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  2. New Academy Graduates

    Please welcome our newest Academy graduates to the UFOP: StarBase 118 fleet: Jacob Horne, Dallas Wolf, and Ezaya K’Ghim! The post New Academy Graduates appeared first on UFOP: StarBase 118 Star Trek RPG. View the full article
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  4. De nobis fabula narratur: The Magna Romans

    De nobis fabula narratur: The Magna Romans In the year 2268, the USS Enterprise landed on an M-Class planet, 892-IV, in search of the SS Beagle, a missing survey vessel. The crew found a pre-warp, pre-atomic species with technology and a civilization closely matching 20th-century Terrans. “An amazing example of Hodgkins’s law of Parallel Planet Development,” Captain James T. Kirk logged. “But on this Earth, Rome never fell. A world ruled by emperors who can trace their line back two thousand years to their own Julius and Augustus Caesars.” At the time of first contact, Magna Roma, as it would later be referred to, was controlled by the Magna Roman Empire, a society of conspicuous consumption with heavily industrialized economy and a hierarchical system of rule that relied on a reformed slave system. Slavery had survived for millennia by giving slaves rights under the law such as the right to medicine and old-age pension. Holdovers from the worship of Roman gods made their way into contemporary products, like Mars toothpaste, Neptune bath salts or the Jupiter Eight model conventional internal combustion engine automobile. Popular, televised gladiator matches dominated the imagination of the warrior people. Those convicted of a major crime were sentenced to fight in these matches in arenas, in truth television studios, with sponsored contests where viewers could name the winner. Executions were also televised. A contributing factor to changes in Magna Roman society was credited to the Children of the Son, a religion based around a messianic figure who preached “words of peace and freedom.” This became a rallying point of Senators and slaves alike. By the 24th century, the empire had been replaced with the Republic of Magna Roma, and the Magna Romans had been accepted into the United Federation of Planets. While maintaining no military space fleet, they began to contribute an exceptional number of personnel to Starfleet and the Marine Corp. The Magna Roma were gifted the Constitution-class USS Farragut upon its decommissioning, and they renamed it the USS Centurion, a floating museum and training facility. Ships headed by Magna Roman officers have participated in battles with the Borg and were actively engaged during Dominion War. Read more about this species on the Wiki or on Memory Alpha! The post De nobis fabula narratur: The Magna Romans appeared first on UFOP: StarBase 118 Star Trek RPG. View the full article
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  6. Three ways you can help the fleet grow

    “How can I help the fleet?” As Facilitator of the Publicity Team, I get this question a lot. And there’s no doubt in my mind that the dedication and love of our members – expressed in questions like this – is what has kept our fleet going for more than 23 years now. So here’s a few quick things that everyone can do to help: Share our posts on Facebook and Twitter Have you been to our Facebook or Twitter pages? We post a lot of content from around the Star Trek world and from our own community. When you see something you like, be sure to click the Like button and – if you’re so inclined – share it or retweet it. Blog about us and share your experience Do you run a blog? Or maybe a Tumblr? Linking back to us with a review of our community, and the game, can have a noticeable impact on our rankings in search engines. Shoot for 400-800 words about your experience. You can talk about how you found us, why you joined, what it was like to start training, and how you’re enjoying your ship. Not only will your post help others find us, but it will validate our community in their eyes when it comes from a personal review! Tell your friends and family about us Word of mouth is one of the most powerful forms of advertising and one that should not be ignored. You, in person, telling people about our community will inspire and get them curious about what goes on here. Have fun conversing about Star Trek and how you solved an engineering problem aboard your ship or discovered a new form of life. Being able to show your enthusiasm makes it contagious and hard to resist! Can I do more? Yes! UFOP: Starbase 118 Star Trek PBEM RPG has a Publicity Team dedicated to helping new members find our community. Join the team by reaching out and volunteering on our forums. The post Three ways you can help the fleet grow appeared first on UFOP: StarBase 118 Star Trek RPG. View the full article
  7. The Podcast Team is proud to present the third podcast of 2394, titled: Starbase 118 — Past, Present, and Future Highlights of this edition include: Welcome new Academy graduates to the fleet – read by Kelrod 22nd Annual Awards Ceremony – read by Kelrod The History of 118, the present, and some hope going forward Exclusive interview with Captain Selene Faranfey of the USS Athena Dramatic reading of a 2016 Top Sim: “Lt. Cmdrs. T’Lea and Rune Jolara: Defying a Direct Order” – read by Alora DeVeau An article on the importance of OOC and IC development – written by Sabrina Holly and read by Lael Rosek Fleet announcements – read by Lael Rosek Click here to listen to this podcast on YouTube. The post New podcast: SB118 Past, present, and future! appeared first on UFOP: StarBase 118 Star Trek RPG. View the full article
  8. Polling closes at 11:59pm Pacific on Friday, September 15. This is a run-off poll, where our general membership (that's you!) chooses which sim, from Set 3 of 2017 (Rounds 14-20), should proceed to the final round of the contest for a chance to be selected as the Top Sim of 2017! These sims below were chosen by a panel of judges (one from each ship) from the sims submitted in Rounds 14-20 of the contest. TO START, please read these sims: Round 14: Quinn Reynolds, "A Walk On the Shore" Round 15: F.J. Hawkins and Lan Riel, "Labyrinth Of Secrets" Round 16: Taelon, "Next You'll Tell Me They're Radioactive" Round 17: Choi Ji-hu and Colleen Bancroft, "Flashback: A Brief Hacking Diversion" Round 18: Tenaka, "Dreams are but windows to the Future" Round 19: T'Lea and Della Vetri, "Seven Year Itch" Round 20: Della Vetri, "Taking Time for a Good Start" NEXT, using the poll above, vote for the sim you like the most. It should be the sim that's the best written, with strong characterization, and evocative or descriptive scene-setting. DON'T vote for a sim just because you serve on the same crew as the person who wrote it. Any crew that "stuffs the ballot" (by having everyone on the crew vote for the same sim to ensure that it wins this poll) will be eliminated from the contest and shamed by the rest of the community as terrible, terrible cheaters. That would be awful. Good luck to the nominees!
