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    First time actually dressing to impress this year. Esa's keepin' it classy! 👌
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    Melody, all dolled up and ready for her close up!
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    Nyka Wyss, hoping she doesn't trip in those heels.
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    Sal is going for serious this year, while Cade is just surprised he was invited...
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    Juneau's own Artinus Serinus sporting traditional Magna Roman formal attire.
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    Here’s Thalas snazzing it up!
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    Alieth being a chirpy vulcan as usual
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    And here we have Dr. Karise Indobri from the Juneau showing off her finest.
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    Here's Ishka rocking it in a stunning emerald green halter number.
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    I didn't see a Red Carpet thread so I wanted to start one! Let's show off those fancy "formal" avatars. Here is Quentin at the BAFTAS...erm...Embassy banquet...
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    Aria pretends she doesn't like to dress up, but don't let that fool you ...
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    ((OOC: A splendid tale of piracy on the high space seas courtesy of @Wil Ukinix & the Veritas!)) ((Bridge, SS Somershire)) Tygin: ::smiling her wicked smile:: Octotriticale...::holding up two fingers:: 400,000 tonnes of it...plus enough equipment to start our own farming colony. Marths: They’re carrying *what*? Tygin: ::raising a brow:: ...grain...::placing her hands on her hips:: it makes the flour you fry your chicken in. ::taking a breath:: it's 3 bars a ton. A rare open mouthed smile slowly presented itself on the poultry-fanatic’s face, before he chuckled. “Octotriticale” was the cutting edge successor to Quintotriticale. Long transportation times in the Shoals along with a lack of suppliers made it a highly valuable commodity. Marths: ::Pointing at Elliot:: Finish what you’re doing! ::Looking back at Peregrine, smiling:: No wonder Captain Vodka was protecting it so well. Fill up as much of our storage areas on the ship as you can. As quick as you can! Beam it, carry it, I don’t care, just get it done. He walked over to Bonus, and then firmly patted him on the shoulder. Marths: My sources weren’t kidding when they said “juicy cargo”. Tygin: ::Rubbing her hands together:: Juicy! Cap'n if Chek can give us our standard rate, you could retire. Marths: oO You are part of my retirement plans, buttercup... you just don't know it yet Oo Manstead: :: sarcastic. :: Yippee. Tygin:::Hooking a thumb over her shoulder:: I say we strip this sucker down to the plasma coils, make for Eagle station and live like Kings for a month or seven. Marths: I’m not sure about retirement just yet, but… this will go a long way. ::To Peregrine:: Strip whatever will fit into the Wildfire, if we have room. Manstead: You only have so much cargo space on the ship, captain. Marths: ::Wicked smile:: Then we’ll put whatever we can into engineering. Tygin:::offering a mock salute:: Aye Cap'n, number 32 with Chintapa Sauce, coming up. Manstead: Don’t even think about it, Pear. Tygin:::smirking:: Relax bubble boy, I'm not gonna hurt anyone, much, just throw a few people into some life pods. ::smiling:: ill intimate where I can and only bruise who I have to. Marths: Hey! ::Walking closer to Tygin:: This haul is going to attract attention as it is. *Don’t kill anyone*. Tygin:::growling:: Cap'n, come on let an artist work, you would tell a rainbow to stop being a rainbow or tell a tiger to color in their strips, ::spinning:: such is the Erinyes! Marths: ::Pointing at Peregrine:: You are as beautiful as your deadly, but don’t think that will stop me beaming you out into space! Manstead: Oh shut up... The Marth, without taking his eye of Peregrine, smacked Elliot perfectly on the back of his head. Tygin:::crossing her arms:: Don't be a punch of party poopers, come on Cap'n this is what we do, we are Pirates. Marths: “Pirates”? Don’t use that word! We’re “brokers”. With an anarchic supply chain methodology. *That do not kill unless absolutely necessary*. If any of the crew tells me that you critically injure or kill someone? Well, you’d better hold your breath when the transporter cycle starts, buttercup. And he meant it. Peregrine already had a black mark next to her name. Beautiful or not, and as infatuated with Tygin as he was, he only had one *real* true love – his ship. She came first. Tygin:::sulking:: No, I want my share of the loot...::clenching her fists:: Fine...I'll be nice ::holding a finger up:: but if one of them back talks me... Marths: …then slap them in the face. ::grinning:: Works for me. Manstead: Just do what he says. Tygin: ::mock saluting:: Aye, Cap'n! I'll go see to our guests and make them feel all warm'n'safe. ((Galley, Deck 4, SS Wildfire – three hours later)) The fully loaded SS Wildfire was stationary in a harmless, partially obscuring spatial anomaly, and thanks to The Marth’s