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    Hi all, My real name is Allan (character name is Jori Nyseth). And I'm from Edinburgh, Scotland. I discovered Starbase 118 on Reddit. Now I am sort of unemployed at the moment. But I'm going back to being a pensions administer shortly (next month) for a major European Pension Company having been a Team Manager at a well-known British bank for the last few years. I used to watch Star Trek TNG and Voyager when I was young but since Star Trek came on Netflix, I've became a massive fan of Deep Space Nine (and I love Disco, sorry I don't understand all the hate.) I was a bit of a wildchild in college and plan on basing my character on the person I was then, only pansexual. Trying to be serious and be taken serious. Anyway, I'm looking forward to taking part on this wonderful platform. Thank you for reading.
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    The “Lower Decks” interview series is meant to highlight the newer members of our community. Named after the infamous episode of The Next Generation, this segment helps the fleet learn more about the new blood we bring into our community. Today’s interview is with Ensign Emilia Krugol, a joint security/tactical officer aboard the starship Gorkon. SHAYNE: Thank you for sitting down with me today! Why don’t we start off with a little about the mind behind Krugol. Where in the world do you hail from? KRUGOL: Thank you so much for having me! I’m currently a student living in the suburban outskirts of Melbourne Australia. I’m studying in my eleventh year of schooling, and I’m about a year and a half away from graduating and going to university. Outside of schooling, I’m an on and off artist and an ameteur dressmaker, that specialises in costume making. Both security and tactical positions are highly sought after amongst new recruits especially, for a variety of different reasons. What drew you to the role? When I did my training, I was stuck between the sciences or security, since I’m quite a fan of both roles, it was quite a difficult decision to make. But eventually, I settled for security. I wanted explore how someone as a security officer dealt with being responsible for the welfare of an entire away team, or even an entire ship. I wanted to investigate how conflict and the fate of her fellow crewmates could affect a demure and gentle character like Krugol. I also just really love writing about elaborate fight scenes. Holding two officer positions at once is not uncommon in the fleet, but it does pose some interesting challenges and opportunities. How are you finding that? I’m finding it very interesting. Holding two positions allows me to expand Krugol beyond that of a classic “Red Shirt”. It gives me a bit more space as a writer to make tactical decisions in the heat of a battle, as well as have some competence with technology, allowing Krugol to be less of a liability in technological based challenges that the crew/away team may face. Although, sometimes i do run out of ideas during an intense moment. It seems that every writer has a process for creating sims and developing a character. How do you go about crafting your writing? As a theatre student, I use elements of method acting when it comes to writing. I tend to ‘get into character’ so to speak and channel those feelings into my writing. I feel that it makes my writing much more authentic and believable if I’m incorporating realistic feelings into a piece, and allows me to express myself a little better through writing. I also like to play music appropriate for the overall mood of a sim, which makes the experience a little more immersive for me as a writer. Do you personally have aspirations in the fleet? Are there any OOC activities you’re associated with, or any you’d like to join? I’m currently not associated with any OOC activities. But I would be interested in joining the Advanced Starship Design Bureau, the FNS or even the Writing Improvement Team. I’d love to get more involved in the community OOC. What’s your favorite part about simming? It would have to be how immersive the whole experience is. In a way, Simming is a lot like acting, which allows me to explore parts of myself I’ve never even had the chance to touch on irl, not to mention, most of the time I feel like I’m actually acting in a Star Trek episode. Simming also gives me an opportunity to talk, and socialize to those with similar interests. Which leads to some really fun, and or interesting conversations with the fleet. If you could tell an incoming ensign one thing, what would it be? I guess I’d have to say, have fun! Be yourself! It’s a good community we’ve got here, full of amazing people. Even if you don’t fit in right away, just give it a little bit of time and you’ll feel right at home in a snap. Thank you very much for your time, Ensign! You can learn more about Ens. Krugol on the wiki. The post Lower Decks Interview with Ensign Emilia Krugol appeared first on UFOP: StarBase 118 Star Trek RPG. View the full article
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    Well the unicorn is our National animal. And I'll be happy to interact with her about Scotland, our culture, history and future. I plan on using my own childhood with my character. In terms of religion and Scottish independence.
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    Any reason we can't convince you to give Play By Email a try? We've been running for nearly 25 years now, so we like to think we have Star Trek simming figured out pretty well!
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    “Party Time!” As I fell off the transport drunk, I knew where I was meant to be heading. Straight for the Dungeon and straight to The Playhouse. I’ve been told all about it. The music, the laughter, the people and the drink. I should be getting ready for my first day of the training program. But I’m still on party mood. I’m just back from my honeymoon from the beautiful Risa after my wedding to my husband, Thavan. A random Andorian guy I met on Deep Space Nine. I was drunk. And I thought he was Trill. And he thought I was a woman and human. I have long golden hair, skinny legs and quite femininity features, plus I was going through my Scottish phase. With a lovely kilt. I don’t know why I married him. It was just something to do. After four long years of the Academy, I needed to let my hair down. They are all so serious. It was like the Bajoran Militia, but without all the pah nonsense. But now I need to be serious. I want to a captain in a few years. I managed to make it up second lieutenant back in Bajor until they discovered my secret. But the jazz was calling and the Bushmills whisky. Just one more night. Just one more night of fun. I have to, I’m divorcing my husband. Well I’ll never see him again. As I entered The Playhouse, The Monty Alexander Trio were playing. Oh sweet lord, so many memories. I went over to the bar. And of course there is a Ferengi barman, and he is eying me up. I wonder if he will notice I don’t have any boobs. “What will it be?” “Bushmills please, on ice.” “We don’t do that.” “Nonsense, Jamieson’s then. Though this was a Jazz Bar?” “We only have Scotch, Jonny Walker?” “It will have to do.” “And we have a five drink minimum.” “Well line them up barkeep, I have an eleven drink minimum.” “Eleven, why the odd number?” “I’m odd.” And then, the most beautiful thing I have ever seen walks in. She was quite short, black hair, black eyes and the whitest skin. “Who is the pretty lady?” I asked “That’s Aitas. Lt Commander Aitas of the USS Narendra…” “Well I know which ship I’ll be hoping to serve in…” “And she is Vulcan.” “Well I’m out, I dislike Vulcans. Too too too…” “Logical?” “Yes logical. Talking about logic, another 6 shots of Jonny Walker please barkeep. And I better head off.” As he poured the whiskey, the holographic Baden Powell played Canto De Ossanha as I dreamed the next chapter in my life… Name: Jori Nyseth Age: 29 Height: 182 cms (6’0) Weight: 200 ibs (91 kgs) Gender: Male Species: Bajoran Married.
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    Here’s to the Columbia! And her maiden voyage with Captain Whittaker 🍺
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