  9. It’s not easy being the captain. Managing the safety of one’s ship, and seeing to the success of important missions without fail is a most trying task. Each decision carries the potential for disaster, and a captain on the fringes of known space must rely on his or her experience and training. However, Star Trek has shown us multiple instances where venerated Starfleet captains have made questionable choices and command decisions. On most occasions, these unusual choices take place in the shadow of desperate circumstances, where lives, planets, even entire civilizations hang in the balance. Examples include Ben Sisko’s three man conspiracy to rid the Romulan Empire of one of its senators, in order to bring them into the war, and Jonathan Archer’s blatant piracy of a warp coil from an innocent and uninvolved vessel. One of the most famous, and controversial decisions ever made in Star Trek, however, is Kathryn Janeway’s alliance with the Borg. In an attempt to make it past Borg space unharmed, Janeway proposes a temporary ceasefire with the Borg, who are locked in a brutal and failing war against interdimensional beings known as Species 8472. Janeway offers the desperate Collective help to defeat their seemingly invincible enemy, despite being fully aware of the consequences that would ensue from supporting the Borg. Many have criticized this course of action harshly, and most Trek fans seem to be in agreement, but there are two sides to every coin. This week’s poll asks you to place yourself in Janeway’s situation. Do you agree with her decision? Given the same circumstances, would you do the same thing? Why or why not? Give us your vote, and explain your reasoning on the forums! The post Poll of the Week: An Alliance with the Borg?! appeared first on UFOP: StarBase 118 Star Trek RPG. View the full article
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  11. Witty Wordsmith: How to Avoid Burnout

    “I don’t know what to do next in the story.” “I have writer’s block.” “I’m just not interested in my character anymore.” Have you ever gotten these feelings? Have you had a hard time connecting to the story and the game? Burnout is a natural pitfall of any hobby, especially creative ones. It happens to everyone at some point in their simming career. But there are some tricks to enjoying the game long term, and to rebound from feelings of burnout without quitting the game for long spans of time. At base, burnout is when you don’t know what to do next with your character. This could be because you can’t think of what actions to take next or could be due to a feeling of disconnection from the character where you don’t care about what happens. Either way, the longer it goes on the more likely you’ll stop having fun with the game. So how do you stop this from happening and turn it around? The first step is to evaluate how many scenes you’re currently playing. Are you playing more than just your character, taking on NPC roles or even playing on more than one ship? Consider that you always need time to think about and process the story that you’re participating in to enjoy it and be able to affect it. There’s no need to stretch yourself thin when you’re starting to feel burnout. See if you can talk with your CO or ship’s staff to focus only on your PC if you think you’re stretching yourself over too many scenes and always take some downtime to read and think about what’s going on in the plot before you write. If you’ve already evaluated your commitment and you’re still having trouble connecting with your character there’s a few things you can try. These mental exercises help you reconnect with the reasons you created your character in the first place and give you a plan for how you can return to writing about that character in a way you love. Star by asking yourself why you wanted to play this character when you first created them. Sometimes characters can get pushed around by the overall plot, changing in ways we never expected. While this can bring some great drama to our writing, sometimes we lose the reason we loved the character in the first place. Go back to when you created this character and pick out the important reasons on why you wanted to play them. Did the character originally have similarities to you the player that you enjoyed? Did you have plans for character development that never got realized? What made the character special to you? Answering these questions can help direct where and how you want to move forward with the character. This is especially important if you feel disconnected after a big change in the story line – it can help you focus on what really makes you happy writing about. Another exercise you can try is to describe your character as if you were trying to explain that character to someone who had never heard of SB118 before. When you try to describe something for an outsider you naturally tend to emphasize what is most important to you about that character. If you can’t immediately think of why you loved your character when you created them, then try this exercise to let the important aspects of that character naturally bubble up. The last exercise you can try is to write a sim where you the player have a conversation with your character. You could do this in your head or on paper. If you could talk to your character what would you ask? What would they say? This is a great way to get your brain thinking about the character and making connections with them. If you try these exercises and you still find yourself suffering burnout, the best advice is to talk to your ship’s staff. They can help you take a break or integrate a new character that you’ll be happier playing. Remember that talking through burnout helps get you over it faster and that everyone has struggled with this issue. Fellow players will be happy to help you overcome it! The post Witty Wordsmith: How to Avoid Burnout appeared first on UFOP: StarBase 118 Star Trek RPG. View the full article
