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  1. Roay arrived to the station whole day before Tya, hired the apartment and after preparing everything for his next expedition, went to the quarters and arranged everything to the likings of his future wife to be. He couldn’t say he loves Tya as he should, but he definitely could feel the connection. They were chosen because they fit together and he knew that no matter where his life takes him and where her life takes her, they will be husband and wife when the time for them to settle down comes. The room was full of lowers, he chose scent of the room to resemble the woods of their home distri
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  2. Talia Kaji glanced at the clock on the wall. She had arrived two hours early and decided to camp out in the hall near the holodeck. Her tendency to get lost made her wary of exploring the station. Propping her 72-hour-bag against the wall and leaning against it herself, she closed her eyes and focused on her mental shield. Four years at the Academy had certainly helped train her to block out the thoughts of others, but stress made it difficult to concentrate. "Hey, cutie!" The voice broke through her concentration. Kaji opened her eyes and glanced over at the flirty ensign passing by.
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