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  2. A very "formal" Wil rocking up in typical red carpet attire - jacket, casual pants and a back to front Bowie t-shirt.
  3. Pure poetry from our esteemed captain @Kali Nicholotti. The combination of rich metaphors and the character's personal history woven effortlessly into the narrative made this delightful to read. Cheers, Cap'n! ((Bridge, USS Resolution)) Nicholotti: Engage thrusters, and make for the stars. The stars. In the root of all of her dreams, the stars had been central. No matter what collar she wore, or what role she filled, the dark Cimmerian shade of an endless night, accentuated by the pin[...]s of immolation, were the resounding v
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  5. Raga is looking fierce as ever. (Hide your tables and doors. If you know. You know. :P)
  6. I'm so glad someone dropped this quote in. I read it on my phone and didn't wan't to try and mess with formatting like that. Worth quoting simply for the awesome reference!
  7. ATURN VI — On the Golden Feather, the ship of the DaiMon Kaybay, who attempted to assert his dominance and ownership of the planet, was the missing team from the USS Juneau (NX-99801). The team comprised officers LtCmdr. T’Lea, Lt. JG Rel Cassi and Ens. John Kendrick. The crew still on the Juneau began preparations for what may become a space battle with a board action preemptively strike at the Golden Feather’s computer systems, by introducing adjustments to the lightning and gravity on several decks as a distraction effort. Meanwhile, on the surface of Aturn VII Major Kiran Han, Ensign D
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  9. Here's the Galaxy's Okayest Klingon rocking some very formal attire It's not a skant. Shhhhh! Not seen - He's wearing a shark tooth pendant under his shirt.
  10. Our Aurelian Ensign @Dekas getting a bit tipsy there :D. I absolutely loved this little exchange between him and Commander Williams. It was another difficult day at work yesterday, but reading this SIM during lunch break made me smile and forget my worries for a moment. Great job!
  11. PARIS, EARTH – The Federation’s hopes for expansion into the galactic west, suffered a major setback this week as the Smort rejected its offer of membership. Speaking from the steps of the Palais de la Concorde in Paris, Maaah, the head of the Smort diplomatic team, explained the decision by stating simply, ‘The Federation smells boring.’ The rejection comes nearly three years after the two governments first opened accession negotiations and puts an end to several interim cooperative measures meant to prepare both sides for the non-aligned polity to join the Federation. “We are disappointed
  12. STARBASE 118 OPS — After years of fighting in the shadows, the Cult of Molor made a decisive strike against both the Klingon Empire and Starfleet, only to lose in the final hour. Our sources reveal that during the trial on Qo’nos, a secret undercover team transported to the planet to lead a definitive strike against the Cult and release several hostages in their clutches. According to the reports, Marine Captain Anthony Meeks suffered injuries immediately after and returned to a Klingon ship appropriated for the mission. Two others replaced him, a counselor, and a science officer. Lieutenant
  13. Phew, what a rush! The nominations period for the 2021 Awards 25th Anniversary event is now closed! Thank you to everyone who submitted a nomination, to everyone who thought about doing it and couldn’t quite find the words, and even to those who didn’t even think about it. It’s a great time of year to be celebrating the ‘Fleet achievements and what we’ve all accomplished in a revolution around the sun. Right now, our awards facilitators and award committee are preparing behind the scenes for the events to unfold later on in the month. Keep an eye on the clock and one hand on your watch, for
  14. Oh you're too kind! Really it was working off @Yalu's excellent original post (which I also see you've appreciated)
  15. There really are no words to describe just how moving and beautifully written this piece is. @Genkos Adea is one of my favourite writers in this fleet and this is why! -- ((The Surface, Briar Patch Planet of the Skarn)) Gabbro observed the curious, elderly Romulan walk towards them. They’d heard some of the flow in the odd uniforms talk about the man as a “Romulan”. They assumed that this was the man’s flow’s name, in the same way Gabbro’s flow was called the Skarn. They could feel the elder’s mind feeling at peace, and in response, they dropped all the rocks from their l
  16. Utterly stunning and captivating, this is the culmination of an incredibly well written and moving arc! -- (( Boarding Ramp, Deck 8, USS Resolution )) One hundred and eighty some-odd years, dozens of covert operations, decades of training and education, none of it could prepare the old man for the steps he was now about to take. It was nice of the Starfleet people to prepare him a pack with some supplies. Extra rations and thermal blankets were thoughtful, but somehow, Ferzdy didn’t think he’d need them. There were crews working like bees all around him, mostly Federation
  17. The writing talent on display here is on a whole other level. Beautifully written and emotionally affecting. @Meidra Sirin, you've really outdone yourself here! 😍 -- ((Meidra’s quarters, Deck Four, USS Resolution)) Meidra and Mya did not say much as they walked through the corridors to her office. The ship seemed quiet even with the people rushing around doing their tasks. Occasionally, the girl would hum one of the melodies Meidra recognized from Carolyn’s music file, but she didn't speak. Meidra remembered being a bit lost when her father disappeared, and wouldn’t push
  18. “The heart is an arrow. It demands aim to land true.” – Leigh Bardugo, Six of Crows The USS Arrow was first launched on Stardate 239706 (June of 2020) under the command of then Commander, now Captain Randal Shayne. A saber class vessel, she saw extensive combat during the Dominion War, and her scarred surface still shows evidence of those horrific conflicts. Today we are joined by Captain Shayne as well as Lieutenant JG Lase Ander, Lieutenant JG Regan Wilde, and Lt. Commander Quentin Collins to tell us more about this storied vessel. DeVeau: Thank you for joining us. Can you please st
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