City) and I'm an Aerospace Engineer. I grew up watching Star Trek and have always been a fan, it's part of what inspired me to become an Aerospace Engineer in the first place! I haven't done a ton of writing (insert joke about engineers and writing), but I do have a creative side and I was looking for a good outlet to express my creative half and improve on my writing skills when I stumbled upon Starbase 118 via a Google search. I've honestly never quite done anything like this before, but I'm really excited to be here!
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    Remind me again who holds these guys accountable?
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    ((OOC: I find one of the most interesting challenges in our format to be creating 'small moments' within the bigger arc of a plot that's going on, and it's why I think this sim deserves particular praise. Alieth has, in a few exquisitely poignant lines, established the simple lives and tragic deaths of nearly half a dozen characters, adding enormous emotional resonance to a scene and using a facet of her Vulcan character in a way I've rarely seen executed so beautifully. Bravo!)) ((Sickbay, Deck 10, USS Thor, Five Hours & Fourty Seven Minutes until QSD Overload)) The patient's breathing was laboured, difficult and arrhythmic inspirations with a wet murmur underneath. His eyelids fluttered like frightened birds, but the few times his eyes opened wide, his empty gaze didn't focus on any particular thing, just minute pupils wandering through a ceiling he couldn't see. Alieth didn't need to check out the data that the biobed was screeching. Instead, she just sat on her bedside, placing the padd in her lap. She took his only hand between her tiny ones. And waited. First, she felt his pain, a searing, excruciating sensation that no modern medication could entirely mitigate. And then, there was the fear. oO I am here. I am with you. Oo oO You are not alone. Oo She held his hands until his chest dropped one last time. Until the last swirl of his mind faded into nothingness, the spark of what had been him gone forever. His name was Raphael Watanabe. He was twenty-six years old. He loved dogs. Four days ago he had managed to convince his roommate to adopt one. Since then, he had spent most of his free time looking for the perfect pup. Eventually, he had decided in favour of a sad-eyed white adult with an even sadder past. He wanted to call her Cheesecake. She let her rigid fingers slip through hers and recovered the padd from her lap. With a mechanical gesture she had performed too many times in the last few hours, she introduced his profile info in the database. And the stardate and hour of the demise. The Vulcan's shoulders sank an extra micron. She wouldn't forget Raphael Watanabe. Just as she wouldn't forget any of the others. All the minds she had last reached out to, to give them some comfort in the very last moments, when there was nothing else she could do. As Thiri zh'Poltal, Petty Officer, 2nd Class, Operations. Today was her day off, but when the disaster struck, she had run to help. Or like Astrid Wethern. Fourteen years old, she was part of the civilian contingent. She had joined the crew in Ferenginar to accompany her father to find out if she was going to be an astrophysicist or a holonovelist when she grew up. For the brief time that the two had shared their minds, Alieth was sure that she would have excelled at both activities. Or like T'Lar, an assistant in the xenobiology department, whose name meant "lady blue desert bird". Alieth had arrived too late, and when she had checked her status, she had already passed away. She was 115 years old and her katra had been lost forever, the experiences of a lifetime vanished in an instant. At homeworld, she had 3 children and 8 grandchildren. Cammy Jackstadt would have been 43 in 78 days. Warrant Officer in Engineering. She had suffered major damage to the back of her head and her last thoughts were very disjointed. For some reason, her injured mind repeated over and over again a memory of a summer in Idaho. It had been so intense that Alieth had almost felt the breeze caressing her skin and still had in her mouth the flavour of the fruit that Cammy had shared that day with her best friend. Porter Solari, a nurse, had died just minutes before Jackstadt. He was 23 years old and his maternal grandmother had been a Romulan. During shoreleave, Alieth had issued a recommendation for him to go to Starfleet Medical School. He could have been one of the finest doctors in the fleet due to his selflessness and compassion. He had died in the belief that everything that had happened was a nightmare and that he would soon wake up and be able to take the shuttle back to Earth. Alieth had been unable to comfort him, and he had died scared and confused. Alieth halted her steps and leaned, for the briefest of moments, on the sill of one of the windows. The strange blue light from the sub-space travel bathed her hollow-eyed face, rendering her visage strange and tired. Her fingers clasped the padd tightly. Much more than needed. But this way her hands didn't shake. That brief quiet moment evaporated with the hissing of the door, which heralded the entry of the two red-collared officers. Alieth pulled herself together as best she could, stretched out her wrinkled uniform by grabbing the hem of her jacket and stepped closer to them with strides more resolute than she really felt. Her left hand kept gripping the padd firmly, but otherwise she wore the hieratic Vulcan indifference façade. She couldn't afford to let her unemotional mask crack. Not at that moment. Alieth: (nodding sternly) Acting Captain Geoffrey John Teller, Lieutenant Commander García. Quen: Response Teller: Doctors - have you made any progress on the...::Geoff shrugged over towards the isolation lab::...mass? Quen: Response The Vulcan kept silent and listened to her colleague's explanations. The Bajoran woman had spent all her time on that case, while Alieth attended to those left behind after the evacuation, so she knew little to nothing about the.... mass. Garcia: Response Teller: I see. Ensign Wilkins, you were orchestrating the first Marine team that was attacked - what are your impressions of the device we're dealing with? Anything could be useful at this point. Wilkins: Response Quen: Response Once again, Alieth listened and said naught. Her eyes wandered from her feet to the stasis field and from there to the padd she was holding in her hands. She unlocked it one more time, moved the report of the fatalities to the background with a miniscule grimace and logged on to the medical database. For a short while, the only sound that came from the Vulcan-shaped shade was the faint tap-tap-tap of her fingers on the screen. Garcia: Response Teller: That's helpful, thank you. I've got Lt. Cmdr. Brodie working with Lt. Lovar on a way to disentangle the mine from our innards, and our Security and Marine personnel are attempting to reinforce the QSD core, which appears to be this devices ultimate objective. Our goal is to neutralize, hinder, harass or otherwise annoy the biological components of this device enough so we can excise it from the hull without being attacked again. This is an open forum - no idea too crazy, so speak freely. By my count, we've got just over five and half hours left - so lets get into it. Wilkins: Response Alieth: The closest thing I find in the computer memory is an encounter with Quasi-energy microbes in 2369. These are life forms that exist simultaneously as matter and energy, sir. Quen: Response Garcia: Response Wilkins: Response Teller: Response Alieth: (with exhausted voice) It is possible, sir, but it seems much more complex to the eye. Quen: Response Garcia: Response Wilkins: Response Teller: Response Tag & TBC ================================= Lt. JG Alieth Medical Officer USS Thor NCC-82607 Fleet Captain A. Kells, Commanding Author ID number: E239702A10 =================================
