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    Episode 2x02: "New Eden"  Thoughts: The second episode of Discovery's second season continues to show a new direction for the series as a whole, in this case towards a more familiar style of Star Trek storytelling. If last week's opener was still a bit too action-heavy of a blockbuster, then "New Eden" marks a return to the classic Trek "planet of the week," in this case a settlement of humans on a distant planet that wouldn't feel out of place as the starting point for one of Kirk's adventures in TOS. From mentions of Starfleet General Order 1 (aka the Prime Directive) and an away team sent incognito to learn what's going on among the locals, it's both comforting to see these familiar tropes yet also still feel we're watching something new by learning more about Captain Pike's style of command and how the rest of the crew handle the challenges thrown at them. For those left on Discovery, we get a return to the A/B story type format, or in this case, perhaps the surface vs space sides of the same overall plot dealing with the human settlement. On the surface, operations officer Joann Owosekun is recommended to join the away team by Michael. We're told she was raised in a Luddite collective so she'd be good for this mission, and while she does get a small moment to shine in helping the away team out of a locked cellar, it's a shame she's still basically treated the same as an extra. While Discovery was envisioned with Michael taking on the central role, if the show is trying to change into a more ensemble-driven series, then an easy way to have developed Owosekun further would have been to let her become a voice for the humans on New Eden rather than keeping it mainly still focused on Pike and Burnham's different views on how to handle the settlement (namely, whether the prime directive still applies). On the ship, Ensign Tilly gets to be the hero seemingly once again, and while I personally find her an endearing enough character, again, the writers should be willing to let the other bridge crew step up and contribute to the overall plan. Rather than have Tilly explain for instance what Detmer the helmswoman would need to do, it would have been just as easy to have Detmer understand what she needed to do on her own and likewise have the rest of the bridge crew figuring out what else they needed to do rather than being one step behind Tilly. Still, these are just a few criticisms in what is overall an enjoyable episode and an encouraging sign that Discovery is getting its footing. That said, I suspect next week's episode revisiting the Klingons will really be the test of whether Discovery can avoid some of its less successful tendencies from last season. Observations: -We get our first glimpse of World War III with a soldier's helmet cam from 2053. Apparently, an entire church was transported away to the planet in the Beta Quadrant. -Besides Christianity, the church also had a mix of beliefs from Judaism, Islam, Wicca, Shinto, among others. It's a bit odd that there'd be such a mix from just one church, but perhaps the Red Angels rescued a larger slice of a town (or from multiple sites). Why though remains a mystery, presumably to be revealed later in the season. -Pike wasn't kidding about needing a new ready room, which apparently isn't even the same room off of the bridge that Lorca was using. The set is gorgeous, and the lighting really highlighted the high production values of Discovery. -With Tilly now having seen a dead classmate and Stamets' previous experience with seeing Culber, one wonders if why we might not hear about the spore drive in the future is the strange connection it seems to have with the dearly departed.
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    Hi! As my training starts this coming Monday, I figured I should go ahead and introduce myself! What's your real first name? I’m Marie, nice to meet you all! Where do you live? (General area! City or state, even!) I live in Ohio, in the United States! How did you find our group? Good ol’ Google Search. What kind of work do you do? I’m a student, actually. I’m working towards a degree in Vocal Music Education. Essentially when I graduate, I’ll be able to direct choirs and teach General music courses in schools around the country!
