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    King: ::Hopeful:: Undalar is a nice resort town on your homeworld of Vulcan, correct? ::beat:: Maybe we can make a ship-wide picnic of it!
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    This reminds me of Julian Bashir's speech about why he chose DS9 in 'Emissary' (I think).
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    ...and "rockin' " a different look at the Junior-Officer's After-Party ...
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    Ensign MacPherson, looking suitably uncomfortable around Fleet Uppity-ups ...
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    http://kotaku.com/star-trek-bridge-crew-puts-four-players-in-charge-of-a-1781824398 Coming (hopefully) this fall, more details to premiere during E3. Might have to actually invest in VR equipment for this one!
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    I remember that. The cliff hangers drove me up the wall. I saw it and went "Auughhhhh!!! Gotta be kidding me!!!".
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    Awesome! I really like this guy.
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    This Rodulan cracked out the "normal" eye contacts just for the occasion.
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    It's actually surprisingly difficult to find a picture of Joseph's avatar NOT wearing a suit and tie, so he'll be sporting something a little different... Meanwhile, Rahman managed to find an asymmetrical dress to cover her scarred left arm... She'll be attending the awards with her "daughter from another reality," Taz:
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