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    (OOC: I couldn't remove the Bolding for some reason but that's no excuse not to post this JP in it's entirety. It's a lovely three-way JP between @Tony (Kells)@Wil Ukinix & @Geoffrey Teller that gives a satisfying and call-back laden send off to several friendships I loved watching on the Veritas. It's both fan service and quality writing and I enjoyed having it in my inbox this morning. ) (( Shuttlecraft Miranda, out of the USS Veritas )) Nic del Vedova grinned over at his fellow Aussie. There wasn’t much to grin about, since they were hurtling along through subspace with nothing particularly exciting immediately ahead of or behind them. But, at the same time, there was nothing not to grin about, so Del grinned. Wil had his feet up on the helm controls, ankles crossed, fiddling with a replicated cube that he’d found out about by chance in the Starfleet database. The cube had nine squares on each face of a different colour. The idea was to randomly mess it up, and then twist and turn it until it was back into its original state. It was mind numbing yet somehow mesmerising. Playing quietly in the background was one of the songs from his music collection, which he was also quietly singing along to. Ukinix/Speakers: I kissss and-tell, all my fe-ears… Fallin’ down-the moun-tain…. End-up kiss-in’ diii-iiirt….. He looked over at Del who was grinning away. Ukinix: ::Smiling:: Watch’ya grinning about? del Vedova: Just thinking. But no, that wasn’t right, was it? Too often recently, too much thinking had gotten him to do the opposite of grinning. Ukinix: Ah. Enjoying a bit of quiet time? del Vedova: It’s more that I’m actually doing something. I’ve been stuck in physical therapy for way too long on Starbase 284. Even if I’m not going back to Veritas, it feels good to be doing something that isn’t working out my leg. Wil nodded and smiled, while placing the cube game on the nearby console, before interlocking his fingers and placing his hands behind his head. Ukinix: ::Cheekily:: IIII… reckonnnnnn… someone’s a bit keen to see their boooy-friiieeend! Wil opened his mouth, and gave Del two deliberately exaggerated winks. Del nodded. That was certainly true. del Vedova: Him, too. I’m definitely looking forward to reuniting with Aron, (beat) even if it means leaving you and Roshanara and the rest of our friends behind. Wil breathed a big sigh through his nose, and nodded in agreement slowly, pondering. He had lost his fair share of close friends in recent times. Losing Del was another loss. Wil considered him his good friend, and not just because they were from the same continent. Del knew he’d always have a community of friends on Veritas, despite his monthslong absence, which made it more difficult. In fact, he thought leaving them now was harder than it would’ve been if he’d left from Veritas directly. But Wil had been good enough to come and pick him up at SB284, using one of the Veritas’s type-10 shuttles, to ferry him to Thor and Aron. Ukinix: That’s why I wanted to give you a lift. Well, that and I need the helm practice. At least this way I get to say goodbye. Plus, you’re effectively my neighbour, I gotta look after my mate from Sydney. del Vedova: Why’d you do it, anyway? We could’ve just talked by subspace. I’m grateful, don’t get me wrong, but you know you didn’t have to do this. Ukinix: ::Serious face:: Teller stole my craft beer stash. del Vedova: (slight frown) Oh. I see. Wil slowly put his tongue in his cheek, and began to silently laugh. He couldn’t keep a straight face. Ukinix: ::Smirking:: Sucked in, Del. Only kidding. Del’s face cleared. del Vedova: Of course you were kidding. He laughed and winked, covering that he definitely hadn’t known. But just as quickly, his happy face faded, to be replaced by a stonier look. del Vedova: Can I ask you about something? Wil’s one quarter Betazoid self subconsciously sensed some tension in Del. He placed his hands in his lap, and sat up straight, giving Del his full attention. Ukinix: ‘Course you can. Del looked away from Wil as he spoke, not certain how to broach this difficult topic. del Vedova: I’m just not sure what I’m going to do when I get there. Ukinix: ::relaxed tone:: Whaddya mean. del Vedova: I still have months of therapy to do on my own, if I want to be reinstated. And if I do, what guarantee is there that I’ll be on Thor? They have an excellent medical staff from what Aron says, headed by Addison MacKenzie. Where do I go? Pursing his lips, Wil breathed through his nose, and thought for a few seconds. Ukinix: Yeah, but you’ve done other stuff besides medical, right? You were Diplomatic Officer when I first joined the ‘Tas. del Vedova: (with a nod) That’s true. Ukinix: You two have served apart for so long. Starfleet owes you two some decent time together. Besides, Aron’s a fleet captain, he’d be able to have some say in it, wouldn’t he? del Vedova: (another nod) That’s true, too. And, Del thought, the fleet owed them some leeway, given Del’s pain and suffering (not that it was the fleet’s fault, but still) and how they’d served apart for an extended period. del Vedova: He’s pretty gregarious, too. Nothing on me! But he’d be able to talk some stuffy admiral down, I’m sure. (beat) I forget, did you meet him when he came to Veritas? Ukinix: I met Aron briefly on Limbo, then he was in the transporter room when Roshie had her trip to Krios Prime. Other than that, not much. del Vedova: Well, trust me on that, then. And as for me… Even if he’d be serving only half-time for a while, he didn’t know where that half-time would be. But Wil had an answer for that, too: Ukinix: The Thor is unfeasibly large compared to the ‘Tas. I’m sure they’d easily find a role for you. del Vedova: (more cheery) You’re right. It’s a damned city in space. There must be something for me to do. Del turned a raised eyebrow on Wil. Between the two of them, he was sure they’d arrive at the Thor with a perfect plan ready to present to Aron. Fait accompli! Wil pondered for a moment, then chuckled for a moment as a thought entered his head. Ukinix: ::Smirking:: You know I always secretly referred to Aron as “Del’s Kells”? del Vedova: (with a wink) You think that’ll endear you to him? Ukinix: Don’t you dare tell him that. del Vedova: My silence can be bought, for a price. (playful) Let’s see how helpful you are before we get there. How long do we have, anyway? Ukinix: Oh, uuummm…. ::Leaning over to read console:: Six days? Nah, that can’t be right. Wait. del Vedova: Six days?! You’re kidding! I thought that this shuttle had some sort of propulsion magic thingie that would let us travel super fast and… Del trailed off. He could tell by Wil’s look of concentration that he wasn’t paying the slightest bit of attention. Wil silently tapped away at the console. He could hear Del, but he didn’t answer just yet. Meanwhile, his face blushed red... del Vedova: What? Ukinix: I, um - ::clears throat:: - wrong course. del Vedova: (a frown turned quickly to a grin) Let me guess, you had us heading towards Kells’ Dells? Ukinix: ::Still tapping at console:: Nah, it’s ok! I fixed it, Commander. 