special CCMS “friend” (in a latinum in a brown paper bag kind of way), no-one would be looking for them anywhere near their location for at least 10 hours. It gave them time to repair damage to the ship made by the new cloak. It also gave them time to celebrate… While tying up the knot on the bandana that The Marth wore on his head (with very small cartoon like chickens imprinted on it), he walked into the packed Galley. Most of the crew were assembled, talking loudly, eating (crumbed chicken pieces) and drinking from bottles of rum pilfered from the Swishbuckle. Chef Donovan was madly handing out plates of finger food (chicken Cordon Bleu bites) to several crew, who were distributing them to tables. There was a raucous, happy atmosphere that could be cut with a phaser. The Marth stood up on one of the tables, to the cheers of the crew that were sitting at it. He picked up a piece of food (chicken puff) from a plate below him. Taking an exaggerated bite, he then kept walking, moving from table to table until he was standing on a table in the centre of the Galley. Having quickly *demolished* the chicken puff, he clapped his hands together, then placed his curved palms together over his mouth, speaking through his makeshift megaphone. Marths: Crewmates! Crewmates! … ::Loud whistle using teeth:: Tygin/Manstead: Responses The noise in the room died down to a silence. Marths: Crewmates…. We are the misfits from the ::finger quotes:: “society” that forgot about us, judged us, exiled us, enslaved us. But today, we’ve proven… THAT THEY SHOULD UNDERSTIMATE US AT THEIR OWN PERIL! The sound of a loud cheer with the thumping of tables filled the room, before The Marths lifted his palms to quiet everyone down. Marths: Some of you are new, and, you know, some of you have been with me since the start. It’s amazing to think it’s been eleven years since I got my hands on this ship. We’ve had triumphs, and troubles. Today has been a busy day. But after our two raids, not only are our storage areas *completely* full… on both decks... our estimates indicate that, this is has been… ::inhales:: THE MOST VALUABLE HAUL IN THE HISTORY OF THIS SHIP!!! RECORD PAYMENT TO EVERYONE!!! The cheers and table banging noises of the crew became ear splitting. Tygin/Manstead: Responses He held up his palms again, to quieten the crew. Marths: However, ::walking over two tables while speaking:: it’s not been without incident. ::Standing on table in front of Tygin:: Everyone knows the rules on this ship. If you have a problem with someone, report it to The Marth, and then between the parties, to resolve the dispute… we organise a fight in this room during supper. So that everyone can watch and bet on the winner. There was a short, loud cheer once again from the crew. For many, watching and gambling on the crew fights were the most enjoyable activity on the ship. Marths: But… unfortunately… ::crouching down, eying Tygin, while crew begins to jeer:: someone took matters into their own hands today. The jeering from the crew turned into a combination of boos, high pitched whistles, thrown chicken bones and several thousand curse words, all directed at Peregrine. Manstead: Response Tygin: Response Marths: ::Ignoring Peregrine:: What Buttercup must understand is that non-compliance with the rules cannot go unpunished. ::turning to next table:: Zaphoid? The young crewmate who had been stabbed in the hand by Peregrine made his way over to the table that Marths was perched on. In one swift move, The Marth unsheathed the small but very sharp cutlass that he always had stowed in his right wrist band. He threw it up in the air, allowing Zaphoid to catch it by the handle when it fell back to the ground. The crew around Peregrine forcefully held Tygin in place, making sure her arm and hand couldn’t move. Tygin: Response In one quick movement, Zaphoid thrust the cutlass into the top of Peregrine’s hand, which caused the loudest cheer of the night yet from the crew. Zaphoid: ::To Tygin:: Now we’re even, ya bloody mongrel. Tygin/Manstead: Responses The people that were holding Tygin down all enthusiastically patted her on her shoulders – signalling that she had paid her debt and she was “forgiven”, and to thank her for an entertaining spectacle. Marths: Baby. Transport Tygin to the First Aid room. Tygin/Manstead: Responses “Buttercup” vanished from the Galley in a swirl of sparkles. Marths then looked at Zaphoid, and punched him as hard as he could on the jaw, sending him to the ground. There was another loud enthusiastic cheer from the rest of the crew. While flexing his hand open and shut, Marths stood back up on the table and addressed the room. Marths: ::Holding out palms:: Wildfire! Let’s eat and drink into the small hours! We’ve earned it! A crewmate in the corner of the Galley began to sing loudly. Crewmate: ::Singing:: In-Sha-dow’s-Edge I-was-born… Marths began stamping his foot on his table in time with the tune. It wasn’t long before most of the crew enthusiastically joined in, banging their drinks and fists on their tables, and singing a shanty that was brought to the Shoals and adapted by some of its early Terran settlers. Marths/Crew: Heave a-way, haul a-way! Crewmate: In-Sha-dow’s-Edge, a-round An-tor! Marths/Crew: And-we're bound for Sha-dow’s Eeee-edge... Crewmate/Marths/Crew: Haul a-way your roll-ing king, heave a-way, haul a-way, HAUL A-WAY, YOU'LL HEAR-ME-SING! And we’re-bound for Sha-dow’s Eeee-edge… The singing continued as The Marths bent down to retrieve a bottle of rum that was next to his feet. He took a big swig from it, before smacking his lips together. There was nothing like “free” rum. Especially from Bonnie and Clyde. ________________________________________________________ Henley “The Marth” Marths Captain and Rum Thief SS Wildfire V239511WU0
