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    Genkos is wearing a dark turtleneck with a high lapelled royal blue jacket. He's also gone a bit Skarbek by growing a bit of scruff for the occasion - no mean feat for a Betazoid!
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    I’m boring. Groz is wearing Dress Whites again 😂😂
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    Going a wee simplistic, showing off this shoulders, what a card she's wearing her blue/black wig from the mission, it's sleek and stylish!
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    The awards ceremony is fast approaching and it's time for us Gorkonites to strut our stuff! In the wonderful tradition of the Fleet Awards, get up in your gladrags and stick in that jewelry mum gave you that never sees the light of day! What are YOU wearing to the Fleet Awards? Black tie? Dress uniform? Full banana suit?
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    Trellis de-Vissianized but still rocking a suit.
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    Cory Stoyer in a bow tie and black jacket.
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    Cait wouldn't dress up too much. Just a simple black jumpsuit!
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    LtCmdr Pavlova: "No" and other long-winded responses I chuckled.
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