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    Excellent. I keep being more and more impressed with the depth of this simm community. Love it.
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    In Star Trek most members of the crew interact off duty as well as during their regularly assigned duties. Entire stories can be based around the interactions between the crew when there isn’t a Romulan warbird or an exploding star driving the action. While some members of the crew are simply colleagues or may even dislike each other, others share a much stronger bond. Aboard Deep Space Nine, if you see Doctor Bashir it’s a good bet that Chief O’Brien is nearby. Whether they are storming the Alamo together or playing darts in Quark’s the two are almost inseparable. Meanwhile, aboard the Enterprise D, Captain Picard could always turn to his old friend Guinan for advice. In the 23rd century, Captain Kirk and Commander Spock went through a lot together. They stuck together throughout their historic mission of exploration that saw them encounter all manners of hostile aliens, new civilizations, and even sent them back in time on multiple occasions. These trials forged a strong friendship between the two that went far beyond colleagues or even captain and first officer. This week’s poll asks you to look back at the friendships between characters that developed throughout the franchise and pick your favorite. Let us know which was your favorite friendship below!
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    Julian Bashir and Garak, but that wasn't listed
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    In Gmail on the left sidebar if you click the More option below Inbox it will expand the menu out. You can select All Mail and it will show every item (ones you have received and sent both). I use this to gauge where my last email falls in relation to ones I have received since then.
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    " @German Galven gained +1 in negotiation skills."
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    PARIS, EARTH — The Federation Council voted today to impose sanctions against the Romulan Star Empire for its invasion attempt of Duronis II earlier this year. “The Federation Council condemns the Romulan Star Empire’s blatant violation of Laudean sovereignty,” said Councillor Mara Kell, Senior Councilor from Betazed. “Such Romulan aggression that threatens the stability of the quadrant will not be tolerated.” Though not a Federation member, the Laudean homeworld has enjoyed cordial relations with the Federation in recent years due in much part to the presence of the Federation embassy there. A large Starfleet contingent is currently assigned at the embassy with both the USS Thunder and USS Thor permanently assigned to the planet’s defense. The Laudeans first achieved warp drive in 2379, and soon after, they garnered the attention of both the Federation and the Romulan Star Empire along with the Zalkonians. Though all three established embassies on Duronis II, the Laudean government at the time soon allied itself with the Romulans, and the Federation and Zalkonians left the planet in 2383. Romulan influence over the local government continued until the destruction of the Romulan homeworlds of Romulus and Remus in 2387. The following year, riots broke out on the planet, the Romulan ambassador was recalled, and the Laudeans established diplomatic contact with the Federation, seeking protection from Romulan renegades who remained behind and the threat of future invasion. After periodic skirmishes over the years, the Romulans finally launched a full invasion against the planet earlier this year. Though the invasion was successfully repelled by Starfleet forces from the Federation embassy, experts warn that the Romulans may only be temporarily halted. “It’s really not a surprise the Romulans have kept their interest in seizing Duronis II,” said Dr. Katoh Erasi of the Federation Border Defense Think Tank, in Terra Nova. “They’ve long coveted the Laudeans’ ability to sense energy fields, hoping to exploit that for tactical advantage.” Thilene Herskoya, who served as security advisor to former Federation President Jaresh-Inyo, added that despite the Starfleet presence maintained at the embassy, the Romulan military leadership that survived the destruction of Romulus is a new generation of more hawkish commanders. “Though the loss of their homeworlds halted their immediate plans for Duronis, the subsequent rebuilding of their empire and the restrengthening of their fleet have clearly made some Romulan admirals more daring,” said Herskoya. “That the Praetor though would go ahead with a full-scale invasion is what’s truly troubling, especially given the overtures of peace a few years ago.” Romulan Praetor Taron met with Federation President Nan Bacco during her final diplomatic function as president before her term ended in 2393. The Imperial Senate of the Romulan Star Empire had invited President Nan Bacco for a historic state visit to the new Romulan capital of Rator III in 2392, and after much planning — and over the objection of the newly formed Romulan Republic, which the Romulan Star Empire considers a rogue state — President Bacco and Praetor Taron shared speeches touting a future of new possibilities between the two great powers. Relations since