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    I haven't even had a chance to read it and I know it's gonna be awesome.
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    But...but....ok Fiiiiiine. Buzzkill.
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    Damnnnnnn, Aitas doesn't play. I'd hate to see what she thinks about ol' scarface.
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    Dempok: I do not know what Gods you worship, but should we fail, you and your crew will be welcomed to Sto'vo'kor as Warriors and the bond between our great Empires will be reforged in iron by blood. Today is a good day to die, Captain. Oh good. If all else fails, we can go to Klingon heaven.
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    We are livin' the Klingon dream...
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    There's my weird sense of humor kicking up again.
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    Yes. "Oh, did you have plans, ensign?" Del, Haresh, Belasi, and Thomas send their condolences to Ryan.
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    T'Lea when she learns of this news!
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    Who says you're not going to get that chance soon? Rahman's just been asked to get a museum ship back up and running in a month, and T'Lea is a historian, isn't she?
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    It's a shame we never got to sim something between Rahman and T'Lea, Rich. I think it would have been interesting to see how that developed over time. These are great lines!
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