16 hours. That’s more like it. We only lost an hour. ::Under his breath:: Maybe three. With the fingers from his left hand, he wiped and flicked away imaginary sweat from his forehead. del Vedova: Listen, as long as we get there, that’s all I care about. Wil placed his hand on Del’s shoulder, and gave it a friendly shake. Ukinix: We’ll get there mate, promise. ( Jump: Six Hours Later, Aboard the Thor ) The rest of the journey had been smooth enough, and Wil -- despite his attempt to send them off to the depths of Tholian space -- had proved himself equal to Del’s demand, and Del now had a very good idea of how he’d sell his presence to Aron. Not that Aron would need much convincing, but the personnel officer for the fleet who would never see either of them face-to-face certainly would. However, upon arriving, Del had a thought. del Vedova: Why not stay for a bit? Wil smiled at first, but then his face showed a little disappointment. Ukinix: Del, I’d love to, but I gotta get back through the Shoals. Roshie would have my guts if I’m not back on time. He rubbed his chin, and thought a bit longer. Ukinix: I wouldn’t have to stay for ages though, would I. del Vedova: Nah, not long. Just enough to see some folks. We’ve both served with about half of this crew, haven’t we? Ukinix: ::Smiling:: Bloody oath we have. del Vedova: Well, how about this: Let’s head to the bridge, and see if we see any familiar faces. I have to officially report in. Though “officially” reporting in seemed a little silly when one’s partner was the CO to whom one had to report. How could he have done otherwise? Ukinix: ::Thumbs up:: Done! del Vedova: Great! The Thor was a big ship, and it took plenty of time to get from the shuttle bay where they’d landed up to the bridge. Once there, Del was disappointed: There was only a skeleton watch, and none of them were familiar. The unknown lieutenant on watch told them that the captain was in his ready room, and Del hurried on despite the crutch that slowed him down. The lieutenant attempted to add something else, but clearly Del wasn’t to be dissuaded. But maybe he should’ve listened, as he crashed right on into a meeting in progress between Aron and his first officer, Geoff Teller. Teller: ....And the Antedian ambassador is very annoyed at whoever keeps drawing little cartoon fish on the doors to their quarters. I’ve asked the educators at the onboard schools to keep a tight lockdown on the art supplies, but my money is on.... Geoff turned, surprised that anyone would stride, or in this case hobble, into the ready room unannounced. His surprise redoubled when he saw Doctor Niccolo Del Vedova, formerly CMO of the Veritas, supporting himself on a cane. He’d barely had an opportunity to rise out of his chair before he was struck by something halfway between hug & tackle - in the form of Wil Ukinix, who was surprised to see Teller, and, instinctually, flew through the air, knocking Geoffrey to the ground, and squeezing him in a perfect tackle. He then proceeded to rub a knuckle into the top of Geoffrey’s head. del Vedova: Well, hello there. Kells: I expected you hours ago! Meanwhile, Wil and Teller exchanged their own hellos. Ukinix: ::chuckling:: Geoffrey! How are ya, ya [...]! Wil loosened loosened his tackle, then stood up, offering his hand to help Geoffrey up. Teller: You cheeky drongo, why didn’t you tell me you were coming? I could’ve had the shuttle shot down! ::smirk:: No offense, Doc. Aron grinned, and Del did a moment later. Kells: Maybe you two should be stationed together. del Vedova: Wil’s just very enthusiastic. Wil’s face began to blush when he realised he’d just crash tackled a first officer in front of a *Fleet Captain*. Ukinix: I um - ::hands behind back, looking at Aron:: - Fleet Captain. ::Clears throat:: Delivering Commander del Vedova to the Thor, sir. Teller: If I didn’t think the nacelles would go flying off the Veritas, I would’ve forged his transfer papers myself. Besides, The Skipper would never forgive me. Kells: Space forbid I steal Roshanara’s chief engineer. She’d hunt me down and spike my head as a warning to others. (beat, to Teller) On the other hand, I did already steal you. (to Ukinix) There’ll always be space here, Mr. Ukinix. (to Del) For everyone, but especially for you. You already have some plan for your assignment here, don’t you? del Vedova: (with a nod) And it’s very detailed. Wil helped me work it out. Geoff snorted and elbowed Wil in the ribs. Teller: ::smirk:: In that case you better double check the spelling. Wil shot a playful look of hurt at Geoffrey. Ukinix: Oi! Just because you’re in red doesn’t mean I won’t crash tackle you again! He closed his eyes in embarrassment, before looking forward at Aron again, this time blushing more than before. Kells: (slight sigh) Welcome to the Thor, Commander del Vedova. Of course it would’ve worked out. I’m glad you’re here, but you two did crash a command meeting, if you don’t mind… Geoff’s voice fell to a whisper. Teller: I’ve still got that Romulan Ale from Ketar V in my quarters and I’m off duty in an hour. Can you stick around? Ukinix: ::Whispering back out of side of mouth:: #$%@ yeah. Wil had looked at the specs of the Thor on the trip out of the Shoals. What he considered the most impressive part of the ship immediately popped into his mind. Ukinix: ::Still whispering:: Can we go bowling? Geoff had never once bowled in his life but that didn’t stop his competitive streak from showing. Teller: :snort: I will destroy you. Kells: Gentlemen. Not that Aron could really be cross when it came to this reunion, especially since Del had just arrived. He attempted to argue to himself that they had interrupted a command meeting, but then he shook his head. It was meant to just be to himself, but Del caught it at once. del Vedova: No? No to what? It seemed, however, that Wil wanted to err on the side of caution. Ukinix: We’ll, um - ::pointing thumb over shoulder towards door:: - we’ll leave you two to it then, yeah? Geoff coughed, only now fully appreciating the awkwardness of the situation. Teller: Of course sir, if you’d like me to remain on duty, I’m sure Lt. Cmdr. Ukinix…::Geoff’s eyes went wide and his attention was diverted back to Wil::...they made you a Lt. Cmdr? Are things really that bad? Aron let go an involuntary laugh, and then clapped his hands on his desk and stood. Kells: That’s all for today, Geoff. Go have fun with the I’m-sure-well-deserved-Lieutenant-Commander Ukinix. Wil clapped his hands together. Ukinix: Right, well, quick meeting’s a good meeting! ::To Aron and Del:: Will you join us? Teller: Kells: And as for you. Aron’s gaze pinned Del to the ground where he stood. He even wavered slightly. del Vedova: As for me? Kells: Let’s find a way for you to stay, even if it requires stealing this ship. del Vedova: Sounds good to me. Aron pulled Del close, and both men noted as he did so that both Teller and Wil covertly and politely made themselves scarce. Wil smiled, looked sideways at Teller, before gesturing with his head towards the door. He could sense how much they had missed each other, and thought they deserved this moment. (( One day later: Main shuttlebay on one of the three thousand decks that the Thor has, which is impressive by the way )) Standing in front of the type-10 shuttle, Wil had his hands behind his