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    German was just about to head out towards the red carpet, but his mother stopped him and now she's his plus 1. It wasn't his choice. Mrs. Galven: My son is single in case anyone was wondering... I would like grandchildren!
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    Sheila Bailey coming down the red carpet with her crutches. She want's to compliment everyone on how they look.
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    Sal is going for serious this year, while Cade is just surprised he was invited...
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    Nyka Wyss, hoping she doesn't trip in those heels.
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    Melody, all dolled up and ready for her close up!
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    And here we have Dr. Karise Indobri from the Juneau showing off her finest.
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    Here's Ishka rocking it in a stunning emerald green halter number.
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    First time actually dressing to impress this year. Esa's keepin' it classy! 👌
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    Juneau's own Artinus Serinus sporting traditional Magna Roman formal attire.
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    Here’s Thalas snazzing it up!
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    Alieth being a chirpy vulcan as usual
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    I didn't see a Red Carpet thread so I wanted to start one! Let's show off those fancy "formal" avatars. Here is Quentin at the BAFTAS...erm...Embassy banquet...
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    Aria pretends she doesn't like to dress up, but don't let that fool you ...
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    All dressed up and no where to run!
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    Just wait til the Juneau Ginger gang rolls in!
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    Loving the silver fox look on Cade in your banner @Sal Taybrim.
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    Damn that radio interference. Laughed far too hard at this.
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