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    ((Okay, I’m sorry about this little note, but I was reading some of the content in the forum before mine, and it seems that there was another “Cadet Collins” that was posted Nov. 30. My character is not supposed to be related to Quentin Collins III, thought I should mention that. Just a coincidence that the last names are the same!)) Jo hated shuttle rides in space. Sure, the likelihood of actually crashing or something going wrong was almost zip, but that didn’t stop Dr. Arika Jojovich-Collins from almost bolting off of the transport craft. Solid ground is a blessing, she reminded herself as she straightened her uniform and retrieved her bag from storage outside of the shuttle. Her coppery-blonde hair had been twisted into two Dutch braids and pinned into a bun at the nape of her neck by her Academy roommate before she left Earth, but a few unruly wisps still hung in front of her face as she bent down to get her stuff. Intelligent green eyes searched the bustle of people at the dock of StarBase 118. Other uniform-clad cadets of every shape, size, and color bustled through the crowded space, and Jo took comfort in the fact that it was very unlikely that anyone would pay special attention to a 1.73 meter, average cadet like herself. She felt a little old for the crowd, though she was only 27, but reminded herself again that the 5 years of university and earning her medical license set her apart from the other cadets in field experience too, not just in age. She knew what being the “odd one out” felt like: graduating from high school at 15 left her feeling alienated and skittish (because she was a pretty girl, and pretty girls still had to be pretty careful when alone on college campuses and in big cities) during her time alone at Harvard and Harvard Medical. She had good childhood friends that she kept in contact with while she was away, though, so she didn’t feel as lonely as she could have felt. Jo was able to admit to herself that she wasn’t like most of the cadets shuffling through the base. She hadn’t dreamed of the stars when she was young. If she was really honest, her father Dr. Jojovich had scared it out of her. His years in the Fleet found him in bed with someone who was definitely not her mother, Jean Collins, a xenobiologist in Seattle where she’d grown up. Jo’s birth certificate read both of their last names, and her first name Arika, which had been chosen by her father. Her friends had called her Jo or Jojo since she was young, seldom did anyone use her real first name. She’d also asked that she be referred to as Dr. Collins or Cadet Collins when it came to formalities. So why did she join the Fleet, if she had never envisioned herself doing so? As it were, Jo was incredibly lucky. Through her connections at Harvard Medical, her father’s and her own alma mater, and her mother, she landed an internship with a “galaxy-renowned” xenoanatomical researcher through whom she received her license to practice on both the people of Earth and a plethora of other humanoid species. Her mentor pushed her to join Star Fleet to exercise her expertise, and though she was wary of the idea, she enlisted. But none of that mattered, really, when she was surrounded by people that she didn’t know, and she settled to walk out into the main part of the base alone, awaiting in both excitement and trepidation for the adventures that were sure to come.
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    Stennin, 185 cm. 45 years. Full Vulcan Stennin looked out the window when Starbase 118 came into view. Although he had seen multiple starbases before in his life, this one seemed to be teeming with life and commerce. Stennin looked at his application form one more time. He had applied to the Academy for a position in the Science division. He had graduated of the Vulcan Science Academy only six months prior, however felt a position in Starfleet was more promising. His family had a long history in Starfleet. Stennin's father, Otokha, had been a Astronomy Science officer for most of his life. Otokha's mother, Gormun, was a Medical officer, serving on three separate Starfleet vessels. Stennin's own mother, Natella, had devoted her life to scholarship, and to studying the workings of Surak and his followers, becoming a logician. Stennin, on the other hand, had developed a sense for chemistry, and microbiology especially. Stennin was roused from his train of thought by the shuttle's comms. " This is con. We will arrive in Starbase 118 shortly. All cadets are ordered to gather their belongings before leaving. Starfleet is not responsible for any loss of personal stuff. Have a good day!" Stennin stood up from his seat, walking to his locker. He poured over a picture of him, his parents, and his younger sister Aldi. He was once again interrupted by a younger looking human, who snarled at him jokingly: " 'Sup pointy-ears? Nervous?" Stennin looked up at him, and said: " Vulcans do not get nervous. It is illogical to assume that what is unknown, leads to a response of fear." the young human raised his hands in apology. " Sorry, then. Meant nothing by it." Stennin closed his locker, packing all his stuff in a small backpack, and walked to the exit corridor. The shuttle landed in the shuttle bay with a soft thump, and then, the pilot walked to the door. " All right cadets. This is it. Those for the academy, register at the nearest arrivals counter. They will fill you in shortly. Good luck." With that, the pilot went back. Stennin walked out the ramp, letting in the fuel-filled air of the shuttle bay. He walked to customs, where he was stopped by a young Tellarite woman. " Greetings, cadet. All new cadet arrivals need to report in before proceeding to training." Stennin took out his passport, and gave it to the Tellarite. " Your credentials are in order, Cadet Stennin. Proceed to training centre immediately via turbolift." the woman said. Stennin took his passport, and shortened the straps on his backpack, and then walked to the turbolift. He ascended the starbase's levels, until finally arriving at the Academy. There, he walked to another counter, were he was stopped by a female Vulcan recruiter. Seeing a congener, he rose up his hand in a traditional Vulcan greeting, and said: " Live Long and Prosper." the Vulcan woman raised her palm as well, and replied: " Peace and long live." the woman looked down at her desk, and pushed several buttons, before replying. " Cadet Stennin. You have applied for a position in the Science division. Specialisation: Chemistry and Microbiology. You are cleared to proceed to your dormitory, if that is agreeable to you." Stennin nodded, and said: " It is agreeable." Raising his palm once more, he concluded: " Live Long and Prosper." The woman replied likewise.
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