back, looking a little pale. OK, a lot pale. Ukinix: oO It turns out that 5 hours sleep, a bottle of Romulan Ale and several beer chasers while bowling really *does* make you feel complete crap the next day. Oo It was time to say his goodbyes. Again. Kells: It was good of you to come all this way, Commander, especially since you’re the only one who’s not staying. (beat, and a smile) Yet. Ukinix: ::Chuckling, smiling:: The Veritas is my home. Thanks for having me, Captain, I really appreciate it. Kells: Anytime, and I do mean any time. Geoff felt like he’d wrestled with, and lost to, several large Nausician musicians. It had been a while since the last time the two of them had properly tied one on, and Geoff was definitely suffering for it. The shuttlebay lights had never been brighter. Teller: You ready to go back to the second best ship in the fleet, drongo? Wil walked up to Teller, and wrapped his arms around him, patting him firmly on the back. Ukinix: This isn’t a ship, it’s a starbase that someone’s slapped some nacelles on. Geoff barked an entirely inappropriate laugh. Teller: Damn good to see you, brother. Next time give me some warning, I’ll have the starbase polished for you. Ukinix: Mate. I’m lucky to have seen you again. Thanks for a good night. I’ll miss ya. Teller: Same - this doesn’t get any easier. ::Geoff pulled Wil into a final hug:: and I hope it never does. Geoff stepped back and nodded. It helped to know the Veritas was in good hands, but Geoff quite simply missed his friend. He wasn’t the only one having trouble saying goodbye. The hardest part of the trip had finally arrived for Wil. Saying goodbye to Del. del Vedova: Listen, Wil... Ukinix: ::Wrapping up Del in a hug:: We’ll always have the Crapeliguin, Del. Gonna miss you. del Vedova: Well, then, we’ll just have to make sure we see each other again soon. Ukinix: Promise me we’ll go back home together one day soon? And you’ll take me to The Rocks for a schnitzel parmigiana? del Vedova: (with a smile) Absolutely. Teller: ::Geoff couldn't resist a last bit of ribbing:: You about done, or are you going to say good bye to Scarecrow and the Tin Man next? Ukinix: Oh, and say hi to Addison for me. Kells: (dryly) I’m sure she’ll know you were here when she sees the state of our Mr. Teller. Wil smiled. At least Kells seemed to be Teller’s case like Roshanara would have been, he felt that was good for him. Teller: Right as rain, sir, just...jogged here. Kells: You are going to go and get some fluids in Sickbay? Teller: Of course sir, but I was planning to go by jefferies tubes. Medical staff are busy, they don't have time in their schedule to berate the XO right now. Aron sighed, but Del laughed. He also shuffled back a step and grinned at Wil as the latter boarded the Miranda again, ready for his own trip home. del Vedova: Until next time, and I mean it! As he boarded the shuttle, Wil’s eyes became glassy as he held back a few tears, and took one last look at the three men. He gave a nod and a wink to Teller, and a thumbs up to Del. He hated goodbyes. He was extra sad to be saying goodbye to his friend Del, who had done more for him than maybe Del realised. But he could sense the delight in both Del and Aron. Like he had told Geoffrey and Addison via the Beatles song he had given to them as a parting gift before they left... Ukinix: ::To Del:: “There's nowhere you can be that isn't where you're meant to be.” Seeya, mate. END! ======================================================================= Commander Nic del Vedova Currently On Leave & Fleet Captain Aron Kells Commanding Officer USS Thor V238208LV0 & SB118 Captains Council Magistrate (so ask me anything!) And Lieutenant Commander Geoffrey Teller Executive Officer USS Thor - NCC 82607 Fleet Captain A. Kells, Commanding V239509GT0 And Lieutenant Commander Wil Ukinix Chief Engineer who bowls 121 when sober, 148 when tipsy, and 74 when drunk USS Veritas V239511WU0
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    This is a beautiful example of what a counsellor can do in a crisis situation, and how a seemingly reserved and always composed character can bring a lot of emotional weight to a scene and assist another writer's character development. It's a wonderful sample of collaborative writing, scene timing, and prose. Besides killing ourselves a little bit inside for adding one more tear to the sea we are crying with this mission. Thank you for that, @Alex Brodie
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    My vote is on replicators, since they would help to solve a LOT of current world problems plus being the first step in the development of the others. Also insta-coffee
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    Narration is what makes a sim come alive, and many of the strongest sims we read have a harmonious blend of great dialogue and great narration. But if we pick apart the narration of our sims, what makes the difference between a functional sim and a sim that is exciting to read? A lot depends on your balance between action and reaction in your writing. If we break it down there are two major aspects of narration in sims: plot and drama. Plot narration is action based. It describes the action of the scene as well as providing details to the characters and setting. Descriptive text is plot based, as is any scene-setting narration. Having good plot narration helps a writer clarify what is going on in the scene to the other players. The stronger your plot narration the more you can push the action of the scene forward allowing your character, and your teammates to be proactive. Plot narration is the basic building block of strong narration. If you are at a starting point with adding more narration to your sims, focus on describing your character’s actions clearly. Add in setting details and character details as appropriate. Then focus on making sure your character’s actions contribute to the plot and help push the narrative forward. A good example of plot narration would be: Lieutenant Wharf’s muscles tensed as he hid behind a thick tree trunk in the lush forest of Vadon II. A trio of Breen soldiers, armed to the teeth, were only a few meters away. Soon they would discover the away team’s hiding spot. He had to act now, and he needed his teammate’s help. He looked over at Ensign Rho and caught her gaze, gesturing for her to ready her phaser. He waited until she gave an indication that she understood before pointing in two directions: she would take the left side, he would take the right. If they blanketed the area with phaser fire on heavy stun they should be able to stop the Breen long enough to get back to the runabout. He gave a signal countdown. Three… two… one… He pointed at her to move, and then leapt up on his side, firing at the Breen squad. This narration clearly describes the scene and the action, allowing Ensign Rho to understand what is going on – the Breen are approaching, the plan is to split and fire phasers on stun and the retreat, and the narration moves the scene forward. Plot narration describes the setting, clarifies what is going on and then moves the action forward. The second type of narration is dramatic narration. Dramatic narration focuses on a character’s feelings, emotions and reactions to other players. While plot narration will clarify what is going on, dramatic narration will build up your character and make your sims more fun for other players to read. Reacting to what the other characters do makes your sim more