that visit however have not reflected those ambitions, and Praetor Taron has not met current Federation President Narala in-person since she took office two years ago. Following the Federation Council’s vote to impose sanctions against the Romulans, President Narala made a statement from the Palais de la Concorde in Paris, Earth. Though she denounced the Romulan’s attack against Duronis, she also expressed her disappointment in the Federation Council’s decision to move forward with sanctions. Narala administration officials had been working with their Romulan counterparts to cool diplomatic tensions since the invasion; however, many members of the council were not satisfied with the administration’s progress. “Peace cannot be achieved through closed doors,” said President Narala to reporters gathered in the Press Room. The President, who served as Chief Administrator for Nimbus III before she was elected in 2392, called on her homeworld as an example for the rest of the quadrant. “On Nimbus III, Klingons, Romulans, and Federation citizens found a way to live and work in harmony. I still firmly believe such is possible in the wider galactic community,” she said. The Romulan Star Empire has not formally responded to the sanctions yet, but this week’s scheduled events at the Romulan Embassy on Earth have since been canceled. The post Federation Council announces sanctions against Romulan Star Empire for failed Duronis invasion appeared first on Federation News Service. View the full article
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    Yes, anything written by our members for the FNS is considered part of our universe's extended world building and can be considered public knowledge and referenced in your sims. In fact, this is encouraged and one of the intended uses of the FNS itself.
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    @Daniel Cain ((Tactical Holodeck 1, Deck 3, USS Apollo-A)) ::For the past 2 weeks Cain had not spent a minute idle. After the Twitchy Lieutenant JG had put him in charge of the AP Section of Security, he'd read up on everything he could. After 2 weeks he still wasn't done with it all but reckoned he had most of the priorities looked over. He'd started with the Borg and Voyagers encounter with them. When it came down to it Admiral Janeway was a genius when it came to killing these guys. What interested him most was the Elite Force that had been put together to combat threats like these. He read up on those missions in detail, wondering if the same could be done here on this ship. They were going to be out here longer than Voyager was anyway so why not? That idea was a long way off anyway, he still had so much to take in.:: ::Next on his list was the Hirogen. Brutal, efficient killing machines. Again, all information he could find came from Voyagers interactions. How had their society evolved since the last interaction with Voyager? Had they settled somewhere or did they still hunt? Cain believed the latter and even theorised they'd come up with new ways to kill. He surmised it would be interesting to meet one in a fight.:: ::The list seemed endless. Species 8472, Kazon, Krenim, Hierarchy, Malon. There were so many and others that were unknown. He read up on different tactics used by each and how they fought. When it got down and dirty, that information may save his life one day.:: Cain: K'MAARRA, LEFT FLANK! SECOND SQUAD COVER! ::The Caitian leapt up from her firing position from behind a rock and began moving to a rocky outcropping on her left about 50m away. As she ran crouched over, fire rained in from behind her to the enemy position to cover her. She moved with a speed befitting of Caitians, which is why he'd told her to move. Her black fur shook from running. She hit the rocks with her shoulder as she got there and started returning fire. The Hirogen, seeing one of their prey separated from the main body, charged the rock to surround her from both sides. This is what Cain was hoping for.:: Cain: FIRST SQUAD, NOW! ::Cain had placed First Squad up high, on the top of a high ridge that overlooked the rock K'Maarra was behind. As the Hirogen came around, both squads hit in the cross fire. Phaser Rifle beams and Pulse Phaser fire shot in, dropping body after body. Within minutes, the whole enemy force had been killed, bodies surrounding the panting Caitian.:: Cain: Squads, pull it in. ::As the 10 members of his security force started to move towards him, Cain couldn't help but think something was still off about the programming. He come up with these exercises himself after reading the after action reports from Voyager but he didn't think in reality a Hirogen hunting force would just run into an obvious trap. He made a note to check in with someone to see if they could improve on the A.I. of the enemy combatants. However he wasn't going to reveal that to his teams.:: Cain: Good job everyone, although some did get in close enough to K'Maarra to give her a stand up fight. How was it? K'Maarra::Grinning but still breathing heavily.:: Walk in the park sir Cain: Good. Don't let it go to your head though... ::He looked around.::…. and that goes for all of you too. These are basic simulations of the type of enemies we might face out here. I'm sure the real thing will be more of a challenge but its all good practise. ::They all looked half serious but in a good way. Each