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    This is your last shot to nominate someone for an award in the upcoming 2018 Awards Ceremony. It only takes a couple minutes, so don’t leave it to anyone else to make a nomination happen. Here’s how: 1. Figure out who you want to nominate – Consider anyone on your crew who’s made you laugh, smile, or cry with a sim, or who has helped you be a better simmer through OOC mentoring. Don’t forget about your ship’s staff, who work hard all year long to make sure things go smoothly! 2. Check the Hall of Honor – Use this list to make sure the person you want to nominate hasn’t received the award before. 3. Open the award nomination form – The form will guide you through each step in the process. Want to learn what a good nomination looks like? Check out this collection of past winning nominations. Now’s not the time to be timid! There’s no penalty for submitting a nomination that doesn’t win, so why not make sure you’re nominating everyone whose work or help you enjoyed or appreciated? Nominations close at 11:59pm Pacific today (Monday, June 11). HUGE thanks to everyone who’s taken part in this process so far. The time you’ve spent putting in nominations has been noticed and appreciated. Your consideration will help all the people who deserve awards to be recognized! The post Award nominations closing today for 2018 ceremony appeared first on UFOP: StarBase 118 Star Trek RPG. View the full article
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