interesting for other poeple. Your fellow players want to see that you have read what they wrote, and your in character reaction to what is going on not only validates the other person’s sims but makes your own sims more entertaining for the reader. This is the place to describe your character’s thoughts and feelings as well as to play off the other character’s actions. A good example of dramatic narration would be: Ensign Rho was nervous about firing upon the Breen soldiers. To her this felt like Lieutenant Wharf might be opening up a can of worms – what if the Breen weathered the attack and countered with force? Or what if this started a violent conflict when they should have approached this with diplomacy. Still Wharf’s demeanor was confident and he had more experience than her. She had to trust that he knew what he was doing when it came to the Breen. Heart pounding in her chest she jumped when he pointed at her and took aim, praying that this was the right decision. This narration focuses on Rho’s feelings as well as how she sees Wharf – she respects his experience, but also wonders if there are other options such as diplomacy. She decides to trust him in and hopes that everything turns out ok. The more a player can include narration that reacts to what the other players have written the more dramatic and engaging the sim becomes. The best sims have both dramatic narration and plot narration, though depending on the situation some sims may lean more heavily in one direction or the other. A thrilling action scene will have more plot narration as the characters chase down a shuttlecraft thief through a craggy canyon, while a deep conversation with the characters sitting at a table may have almost all dramatic narration. You will find your perfect balance between the two as you practice narration in sims! The post Witty Wordsmith: Action for Plot, Reaction for Drama appeared first on StarBase 118 Star Trek RPG. View the full article
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    The Executive Council is happy to announce that we’ve launched a new vessel, under the leadership of Commander Randal Shayne. Please welcome the USS Arrow to our fleet! Cmdr. Shayne is a seasoned member of the group, having joined in February of 2015 and served on nine ships before the Arrow as her CO! Starting in the helm position, he has also dabbled in Engineering and played a Second Officer on three ships before becoming the First Officer of the USS Eagle. He is also highly decorated, having received the Sheathed Sword, B-Plot Award, TOSMA, Russ Bar, Pathfinder Award, Silver Palm, Khan Award, Nebula Bar, Scotty Cross, and Chief’s Citation Award. For his duty post simming he has been recognized with both the Voyager Medallion and the Pilot’s Sextant. And he has received the 1-, 3-, and 5-year length of service awards. Out of Character, Shayne has co-facilitated the Federation News Service and Poll of the Week teams, been a member of the Advanced Starship Design Bureau and the Awards Committee of 2396, and acted as an Academy Training officer. The crew was comprised of members of the Juneau, as well as new recruits. The ship is currently undergoing repairs after being salvaged. It will soon embark on a mission in the Aavaro Wilds. Learn more about the USS Arrow on the wiki. The post Welcome the USS Arrow to the StarBase 118 fleet appeared first on StarBase 118 Star Trek RPG. View the full article
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    Hi everyone! My real name is Steven, and I work as an animation coordinator in Los Angeles. I've been lurking around this site for quite a while, but previous work stuff kept me too busy to join in. Now my schedule is a little different and, with the world being as crazy as it is right now, the thought of flying away on a starship is more tantalizing than ever. I love writing and roleplaying (and Star Trek, of course), so finding such a long-standing and vibrant sim, with such friendly players, is amazing. I look forward to joining you!
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    Slowly approaching on a federation civilian transport, Jesmi Appa quietly contemplates his new life. He quickly finds himself daydreaming about his future in both Starfleet and for himself. He sees himself being a upcoming medical expert renown for his views in the medical field and sought by others. He was living and studying on the french campus of the Starfleet Academy. He developed a small passion for Federation politics while on Earth. and got used to living under Starfleet accommodations. Due to his species physiology Appa prefers to sleep underneath his bed. The top of His bed is filled with boxes of special creams he uses to ensure his skin doesn't dry out or crack under certain circumstances. He does not have any romantic relations of any sort and never had. He got so used to his roommate, Gurgly who is an Ariolo. They both became quite good friends and enjoy each other’s company. Despite both being in different majors: Gurgly is Science while Appa is Medicine. Appa will miss him as he was assigned his cadet cruise elsewhere. Hopefully one day they will meet again. After a good time reflecting on his past. Appa decides to think of the next five years. Will the next fe years bring him new friends? Will he constantly contribute to the Starfleet Medical Journal? Will he attend a Starfleet Medical conference? Will he finally discover what love and affection are? Will he be deeply involved with researching something he will feel passionate about? Perhaps cure to a disease or a reament at the least? Or perhaps he will conduct his own Life prolonging research in hopes of extending a lifespan? Will he enjoy his posting or request transfers? What if his work gets him transferred for the better? What if he gets promoted? Will he ask for Shore Leave to leave for either Bajor or Tygaria? How will his relationship with his family be affected? A voice suddenly speaks: "Now Approaching Starbase 318." Appa quickly stopped daydreaming about the future and reflecting on the past. It was time for enjoying the present. He moved to look out the window seeing the Trojan-Class Type Two Spacedock in the deep frontier of Federation space and conviniently placed near Klingons and Romulans. As the transport continue to approach the Starbase it kept growing larger and larger. His shuttle arrived on Deck 37. Appa grabbed his belongings, mostly skin care products, and decided to head to the Commercial District to first get something to eat and then head to find his posting. Upon arriving he was grabbed by surprise. The place was not only enormous but beautiful. He could see himself getting lost here for years. He walked to a map and decided to head to the Trinity City. As he walked there he could clearly see the Starbase was massive. He decided to enter Sohla. He could see it was a very luxurious fine dining establishment which remind him of those in the french campus on Earth. "It would be so helpful to have a seat, please." Appa told the hostess which grabbed a Menu and led him to a empty table. He requested fresh non saltwater on the meantime while he enjoy looking at the decorations and determined what to order from the acclaimed Andorian chef. It was a beautiful restaurant. He decided to try Krill Beast Steak and for drink he would have Fridd. Two new items he never had before but was looking forward too. He waited for a server to come and give him his water and take his order.