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    Awards Ceremony season is upon us, and it’s time to get all dressed up for the big event! As we launch our ceremony, we’ll encourage everyone to change their forum avatar to their character wearing glamorous attire like the kind you’d see on the red carpet. There’s no need to get things perfect – lots of players just find a picture of their character’s actor somewhere on the web and use that, like so: But if you’re looking for something more spiffy, you can also head to the Graphics Requests forum and open a new thread asking for some help. Make sure you leave plenty of time for the team there to help get something that works – best to start earlier than later! Once you have an image you like, you can change your forum avatar by following these instructions. The post Get ready for the Awards Ceremony: Prep your forum avatar! appeared first on UFOP: StarBase 118 Star Trek RPG. View the full article
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    As the start of our 26th-anniversary celebration – which starts today on June 1, just two weeks shy of 26 years from the day that our group was founded in 1994 – we’re announcing the completion of our all-new ship logos: The Image Collective – founded by FltCapt. Kali Nicholotti and currently led by FltCapt. Jalana Rajel, LtCmdr. Jo Marshall, and LtCmdr. Ayiana Sevo – has been on overdrive in the past few months, cooking up incredible designs for all kinds of things. I thought we’d bring together a roundtable of folks who worked on these, and past designs, to talk about the history of ship logos in the fleet. In the interview below, you’ll hear from: Ens. Alieth of the Thor FltCapt. Jalana Rajel of the Constitution LtCmdr. Jo Marshall of the Gorkon FltCapt. Kalianna Nicholotti, playing Cmdr. Ash Tristan MacKenna on the Juneau Capt. Oddas Aria of the Juneau WOLF: These new designs are really striking, so thank you for all your hard work on these! What was the impetus for these redesigns, and which ones did each of you work on? ALIETH: Well, it all started out a little unplanned, to be honest. Ensign Sirok and I just agreed to remake Thor’s emblem as a small weekend pet project, as a way to welcome Kells as our new CO. The Collective loved it when I shared it with them and Jalana and Jo (if I recall it well) suggested that we should revamp all the current starships’ emblems in the same style to give them a coherent look… and here we are! For my behalf, I have worked on the emblems of the Thor (alongside with Sirok), the Constitution-B, the Starbase 118 and the Juneau. I assisted Sirok a bit with the Veritas’ one, but that design is basically his job. In any case, I consider this revamp a team effort, since I have received a lot of valuable feedback from other Collective members, and I have had some great resounding walls for my ideas there. MARSHALL: For sure! Alieth’s designs were really inspirational, so when there was a chance of revamping the rest of the designs, it was a really cool project for the collective to sink their teeth into. I cracked on with the Atlantis design of the familiar trident inverted to look a bit squid-like, and we had to find a good emblem for the Gorkon — so the new one is based on the shuttlecraft Chancellor Gorkon uses in the movie. It was a great challenge and had us all thinking outside the box for some design ideas. Alieth and Sirok just smashed it, doing the lion’s share of the project, and really did such an amazing job. You both have been doing a lot of creative work outside of forum signatures and character portraits lately. What’s your graphic design background? ALIETH: I’ve a Fine Arts Degree, specializing in graphic design and 3d modelling. I’ve been working as a graphic designer or 3d modeller in several companies since 2009, but I’ve established myself as a freelance illustrator for the past 2-3 years more or less. MARSHALL: I’ve no formal education in it at all. I did some graphic design back in college for a movie project, got really into Adobe Photoshop, and carried on with it. I did bits and pieces when the mood took me and the moon was full, and then when I joined SB118, jumped back into it. Since then, I’ve been messing about on Illustrator some more. FltCapt. Nicholotti, you were the original designer of our legacy versions of these badges. I still remember emailing you years ago to ask what you thought about creating flags and badges for each ship. Tell us a little about how you approached designing these badges originally? NICHOLOTTI: Originally the project started with team logos, in an attempt to unify the teams under a banner, so to speak, and to offer more for our website as we transitioned to far more graphically diverse pages. When I began, I