  12. Just got my new assignment to the USS Constitution-B! Can't wait to start working with my new crew.

  13. New Academy Graduate

    Please welcome our newest Academy graduate to the UFOP: StarBase 118 fleet: T’Naa Cicoone! The post New Academy Graduate appeared first on UFOP: StarBase 118 Star Trek RPG. View the full article
  14. Join us today for the August fleetwide chat

    Join us in the chat room today (Sunday, August 13) for our monthly OOC chat starting at 10am Pacific / 1pm Eastern / 6pm London / 3am+1 Sydney (AUS). See your timezone here. This month is a casual chat featuring stories from around the fleet and a chance to get to know new members! Click here to launch the chat room now: https://discord.gg/kVbfqdR The post Join us today for the August fleetwide chat appeared first on UFOP: StarBase 118 Star Trek RPG. View the full article
  15. ((USS Gorkon – Deck 7 – Sickbay)) :: Mek'Tuk swaggered into sickbay with a wide grin. The swagger was nothing new and the grin was often common but it had been a permanent feature since he'd received his orders to join the Gorkon. This was the third ship that he'd served on since leaving the Empire and joining Starfleet and it was by far the most powerful and, perhaps more importantly, it had an excellent name.:: ::His previous assignments were on the USS Salem and USS Des Moines. He'd joined the Salem as a member of its SAR - Search & Rescue – team before transferring to the Des Moines as a Ranger medic. Initially, Mek'Tuk had been dismayed when he joined his first ship and discovered that it was an Ambassador class. Mek'Tuk was a warrior and wanted nothing to do with Ambassador's or their private vessels, so it had come as a pleasant surprise when he was informed that the class was actually a Heavy Cruiser. It was certainly old but it was still strong and powerful, befitting his presence. He'd seen far older birds-of-prey service the Klingon Houses to deadly effect.:: ::He'd enjoyed his time on the Salem so much that when it came time for a new assignment he had requested a transfer to her sister ship, the USS Des Moines. It just so happened that the Des Moines held a platoon of Starfleet Rangers who here short a medic, and as Mek'Tul was trained as both healer and warrior he was a perfect fit. He considered himself truly favored by the ancestors.:: ::Now he had again been assigned as a Ranger as its Medic, but this time on the USS Gorkon. Mek'Tuk's It was this news that had given birth to his wide grin.:: :: Often Starfleet had a strange fascination with giving its ships weak names. Why would anyone name a ship, for example, Stargazer? Who wanted to spend there entire time aboard ship gazing at stars? Even for Starfleet, there must be a limit to such fruitless endeavors. Then there was the Enterprise and while every Klingon respected the name, even those who had fought the vessel, the respect was due to the reputation. They respected the fighting spirit of Kirk, the sacrifice of Garratt and the honor Picard. They did not respect the meaning of the name. As far as Mek'Tul could figure out the name's meaning had something to do with a monopoly of business, like it should be crewed by Ferengi.:: ::But with the Gorkon, Starfleet had gotten it right. It was a magnificent name, taken from the Klingon battle fleet commander and later Chancellor who had brokered alliance between the Federation and Empire, only fitting that Mek'Tul serve on her. When Mek'tul had gotten an opportunity to see the ship class his grin had widened to the point that his face barely contained it. It was a Sovereign-class battle cruiser… officially Starfleet called it an Explorer, but Mek'Tul was no fool and in a Klingon fleet it would have been listed as a Battle Cruiser. It was the prestige of his new assignment that caused Mek'Tul to be in such high spirits when he entered the sickbay. However, he did not get far before he was confronted by a member of the medical team.:: EMH: Please state the nature of the medical emergency? :: The doctor looked at Mek'Tul and not seeing any injury, suggested.:: EMH: Are you here for a physical? :: Mek'Tul chuckled.:: Mek'Tul: Indeed Doctor, I'm ready for my physical! :: He announced loudly.:: Shall I disrobe here or in your private quarters? :: Mek'Tul tugged at his belt for effect and the human blanched.:: EMH: Private quarters? I am a doctor, not a cheap date! :: Mek'Tul Roared in laughter.:: Mek'Tul: Of course not! There will be blood wine first! :: The Human took a step back.:: EMH: First, No alcohol is permitted aboard the USS Gorkon. Secondly, I am the ship's Emergency Medical Hologram and I do not have personal quarters. :: Another step back.:: If you are not injured I must insist that you leave. Mek'Tul: Hologram? No alcohol? What kind of Klingon ship is this? EMH: The USS Gorkon NCC-82293, is a Federation Starship under the command of Fleet Captain Quinn Reynolds. The nearest Klingon vessel is two light years in that direction. :: The EMH pointed his finger in the direction of the sickbay exit. Mek'Tul shook his head in resignation, Starfleet continued to be a very strange place.:: Mek'Tul: It would not be called a battle if it was easy.:: Mek'Tul said philosophically with a shrug to the confusion for the hologram.:: I am not here for a physical, phantom of the lower deck. I am due to report to the Chief Medical Officer. :: He reached for a Padd and handed it to the hologram.:: Mek'Tul: I am Petty Officer 3rd class Mek'Tul, Son of Kortok, House of Tenalor. I am a Ranger Medic and when not on duty with the 451st, sickbay nurse. EMH: Sickbay Nurse? :: The hologram looked at the Padd with a look of shock.:: Mek'Tul: Indeed, Siren of the Sickbay. Now, where is the Chief Medical Officer? EMH: The position of Chief Medical Officer is currently vacant. :: Mek'Tul frowned. He withdrew his Mek'leth blade from its holster and scratched his ridges with it.:: Mek'Tul: Who activated you? EMH: You can't have a sword in the sickbay! :: Mek'Tul stopped scratching his ridges and looked at the hologram in confusion.:: Mek'Tul: Sword? Do you mean my Mek'leth? It's fine, consider it my scalpel. I am Nurse but, I am a Ranger Medic first. EMH: Scalpel? You can NOT perform surgery with THAT. Mek'Tul: What is the alternative? A Bet'leth? :: Mek'Tul scoffed.:: Don't be ridiculous, the balance would be all wrong. :: Mek'Tul place the blade back in its holster.:: Now, who activated you, Poltergeist of Deck Seven? EMH: Ensign Yiggtissi activated me. Mek'Tul: I assume Ensign Yiggtissi is a member of the medical team? :: The EMH nodded.:: Mek'Tul: And where would the brave Ensign be now? EMH: I am a Doctor, not a secretary. :: Mek'Tul squinted his eye's, showing anger for the first time.:: Mek'Tul: Have you considered a career change to intelligence. :: The EMH huffed at that.:: EMH: I believe he is on the Bridge with Ensign Wakefield, another member of the ship's medical team. :: Mek'Tul hummed and looked around the empty sickbay. Clearly, most of the staff were on leave or off duty.:: Mek'Tul: Very well. I shall return at a more convenient time. :: Mek'Tul turned to leave.:: EMH: Wait. :: Mek'Tul turned back with a raised eyebrow.:: EMH: Could you deactivate me? :: Mek'Tul nodded firmly.:: Mek'Tul: I could. :: With that, Mek'Tul turned and exited the Sickbay. Leaving the sulking Hologram behind him.:: =/\= PNCP Petty Officer 3rd Class Mek'Tul 451st Ranger Medic USS Gorkon Simmed by Ensign Sera zh' Aella Engineering Officer USS Gorkon V239107TZ0
  16. Poll of the Week: Mutiny in the holodeck

    You are the captain of a starship and, while walking through the corridors, you hear a ruckus coming from the holodeck. As you apporoach, you find a couple of engineers trying to reason with a mob, varied in all shapes, species, genders, clothes and ages. And very angry. After trying to understand what was going on, you finally get an odd explanation: These holodeck characters, even though they are not supposedly self-aware, are requesting rights to control the holodeck – who appears or disappears and what their environment is. The engineers look at you for what to do. The characters have taken control of the holodeck, but it could be forcibly deactivated from the outside. Do these characters have rights? Should they be listened to? Your decision could have far-reaching consequences for holograms and Starfleet personnel – what will you do? This is a new question from our category Morals of Trek, where you are in the shoes of a Starfleet Captain facing a dilemma any of our favorite characters could have faced in Star Trek. If your crew has faced any such dilemmas and you want to see it featured in a Poll of the Week, let us know! The post Poll of the Week: Mutiny in the holodeck appeared first on UFOP: StarBase 118 Star Trek RPG. View the full article
  17. Per the Community News post about the closing of the Top Sims Contest, please note the following: Round 20, 2017 – which closed on Sunday night – is the final submission period for this contest. Run-off Round 3 will open next week, and close approximately a month later by September 15. The final vote – which will pit the winners of 2017 Run-off Rounds 1, 2, and 3 against each other – will be open for 30 days, ending mid-October. You may still post sims in this forum as a way of highlighting great writing of your crewmates. We plan to transition from a contest format to more of a "kudos" format, where we encourage everyone to post great sims in an open and free-form way.