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    I would mostly because I would follow Seven of Nine to hell and back.
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    VOY's Lineage. I feel like it's constantly overlooked. Yes, it lacks (quite deliberately) 'heart-warming' moments, but it's an important discussion about acceptance in our (and Trek's) society today.
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    You beat me to it! Came here to post this. 100% agree. Outstanding Sim and a really creative use of her character.
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    It is always extremely difficult to introduce or let out a character in the very middle of a mission, even more so when a good part of the mission premise is a race against time in which the life of the whole crew relies on working together. Just for that reason, how this SIM solves that conundrum, is worth to be in appreciations, since it does it in an extremely intelligent and elegant manner, becoming a wonderful prelude for the next part of the mission. If we add to that the emotional significance of the scene and how much in character both officers are, conveying the gravity of the situation and the bonds that link them, what we have is a treasure. Thank you very much for this exhibition of good work and great writing @Geoffrey Teller and @Addison MacKenzie (and, again, you'll be DEEPLY missed in the Thor, BOSS!)
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    Talar Beck sighed as he felt the transport vessel jolt slightly as it docked with Starbase 118, whoever the pilot of this transport was they were terrible. Once everybody else had finished scrambling to their feet, grabbing their bags and rushing to get out of the transport quicker than everyone else, Beck got up and slung his bag over his shoulder. The bag was light and contained only a few items and a change of clothes, it was everything he owned, and it all fitted into one small bag. The transport door opened and the people ahead of him rushed out to go where ever they were heading, Beck walked slowly as he strolled into the docking area of the Starbase. He soon realised that he probably should have listened to his academy instructors and read up about where he'd be spending his cadet cruise. When he saw that he'd been assigned Starbase 118 the first thought was to ask how he's expected to fly a starbase. He thought back to what lead him to this moment, he was one of many Bajorans who now entered starfleet since Bajor's admittance into the Federation nine years ago. Some wanted to share experiences that the Emissary had, and some wanted to experience life off of Bajor. Beck didn't know what he wanted, and frankly he didn't really care, he just lived life day by day seeing wjat would happen. All he wanted to do was fly a ship, it was the only thing he was good at, he just about scrapped through his four years at the academy, a couple instructors had vouched for him when he was nearly kicked out of the academy, they said he could prove himself on his cadet cruise. He said everything he needed to say to make people believe he would prove himself. Beck's problem was that he didn't have purpose, he didn't know what he wanted to do. A small part of him wanted to find that at Starbase 118. He walked over to an information terminal and read through, he retrieved his PAD that stated where he needed to be at a specific time for briefing, he found the right holodeck and made his way over. He'd be a few hours early, but he didn't much care about anything else. People noticing Beck would see a pretty unremarkable person, short, dark hair, receding despite his young age and just fit enough to barely pass Starfleet's fitness tests, he was a little taller than average and walked with his head down looking at the floor, only ever looking up to check he was going the right direction.
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    For many of us, summer is a time to consider vacations as a family. And while we may have a plethora of options in real life to visit, imagine all the countless locales that our characters could visit in the Star Trek universe! The pleasure planet of Risa is a popular choice of many Star Trek characters and is featured in three distinct television series. In the episode "Two Days and Two Nights" (ENT), Archer and crew get into unexpected entanglements. "Captain's Holiday" (TNG) presents us with an exciting, yet laid backside of Captain Picard when he meets the mysterious Vash. "The Game" (TNG) shows us Riker bringing back a dangerous technology to the Enterprise that he was introduced to by a woman he met while vacationing there. "Let He Who Is Without Sin ..." (DS9) visits the planet again and Worf becomes involved with a dangerous terrorist group. It is these kinds of secondary planets woven into the fabric of the Star Trek galaxy that gives us a deeply rich place to write and roleplay. Where would your character choose to visit for some extended shore leave away from the ship? Would they eschew the common tourist destinations and pick something a little more out of the way like Bolarus, Andoria, or Betazed? What draws them to these destinations? Let us know in the comments.
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    Planet Haven I think sounds idyllic: Haven was a M-class planet orbiting Beta Cassius. It was inhabited by a humanoid civilization. The planet was renowned for its tranquil beauty to the point that many thought it possessed mystical healing powers, though this claim was unsupported by scientific evidence. According to legend, Haven "has been known to mend souls and heal broken hearts." Source: Memory Alpha
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    A new episode of the Paddcast brings FltCapt. Aron Kells to Captains Corner, with German Galven interviewing. Kells has a long and storied history of leadership here, and we’re interested to hear his take on things! Click here to listen to the interview with Aron Kells on YouTube. The post Today’s Paddcast: Interview with the CO of USS Thor, Aron Kells appeared first on StarBase 118 Star Trek RPG. View the full article
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    Vulcan has a hot climate. That's the only winning factor for poor constantly-cold Blake.
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    Hey all, So far we're doing our best to outsmart them Dino's. And if needed we can find a hidden ship on the asteroid somewhere, put the skipper at the helm and she'll fly us away from there in no time. Now I hear you thinking: why the skipper? Because... our Rear Admiral Quinn Reynolds is the winner of QotM July with the quote: Just so we're clear; the first person who tries to take the driver's seat and isn't me gets demoted. And for this she receives this awesome badge made by Jo: Congrats Skipper and thank you Jo for making the badge. 🙂 Greets Sami.
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    I've always wanted to check out Argelia. Supposedly the 2nd most popular vacation site after Risa.
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    Greetings children of the universe, My real first name is Sebastian. I live in Orlando, Florida nearby a magical place from where I can see dragons and wizards plus cartoon characters. As a 5 year roleplayer I am personally embarrassed to not find out this place before. Thanks to a few articles plus mentions around Memory Alpha. I am a fully paid wizard who works at a Tavern for non magical people at a themepark in Orlando wishing can cast a spell that can transport me to Deep Space Nine so I can meet Odo.