of them knew it would be harder in reality and looked like they welcomed the challenge. Cain had come to respect the crew he'd been working with and had managed to get past he feeling they were all wrong in some way to actually enjoy their company.:: Cain: Dismissed. Go get cleaned up and keep studying your files. I don't think we are ever going to finish them but keep going at it. Computer, end program. ::They all wandered towards the exit as the environment disappeared to reveal bulk heads and emitters. Some had even made it out the door.:: Computer: Red Alert. All hands to battle stations. ::Cain saw everything darken and a red hue illuminated the corridors out side the tactical Holodeck. The people already out the door jogged back in. He addressed everyone.:: Cain: Ok you know the drill. Lets get armed and ready. This may be the first time this has happened out here but it certainly won be the last. ::As Cain was jogging out with his teams his Comm Badge chirped.:: Fairhug: =/\= Fairhug to Lieutenant Cain and Ensigns Malko and Maro, please hand off any work you are doing to another member of staff and make your way to the Captain's Ready Room. =/\= Cain: =/\= Yes Commander. =/\= ::Cain stopped and K'Maarra stopped with him. He started jogging in the other direction, toward the turbolift. He shouted over his shoulder.:: Cain: Sort them out Ensign. ::She nodded and resumed her course at a faster rate. Cain ran into the turbolift, breathing lightly.:: Cain: Bridge. ::As an after thought, Cain remembered he was holding his rifle. Shrugging he strapped it to his back with the sling he had with it.:: oO Never know, may come in useful Oo ((Bridge, Deck 1, USS Apollo-A)) ::Cain walked onto the Bridge and crossed the vast space to the Captains ready room. Everyone was busy assessing what was going on. Cain nodded to the Commander as he caught his eye and gave him a questioning look. The Commander answered indirectly.:: Fairhug: Ensign D'fini, have a look at the archives. Is there any reason the Hierarchy would have for attacking the Talaxians like this? oO Hierarchy? Really? Not their MO Oo ::He looked over at D'fini and smiled. He always did when he saw her. He hadn't had time to speak to her properly after their initial meeting. He assumed she was busy like himself that he hadn't even thought about it. Still, something about her put him at ease. Cain chimed the door as D'fini answered but didn't take it in. The door immediately opened and Cain stepped into the room. He found the Admiral beyond. The door closed behind him but a second later opened again. Cain groaned inwardly. The annoying Ensign. The Admiral made a gesture towards the sofa and the other two sat down. Cain remained standing. The Rifle on his back would make for an awkward seating position.:: Renos: Something about this stinks and unfortunately, we’re going in blind. So tell me, what do you know about the Hierarchy? Cain: Only what I've read in Voyagers files Sir Malko: In the spirit of honesty, I have only the basic combat training and a hostile rescue situation with Atlantis under my belt - which I don't know if I've fully processed, yet. What did you have in mind for me, Captain? ::Cain kept his face neutral but was groaning again inside. He found himself doing that a lot lately with people in blue collars.:: oO That's it, make your CO doubt you from the off Oo Renos: Mr Malko, I have no doubt about your abilities or your training. I appreciate that it's a difficult mission you’ve gone through. Having only limited data right now, it’s hard to say how our resources will be utilised. Best case scenario, we drive the Hierarchy away before too much damage is done. Worst case scenario we may have to send search and rescue parties to evacuate New Talax. What I do know, is that this is a traumatic event for the Talaxians. There will be people in direct need of your expertise, so tell me now if you feel you may not be able to handle any task that may be required of you. Malko: Response Renos: Very well. For now, let’s focus on the Hierarchy. What else do we know about them? ::Cain spoke first.:: Cain: Nothing beyond Voyagers files. They Micromanage to an extent that if they need to use the head they need to see if its worth their time. A full scale planetary attack is not their style unless there is a massive gain from such an expensive and resource consuming activity. If there is, im surprised no one picked up on their spying before hand as they must have been at it weeks to plan it in such miniscule detail. Maro/Malko: Response ::Renos nodded, thinking the response's through apparently.:: Renos: Well it begs the question - was this a stealth assault gone wrong? Were they uncovered prematurely by the Talaxians? Did they underestimate their target? Or what about an evolution of their tactics? Cain: I would go against an evolution in tactics. A society micromanaged from the top has people that will not want to give that up. If this is a genuine attack, this is still going to have been weighed and measured by these top guys and the Talaxians may be in a lot more trouble than we realise. Renos: Then perhaps it was desperation. Does anyone have any theories about why they might be attacking or what they may be after? Malko/Maro: Response Cain: Or maybe they are moving out this way because something worse is on the other side of their territory.
