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  1. I hope it follows Canon and does a good job with character development and a plot. Special effects are nice, but you can see that in any summer blockbuster. BOOM...BANG...LENS FLARE!. Give me story and I will find $6 month for star Trek.
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  2. What else to say but https://youtu.be/mNU3aIJs88g
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  3. That was amazing, Nira! I really enjoyed reading it. I hope you enjoy training and simming as much - I look forward to seeing you on the other side! :-D
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  4. Nira slowly wiggled her toes in the damp sand, allowing it to fill in the gaps between them, drawing a slow and deep breath in anticipation of the gentle waves of the ocean. She closed her eyes as the sounds of the beach filled her ears, drowning her thoughts and anxiety. The space of a few seconds felt like hours, like time itself had stopped for a brief moment. She would miss the beaches. The gentle wave quickly rushed over feet and ankles, before receding again into the endless sea in front of her, its energy slightly burying her feet onto the fine white sand. She could almost feel the tiny
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