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    Not a snark, a smirk and maybe an eyebrow raising. I just couldn't resist to the Jane way... *wink*
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    Is that a bit of snark coming from @Kelrod?
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    For Noa, it'd be either Earth, Vulcan or Risa. Earth and Vulcan since she has family on both planets. As for Risa... well... she's never been to Risa before, so she'd definitely like to visit it one day.
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    The Walsh saga keeps going on, after a couple of hopeless and devastating sims (which I strongly recommend you to read in Thor's group because of the wonderful @Geoffrey Teller and @Wes Greavesknow-how about writing drama) it seems that there is some light at the end of the tunnel. Here Teller displays an excellent prose, and a wonderful new point of view of this micro-history within the mission intermingling a select handful of cultural and spiritual references of our beloved Bajorans, creating again a deep, dramatic and highly recommendable scene to read, introducing us fully into the world of Star Trek. Another Good Job Guarantee for sure @Geoffrey Teller
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    ((Somewhere... and Nowhere)) What is nothing? Is there really such a thing? For there to be nothing, there had to have existed traces of something, from which that null could grow. But if it was nothing, how could it be recognized as such? For Chloe, nothing was now... or maybe it wasn't. Unconsciousness gripped her. There was no body, very little feeling. And yet... there was awareness. A painful awareness. Both literal and figurative. To the helm officer, her awareness felt like it spread across the entire universe. And every part of her non-existent body was screaming with pain. Something was wrong, very very wrong. Why wouldn't it stop? Then... relief. Oh sweet, sweet relief. A voice pierced the nothing-somethingness and reverberated everywhere, as the pain was slowly sucked away. Feel better Lt. Feel better Lt. Feel better Lt. And she did. She felt better. There was no pain. But still very little substance. She couldn't bring herself to worry though, for some reason. This was what it was. Was this what death felt like? Another sound began to reverberate. Whatever it was... it was an alarm. Something was wrong. She knew that sound. Alert. Red alert. That's what that sound was. What was wrong? NT ************************************************************************************* Lieutenant JG Chloe Waters Helmswoman USS Arrow, NCC-69829 ****************************** Podcast team member ****************************** Writer ID: E239601CW0 *************************************************************************************
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    Good point! Is there a secondment scheme? I'd be interested to hear if so! 😛
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    Yep that is totally what it means 😂
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    (( Hall 1, Deck 16, Starbase 821 )) Nakada: Commander, who can I speak to about getting back on board the ship? I’d like to help out with the repairs. I have little other work on board the station anyway. Shayne: Good man. I’ll speak to the dock master, but don’t forget- you’ve got enough on your plate already. That paperwork isn’t going to finish itself, and right now, you’re the ranking engineering officer. Keneth was a bit confused for a second, before he caught on, mentally facepalming himself. He was being told to submit the engineering reports, which, considering he was the only engineering officer onboard at the moment, made sense. The tactical officer seemed to have come to a similar conclusion Serinus: Yes sir, seeing as there are currently no Tactical Officers assigned to the Arrow, at least to my knowledge, is it safe to assume that those responsibilities fall on me, as well? Shayne: At least for the time being, yes. I will be reassessing that regularly, but for now, you are our duly notarized Security and Tactical officer. I assume you’re up for it? He didn’t hear the officer’s response, mentally dividing his work. He definitely had It cut out for himself. He was brought back by a curt silence, followed by the realization that the others were watching him. Nakada: Sorry. Yes, sir. I’ll get to the report immediately. Should be done well before we launch. He nodded and turned away, heading towards the turbolift. It was time to see how the ship was doing. (( Main Engineering, Deck 3, USS Arrow )) So, update. The ship was doing fantastically, all things considered. It seemed the starbase crew had given up on the existing warp core after it had “emitted puffs of lemon-scented black vapor and spilled its coolant matrix onto the deck” or as the dock master had put it “it threw up so we yanked it”. They had just replaced the entire assembly, which was surprisingly simple, owing to the existing ejection mechanisms. The new core was purring soundly, plus had a minor upgrade so they could actually sustain Warp 5 without sacrificing other systems, such as the secondary medical computer. He had helped them with the rest of the deck, which had been completely cleaned up with fresh teal paneling, uncracked displays and a spotless floor to top it off. The modularity was a blessing. Entire consoles were just … removed and replaced. In some ways, the urgency of the situation was an agent as well. He was pretty sure they wouldn’t have gotten unlimited use of the industrial replicators without some pulled strings somewhere. There were hidden signs of the expedited timeline though. His audit had revealed that much of the power system had been hastily patched around. While the damaged and destroyed hardware had been cleared, some of the work was … unfavorable. They had had to run nearly all the weapons through just two relays, which was uncomfortably non-redundant, but the remaining lines had been completely trashed and they did not have the time to replace them. He had then proceeded to ask where the holodeck was, so that they could take it offline for the time being. This had lead to a half an hour search, after which a crewman had the excellent sense to consult the computer. The computer had cheekily (that might have been in his head) replied that the only recreational facility onboard was a gymnasium. Keneth just shook his head. The ship was quite old and had been built for the war - at least this meant one less power draw on the system. He’d finished up his report toward late evening, as the starbase personnel had finally departed, leaving an unrecognizable deck and a lonesome PADfD full of data. His quarters were a deck below, which suited him just fine. It meant that it was less likely somebody would show up at two in the morning with an inane request like “should we light the warp core yellow or blue today” or “Dan caught his beard on a plasma conduit” or “can we have a toilet near the Jefferies tube”. For the billionth time, no, he was not going to ask Commander Shayne for a toilet near … how did they even come up with this? In other news, he’d finally trimmed his beard to a less scraggly windswept look, which Crewman Patrick had chided him for. You should look wild!, he’d proclaimed while he stroked his own gigantic face plumes. Keneth told him that any more hair on board and they’d collectively clog the air ducts. Overall, when he sat down on the big chair in his room, he was feeling quite satisfied. He was somewhat nervous about what they were heading into though. Those kind of numbers were last seen … Romulus. He suddenly realized what had been irking him. For all the amazing work the crew had done, they had absolutely no idea what kind of horror show they were about to arrive in. They were a small, weakish ship by any reasonable metric. Starfleet’s main strength has always been it’s people, he reminded himself. They didn’t really churn out officers like the Klingons. It took years of training, resources and dedication to graduate. Their best hope, like always, was to simply outsmart the enemy. He fidgeted with his hot chocolate, his fourth that day, especially since he discovered they had a caffeinated version. There would be more information at the briefing he console himself, as he forced himself to doze off into a fitful sleep. Just outside, the stars burned bright into the void that they would soon be back in.