  18. Fellow fleet members, the Executive Council is announcing some changes to our fleet’s OOC activities today. As we evaluate the effectiveness and value of our community activities, we’re constantly thinking about how we can focus on the future of our fleet, to ensure that our community remains stable, and active, for another 10 or even 20 years while hosting the most enjoyable and sustainable list of activities we can create. Right now, that means refocusing ourselves on the things that will help grow our community. As we prepare for the launch of a new Star Trek series, we will be in competition with other RPGs – especially those launched by new fans – to continue finding new members who share the same enthusiasm for the TNG-era shows. To that end, we’re starting the first of two steps to put that focus back on our most important tasks and projects, which means ending two very time-intensive activities that have served their purpose: The Featured Bio Contest, and the Top Sims Contest, which will be closing in the next few weeks. We will post clear timelines for the end of each contest in their respective forums, but please know that we intend to close the Top Sims Contest in a way that ensures the fleet can still vote on this year’s top sim! Coming up in the next two months, we’ll announce a reorganization of fleet activities – and after that, OOC commendations – to prioritize the activities that sustain and grow the fleet: Publicity, News, and Training. We’ll update you with more information as soon as it becomes available. But if you have urgent questions, simply reach out to the Executive Council on our form. Thank you for your membership. We hope you’ve enjoyed these activities and that you’ll find what comes next just as fun and entertaining! Click here to head to your favorite contest’s forums to see more about the schedule of closing. The post The end of the Featured Bio and Top Sims Contests appeared first on UFOP: StarBase 118 Star Trek RPG. View the full article
  19. ((CMO's office - Starbase 118)) ((Time index - Night before Keal's party)) ::There was a small crack in the wall. Barely noticeable. It looked more like a chip of paint, probably leftover from when she'd moved her desk the first time and stubbornly refused help to do it. The crack was jagged, but easily fixed. In fact, the more she stared, the more she wondered if it was a crack at all, or just a shadow. All the lights were off, nothing except the soft glow of her monitor at her desk. The desk which she'd vacated about an hour ago, to curl up on the sofa and stare at the wall. Seven hundred souls. Seven hundred rescued slaves. Since they returned to base, Mirra had been working with Ishani and her crisis response team, as well as Aelia and her veritable army of counselors. They'd all been running ragged, offering aide when and where they could. They were exhausted. But...they didn't have her job. After the treatment plan had been developed and implemented, she was approached with a rather delicate situation. That mine had been under Syndicate operation for years. Given the conditions of the rescued workers, life expectancy in the mines varied...but was consistently short. Her job, had been attempting to identify the remains. Cataloging the species in hopes, bringing closure to families who had long ago given up hope of ever finding out what happened to their missing loved ones. Tucked away in her office, she shouldered the burden and began her work. The worst was the before pictures. Smiling, healthy faces with the bold red "Missing" banner, and the date. Some were old enough to be her grandparents. Each match she made would bring a small bit of peace to those waiting at home, but each match took a bit of her soul with it. Mirra had to step away for a moment before she gave it all away. And that brought her to the innocent little crack in her wall. So absorbed in her examination of the curious little crack, she missed the light tapping on the door of her office.:: Zotav: ::quietly:: Mirra...? ::Aelia Zotav had been Mirra's roommate at the academy. Both had majored in medicine, but life had taken them to different paths. Separated by duty for years, they'd recently been reunited, Aelia choosing to move from medicine to counseling, her trained eye took a backseat. Mirra at this moment didn't need a therapist, she needed a friend. She carefully settled next to Mirra, who was staring intently at the wall, knees up and arms wrapped protectively around them. Maximum safety position. Aelia knew what Mirra had been doing, and her heart broke just a little for her friend. Laying her head against Mirra's shoulder, she spoke softly.:: Zotav: ::gently:: How many...? Ezo: ::evenly:: Three hundred and twelve. ::Three hundred and twelve souls returned to their Gods, freed from the mines long before Starfleet ever arrived. Those were the only ones she'd been able to identify, so far. There were countless numbers she hadn't been able to match...yet. She planned to ask Aitas to do some more extensive digging. Some of those people were most likely drifters, no official medical record reports to match them to. There were even more so degraded they would never be identified. They were cataloged in a massive log that hurt to even think about. Those lives would be remembered as a file, on a database somewhere, and nothing more.:: Zotav: ::wrapping her arms around Mirra in a tight