took a lot of inspiration from mission patches used in our modern-day space program, incorporating words around the edges and relevant images in the middle. When two of these ‘patches’ became three, and three became one for each ship in a very short period of time, the need to streamline the process became apparent. Not only did this make for a uniform look, but it offered diversity at the same time that came across as professional and unique. You wouldn’t find something like this anywhere else, in any group, or any other place online. FltCapt. Rajel, you picked up the mantle with these legacy ship badges and have been working on them for some time now. What was it like collaborating with our captains to create them when we launched new ships? RAJEL: I enjoyed making the older ship badges, give them their own character and set a tone with them. It was a great chance to get to know the new COs when their ships launched, get to see a piece of their ideas and creativity. Bouncing ideas back and forth for the creation of details, working with what the COs had in mind, seeing these ideas come to life and finally seeing the excitement in the COs for their final badge designs was extremely satisfying. FltCapts. Rajel and Nicholotti, any favorite or particularly memorable designs stick out in your mind? NICHOLOTTI: I think rather than which one stuck out in my mind, it was what part of the process of creation stuck in my mind. The opportunity to work with each of the Captains, team members, and those who had a vested interest in the patches/logos was the part I truly enjoyed the most. I started by being able to talk with each and see what their ship or team was to them. I was able to learn more than what you could read on the surface page for their ship. Then, I learned their color scheme and was able to put together something that was always pleasing. That was probably the most fun I had with the image group as a whole. RAJEL: There is a story behind every single one of them, the way the CO and I collaborated on ideas, how we picked things apart to make them better, or how it just clicked. I really like all the ship badges I worked on, so it is impossible to pick a favourite or most memorable. They all are. Capt. Oddas, one of the things we discussed in a lot of detail was the design for the Juneau’s badge, which honors the Tlingit people, one of the indigenous peoples of Southeast Alaska. Can you tell us about the inspiration for this badge? ODDAS: Having lived in Juneau for some time I decided I wanted to name a starship after the area, and after that decision was made it just made sense to work the Tlingit people into the design of the ship and the badge. The Tlingit are organized into various clans with those in the Juneau area belonging primarily to the ‘Eagle’ and the ‘Raven’ moieties. Using the ‘Eagle’ for the patch was a nice way to provide some continuity with the previous ship the Captain was involved with, but also represents the unity the people have with each other and the land. I like to think there is a USS Sitka out there with a Raven on the patch to go along with the Juneau’s Eagle. Ens. Alieth, we really left the Juneau’s badge for last as we had those considerations around formline designs inspired by indigenous artwork. Can you tell me more about the guidelines set by the Sealaska Heritage Institute that you worked from and how you crafted the design? ALIETH: Aria shared some of the Sealaska Heritgae Institute‘s documents [PDF] with me, and they have some wonderful guidelines on the how and why of each Tlingit design shape and how to use them. I took the key formline design shapes upon which her designs are built and tried to create something around them, seeking to be as accurate as possible to their spirit and how they relate to each other, but keeping away from their traditional eagles’ portrayals to avoid falling into the cultural appropriation of their art. The intention was to pay homage to their culture and tradition without being disrespectful to them. Click here to see drafts of the Juneau logo from Ens. Alieth Once the basic shapes were established, I started sending several “works in progress” to Aria to check that the design was correct and to their liking, always trying to keep the elements we had used in the other emblems (the background with stars in reference to the Federation flag, and so on). I think he got fed up with me that day! (laughs) The choice of the eagle as a logo was Aria’s idea mostly, to maintain the idea that the USS Juneau is the direct heir of the USS Eagle. As a background colour, I proposed to Aria some versions that reproduced the traditional colours of Tlinging art (mainly red, white and black) to maintain that identity as well. Thanks for your time everyone! Click here to see all the ship logos and enjoy the new designs on the wiki! The post Eye-popping new ship logos bring a smart look for community’s 26th anniversary appeared first on UFOP: StarBase 118 Star Trek RPG. View the full article
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    Love this bit of coming of age narration! <3
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    Damn that radio interference. Laughed far too hard at this.
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