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    Hidden in plain sight, the Borderlands have become a hotbed of activity. Reports coming from this sector along the Klingon border speak to increased traffic and activity. From strange signals coming from the Celendi nebula, to reports of potential pirate ships preying on ships using the lone shipping lane through the mostly unexplored and uncharted sector, a wealth of opportunity exists in the vacuum left when the Federation pulled the last ship assigned to the area. Now, it is left to the crew of the newly recommissioned USS Resolution to reach out and discover what is unknown, bring stability back to the region with their presence, and boldly go where no one has gone before! Returning to the golden age of exploration, the versatile Nova class vessel will focus on exploring the Borderlands, which despite being fairly close to StarBase 118 and other well-charted areas of the galaxy, has yet to be fully explored. Like any uncharted region not directly controlled by a distinct power, the Borderlands is home to new races, alliances, and familiar faces. Scientific enigmas dot the area, from the Briar Patch all the way to the Azure Nebula. With so much unknown, the ship is certain to engage in missions that range from diplomacy to pure discovery and everything in between. Critical to the opening of new positions throughout the fleet, this vessel will need a crew with a drive to explore and uphold the best traditions of Starfleet as they blaze their own path to the stars. Ship rosters on new launches tend to close within just a few days of announcement. If you’re interested in joining this new ship, click here now to learn more and submit your transfer. Don’t miss out! The post Ready to join our new ship, the USS Resolution? appeared first on StarBase 118 Star Trek RPG. View the full article
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    A close run thing but I've gone transporters over replicators although they go hand in hand. Minimizing environmental impact of air/sea/land travel by being able to instantaneously move people and materials from location to location would be a great boost. Maybe I've been in lockdown too long and I'm just craving travel...although we've already seen how reductions in air/road travel have dropped greenhouse emissions. The same is, of course, true of replicators. Being able to resolve issues such as hunger and medicine shortages (and then instantly move them to where they need to be) would improve the quality of life for many around the globe. Warp drives are a great thing but should probably get our own house in order first.
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    Am quietly tempted to do the whole crew as bobbleheads...
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    Ladies and gentlemen, We have a winner for QotM June 2397, namely our lovely Doctor Caitríona Cayne with the quote: She nodded eagerly, her head bobbing from side to side like it was attached to an extremely smaller body and she was on top of the Admirals console as the ship took to warp - the bobble head of the USS Gorkon. And for this, she receives this awesome badge made by our finest Jo Marshall (thank you Jo ) Congrats Cait. 🙂 Greets Sami.
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    Jo Marshall, a woman of vast and profound wisdom
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    We all know the best thing would be the replicator, to move to an economy of post-scarcity and blah blah blah... but what we want is the holodeck.
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    I have to vote for replicators as well. Have to solve problems on Earth before you can explore the cosmos! Hunger issues, industrial supply limitations, medical breakthroughs ... all improved by replicator technology. That advancement would naturally lead to more effort and manpower being directed toward other tech advancements which could then be discovered faster than they otherwise would have been. So, all of us need to work on improving 3D printers - the tech that is closest to becoming true replicators from Star Trek.
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    I have to vote for warp drives. I feel the ability to travel to different planets would help solve a multitude of the problems we face on Earth. And it’s just plain cool!
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    "Attention all incoming cadets," the computer spoke up as soon as the transporter beam had completed its reassembling of molecules. "Attention all incoming cadets. Welcome to Starbase 118. Please retrieve any personal belongings from the storage queue, and make your way into the station. Orientation commences at eleven hundred hours in holodeck three, please do not be late." Meidra Sinir raised a brow and slowly took in her surroundings. She wasn't sure what she'd thought the station would be like, but as she moved along the concourse, she observed how the other arriving cadets eagerly made their way through the long corridors to find their belongings, which had been beamed down earlier in the day to be scanned and stored for their retrieval. "So what do you think it will be like, Katravahsu(friend)?" Margo Lemand asked her childhood friend. "Will we have amazing adventures and become legends in our own time?" Meidra half smiled, not caring about her Vulcan half at the moment. Let her stern Vulcan grandfather frown at her show of emotion. It was not logical to close oneself off from emotion if it meant a greater understanding of her situation. In other words, she was going to smile when she wanted to, and people would just have to get over it. "I believe that it will be all that it should be," she answered, grabbing her bag from the storage unit in front of them. Margo grabbed hers too, and the friends made their way out of the terminal into the Promenade. They would go find the Shi'Kahr district and locate a suitable memento from The I'vish Gallery to add to her collection. Father would say that it was not logical to keep physical reminders of each place she visited, but he would have a certain gleam in his eye while saying it, and she knew that in his own Vulcan way, he was teasing. Her El Aurian side was enthralled with the sights around them, and the combined energies of everyone on the station swirled through her, making her aware of all possibilities and yet, none. Time awareness was a part of her El Aurian heritage, helping in most cases to make wise decisions. But sometimes, she just wanted to observe. Her long auburn hair was in a high pony tail, as was her friend's strawberry blond hair, and they looked like two tourists, if not for the Starfleet uniforms and their determined gait. "I am happy that we got to graduate in the same class," Margo said softly. "For awhile, I didn't think I would graduate at all." "You are a fine engineer, Margo. All you needed was some confidence. You now have it, it is illogical to dwell on matters which have resolved themselves." "Fine, I'm confident," Margo smirked. "But thank you for helping me pass those last few exams. Look, there is the gallery. Let's go find something cute by T'losha to send back to my mom for her birthday." The two friends made their way into the gallery, and began browsing. There was a hint of menace in the air, not from the gallery, but - nearby. Meidra would not panic, but she would listen to the voices that always guided her, and make the right plans to safeguard herself and Margo. Cadet Meidra Sinir Vulcan father / El Aurian mother height 5 feet even Age 100 Expert at using a lirpa, hand to hand combat is fair for an El Aurian, but barely passable for a Vulcan
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    I do love me an instrumental, something preferably with a lovely cello mainline and a nice deep bass to communicate the fathomless expanse of space
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    For me personally I think instrumental suits the Atlantis but it’s gotta be this piece.
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    Ahahahaha! Shore leave has begun. 😎
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