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    John exited the turbolift, into the bustle of the promenade. He was 32 years old, standing at 183 centimeters tall. His hair was cut in a short buzzcut, and he was muscular. If anything, he looked more like a Marine then Starfleet. This was in fact true. He had exchanged his Marine uniform for a Starfleet one, wanting a change of pace. He had chosen the medical field because of a desire to heal, as opposed to hurt people. Straightening his uniform, he headed left, towards one of the large viewports. Having some time to kill, he looked out at space, and the various starships that were docked at the starbase. Sensing someone approach him, John turned around to see his old sergeant, sgt. Johnson standing there."Sarge..." He simply said as he nodded to him. "John!" He exclaimed with a chuckle."I didn't believe it untill now. Joining starfleet...."He shook his head."And the medical field no less....Damn. Don't have the stomach for combat anymore eh?" He said laughing. John simply stood there, listening to the insulting remark."Sarge....shut up, and leave me alone.." he said after a while, his eyed smoldering. "My decision is made. I want to save lives, not destroy them. Not anymore. Not after..." He fell silent, and turned to the window once again, ignoring his old sarge. Deep in thought, John didn't even notice his sarge had left untill his combadge chirped. "Cadet Williams, report to holodeck 23 for your training." "Acknowledged." He said, before heading that way."Semper fi.." he muttered as he headed there, to his new life.
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    Hey everyone! I am Jan-Willem, 32, from the Netherlands. I'm married and have two wonderfull daughters, a two year old and a three month old. Been a long time star trek fan, and i work in the military police. Glad to meet y'all, and see you out there! J-W
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    HAVLEY’S HOPE – On this marginally M-class planet, where life is difficult and luxury nearly non-existent, the Veritas has been sent to investigate reports of missing teams of miners. The colony at Havley’s Hope reported that several mining teams had gone missing beneath the surface of their planet, and the Colonial Coalition Marshals requested the assistance of the USS Veritas (NCC-95035) to look for them. Detective Sidney Ripley, a Coalition Marshals investigator, joined forces with those of the USS Veritas to investigate the whereabouts of the missing miners. Due to the amount of ground to cover, multiple teams from the starship’s complement were assigned to work in the surface, either in direct searches or in interviewing those who might’ve seen the miners before their disappearance. These teams were lead by Commanders Mei’konda Delano, Evan Delano, and Lieutenant Commander Lael Rosek. The Veritas crew indicated that progress was being made in the search, and that something unexpected may have happened on the planet: first contact with a new species. A troubling piece of news also indicated that one of the Veritas’ away teams had gone missing, but there has been renewed hope in their recovery. “At first, we thought we’d actually lost a team during transport,” said Crewman First Class Karen Queens, one of the ship’s transporter room operators. “But we’ve started getting signals from them again, and we’re looking into how exactly we’ll need to go about getting them back on board.” Written by Mei’konda The post USS Veritas investigates missing miners on Havley’s Hope appeared first on UFOP: StarBase 118 Star Trek RPG. View the full article
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