squeeze:: You did a good thing. Ezo: ::hollow:: I didn't do anything...I couldn't ::her voice cracked:: Zotav: ::gently:: You brought peace. Closure. ::hugging tighter:: Mirra...they were already gone... ::Mirra took one arm from around her own legs and wrapped it around Aelia. Burying her face into the ocean of inky black curls of her friends hair, and lost the battle against her tears.:: Zotav: ::holding her friend close, her own tears slipped down her face. She kept her voice even:: And now, you honor them with your tears. You've been doing this for hours...alone. Ezo: ::whimpering softly:: So many I can't...they won't match...and...no one will remember them if I can't find them... Zotav: ::softly:: It's alright...you've done everything you can...and we will remember them. We will honor them. ::Aelia moved her hand through Mirra's hair, making soft soothing motions and humming softly. After a few moments, they both managed to stop crying, and the two friends linked hands, each in their own thoughts, but focused on the small crack in the wall.:: Ezo: ::quietly:: I should fix that crack... Zotav: ::tilting her head:: It kind of looks like a happy little bunny...I think it's cute. You should leave it. ::A small smile broke across Mirra's face. No matter how dark the moment, Aelia was never far from the sun. She snuggled closer to her friend, who never ceased to bring Mirra back into the light. Nuzzling her shoulder affectionately, Mirra gazed on her little bunny shaped crack in a new light. Even in the most dire of times, with Aelia's help, she'd work a little harder to find the bunny. In whatever shape it took.:: ------------------------------------------ PNCP Lt. Aelia Zotav Counselor & Lt. Commander Mirra Ezo, MDChief Medical Officer Starbase 118 OpsC239205ME0
  20. Promotions for July

    The staff of UFOP: StarBase 118 would like to take a moment and recognize the following officers on their recent promotions. Please be sure to say congratulations if you see them around the forums! ANDARIS TF Anath G’Renn to Lieutenant JG Jarred Thoran to Lieutenant JG The post Promotions for July appeared first on UFOP: StarBase 118 Star Trek RPG. View the full article
  21. ((Shuttlebay, USS Atlantis)) :: They were checking the code, and at least that put some of their doubts at ease. But they were certainly not a welcoming public, and Olin was a bit frustrated. They openly distrusted his demonstration about the robotic... instinct. Maybe if they were able to run their own experiments with the robots... He looked at the shuttle. There was, of course, their best model. It was technically impressive and totally multipurpose. But a bit too alien for some. :: Olin: Ah, of course. There is a new model I haven't shown you yet. Udro: New model? How does it differ from the ones we have seen? Olin: Not much in the programming, but a lot in structure. This one is multipurpose. Udro: If we may have a quick moment to discuss, we would be happy to see your final product. :: His eyes reduced to a slit, considering whether they had already reached a decision and were just planning how to tell him. But there was little he could do about it either way. :: Olin: Of course, of course. I will get the new model, meanwhile. :: Leaving them to conspire in a small group, Olin went to the shuttle. Labetha was there, playing with something, and Olin doubted for a second. Labetha was an autistic child (well, she was 17, not a child anymore, but anyway). But she was a robotics genius, and had come a great part in designing their current line of robots. Showing her work always had a great impact. But it was a wild card. Let's first show them the base for her work, and then we'll see. :: :: He grabbed a big box and downloaded it from the shuttle. Then two similar ones, and finally a small suitcase, with three spherical components, the size of his fist, together with a PADD for control. Once on the shuttlebay, he opened one of the boxes, which completely retracted. Inside, there was a dense grey mass. It was called Biomechanical Multipurpose Gel. Some company workers called it goo, but the marketing department had made it very clear that nickname had to be kept in private. With it ready, he just waited for the team to approach. :: Udro: What is it? Pond: Wow, that looks cool. Olin: Thanks. I present you the Biomechanical Multipurpose Gel. By itself, it's just a gel with components similar to the ones from the other robots. They have no processors, so don't interpret it as a nanite mass. :: He pulled one of the balls from the suitcase, and showed it to them. :: Olin: Now, this is the processor. You can check the programming later. And with this PADD you can change the basic functions. :: He left the sphere on the gel, and pressed a few commands on the PADD. The ball slowly sank into the gel, and the gel got lit in a brownish pulsating color, looking as a brownish core inside a grey net. After he pressed another command, the gel started to take a humanoid form, one similar to the security robot he had previously showed them. :: Udro: Astounding .. so it could be any of the robots you have shown us? Olin: Correct. Although we do sell this model, most buyers are looking for a particular use. In this case, our other models are more specialized, and cheaper. But we use the multipurpose gel to design them, and then when we see a model we consider practical, we redesign it with