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    Hello Marc, my name is Sergio and I'm 'hailing' from Spain, so we're about in the same time zone. I'm glad that you've joined us, I've been around here for about eighteen years and still simming! So, I understand these first moments when joining such a community in a foreign language, so feel free to contact me anytime if you need something. I've improved my english a great deal just by playig here, of course the use of a translator was a day to day basic for me the first years due to some expressions and made up phrases, so don't be ashamed to ask the meaning of anything you don't get (I did it a lot of times and people in general are very kind and willing to help). Regarding to the "Picard" series, we're still simming on what's known as the prime universe, and the year is 2397, so the events of Picard are in the future. So, for the moment, the best references to play are TNG, VOY and DS9. I hope that you're training goes smoothly and hope to see you around in the fleet soon.
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