more standard pieces. :: He looked at the rest of the group, in case they had further questions. :: Pond: How does it work? Olin: Think of the components of the gel as cells. They can be repurposed on need for specialized functions. So, for example, the ocular components are now working as a receptors, while the external layer has become a hardened surface. Feel free to touch it to check for consistency. Oswald: Interesting, very interesting. Olin: Right now, it has the same programming the security model has. That's the point, using this, you can change the programming in the central processor. :: He pointed at the gel humanoid and entered a few commands. The gel compacted again into a box, and then a small portion of it climbed out in the form of the spiderlike engineering bots. :: Olin: Of course, they are not limited to the current models. And, as this model shows, they are not limited in size. They can walk out leaving part of the element behind. Or several materials can be joined to form a larger one. :: After a few commands, the spider itself walked to the other two boxes, opening them. Then it returned to the central box, which started to crawl towards the other two. Once they were touching each other, the whole mass started to take form. :: Udro: What are the limits of this ability? Olin: Of course, that would depend on your needs. We usually sell one of these boxes, which contains a hundred... litres. A bit over the average volume of a humanoid. :: He struggled for a second trying to remember the right units the Federation used, according to the information he had on them. :: Olin: A single processor can seamlessly control around five hundred litres. We generally don't recommend building robots larger than that, but the programming to do so does exist, and it allows the linking of several processor spheres. Pond: Could we do whatever we want with that gel? Olin: We also sell the tools for limited... reprogramming. That is, to use the gel to design new robots. I am not an expert on that subject, but they basically allow for direct sculpting and programming by assigned body parts. I can ready a demonstration if needed. :: That was the very reason why he took Labetha with him. On that aspect, she was an artist. But maybe they were impressed with what they had seen. :: Udro: Your demonstration thus far speaks for itself. Froid Olin - Taventa Robotics Representative as simmed by Lieutenant E'riQ, son of Lo'PeH - HCO - USS Blackwell, Andaris Task Force PotW facilitator D238701JV0
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  23. Every month, the Academy staff works to compile the statistics about our recruiting and training for the fleet’s informational purposes. Let’s take a look at how we did as a fleet in July. This first graph depicts the number of applications that we have received each month this year. During the month of July, the fleet saw eight new applications. This equates to roughly one new application every four days and coincidentally is the exact same number of applications that the fleet saw during the month of June. The following chart shows how our new members found us, according to their application: This final graph shows how many people graduated from the Academy during the month of July. As a fleet, we had five Academy graduates in July which is an improvement over the month of June. This improvement marks July as our third consecutive month of improvement in the number of graduates. These new recruits are the lifeblood of our community. Without them, it becomes difficult to keep our ships fully crewed and even more difficult to grow the fleet. If you’d like to help us recruit more members and grow our fleet, you can join the Publicity Team using this form. The post Applications and Academy Graduates for July 2017 appeared first on UFOP: StarBase 118 Star Trek RPG. View the full article
  24. Lcmd Dr Boris Hendon: EMH woe

    (( Bridge - USS Thor )) :: Hendon looked over the Medical station and noticed his own readings were off by 10%. He frowned at that he felt great. But his forehead was about to become more wrinkled. When another crew member entered the bridge. Who ever it was their readings did not register.:: EMH Charles: Looking beyond them at Toni:: Madam, I'm EMH Charles the Bridge EMH reporting for duty. Caminos/Pavlova/Waltas: Response :: Toni turned to Hendon's station to her left.:: Turner: Boris, did you enact him? :: But before he could answer, Charles answered.:: EMH Charles: Madam, I'm set to engage at any time the Thor leaves orbit. Hendon: Admiral Turner was talking to me you holographic Jackass!!!! Turner: Alright, Charles, you've reported in, now go stand at the ready near the Turbolift. EMH Charles: As you wish, Madam. :: Turning on his heel, he did as she said.:: Hendon: Admiral......... Turner: Not now, Boris, just report it as glitch number 2 after the power loss to the brig, and we'll have engineering take care of it after the cruise is over. Hendon: Yes Admiral. Anyone: Response(s) :: Was it Hendon's imagination? Or did the bridge EMH gave him a rather sarcastic looking smile. Boris did not like the EMH. How would the rest of the Bridge crew react if the CMO. Gave the bridge EMH a right hook to the head.:: Hendon: oO Ty samodovol'nyy syn sviney Oo :: A thought crossed Hendon's mind. Maybe the clothing problem with the medical EMH. Had not been a personal attack on him from Dr Zimmerman. It was common knowledge the man was a grumpy old goat. Maybe this was his way at getting back at 'Starfleet ' for what they did to the first series of EMH's. Using them for mining duties instead of medics.:: Lcmd Dr Boris Hendon Chief Medical Officer Duronis II Federation Embassy USS Thor Author ID:- W237809SP0
  25. Katya Pavlova: Dear Diary

    ((Casa Printzyessa, Duronis Embassy)) ::Katya was sitting quietly in her mother’s room, working on a school project, while Jazmine was downstairs watching a holovid. Her mother and stepmother were up playing on the new ship, and for the first time Jazmine was left in charge rather than getting a babysitter or the two girls going to stay with Admiral Turner’s or Major Parker’s families. To Katya it was pretty cool having Jazmine in charge, though not so cool that she still had to do her homework. Math finished, she turned to her history reading, and then her Laudean language homework and finally her science. When finished, she stood up to head down to the kitchen when something caught her attention from the corner of her eye. It was the dented metal box that Irina had dug up four-years-ago when they were first rescued from the Columbia. Katya remembered that trip to Sochi, Russia like it was yesterday even though she wasn’t even five yet at the time, and more than that, even though more than half of her physiological aging had taken place at a vastly reduced rate in a cryostasis tube. The box looked now as it did then; dented, faded and dingy. Sliding the bench from the foot of Irina’s bed over to the closet, Katya climbed up and took hold of the box and then brought it down to the floor where she sat and just looked at it for a few minutes as she tried to decide whether or not to open it. She knew what was inside already. A few trinkets, some old photos, and an old book, Irina’s diary, that only went up to her departure for Starfleet. Her curiosity was getting to her. What was Irina like as a child? What was her family like? What things did she enjoy doing? She knew she wasn’t supposed to look, but she couldn’t help herself and finally opened the lid and took hold of the photos. Irina looked much the same a she did now, only her hair was a shinier yellow/blond instead of the duller blond it usually was now, or the black that she dyed it a few days ago. There were pictures of Irina as a young girl as well, and while her youth was obvious, so too were facial features that were pretty constant from about the age of six. There was a picture of a very young Irina, perhaps 4, smiling as she played the violin. Another of a roughly 10-year-old Irina at a skeet range looking very serious as she stood at the firing line as the only child shooting amongst a group of very serious-looking adults. Another of a teenaged Irina in a bikini smiling with a boy of about the same age as they both held surfboards, and another of a young-looking adult Irina in her 22nd century Marine uniform. Katya thought to herself about what her mother’s life must have been like, and how long ago it really was. In history class she learned that Federation and Klingons had only become allies in the last century, but that picture of Irina was taken more than a century before even that. The amount of time was something that frequently caused Katya to lose herself to her imagination, wondering what it must have been like before replicators were invented and when kids like her didn’t love Klingon food. Katya heard a crash and a bang from downstairs and knew that Jazmine had dropped something. Not hearing any screams, she went back to looking in the box and finally removed Irina’s diary. For a few minutes she just held the old book in her hands, still in its plastic cover, but finally she pulled it out and opened it to the first page.:: ((Diary Entry)) January 5, 2154 Today is my tenth birthday. I clothes (boring) and a full-sized violin that sounds much better than my old 3/4 size, that will go to Anatoli and then eventually to baby Ekaterina. Anatoli is still too small too small for my 3/4 size, but he plays pretty good on the half sized violin that also used to be mine. It still has the glue line from where I dropped it and cracked the back. Mom gave me this book to write in for special days, and a bigger one to write in every day. Since its my birthday, I’m writing in the special one. ((End Entry)) ::Katya flipped through a few more pages and only skimmed as they were pretty boring. She stopped at a longish entry that had to be better than just a list of birthday presents.:: (Diary Entry)) October 7, 2160 Dimitri is finally off his crutches, but he still has the cast on his ankle. At least he gets around a little better and I’m glad he doesn’t blame me, even though the accident was my fault. We rode our bikes down the trail and I could barely avoid the rocks at the speed I was going, and should have known he would keep up instead of slowing to a safer speed. I need to remember he just isn’t that well coordinated. Actually, he’s a total klutz, but he always reminds me that his grades are much higher than mine so I guess its fair. Today we both snuck out of class and into the faculty men’s bathroom where Marco, Pavel and Nadia met us with a big bottle of vodka and half pack of cigarettes. The cigarettes taste terrible and made me cough, but it was fun to smoke them. The vodka was warm, but we got very drunk anyway. Mr. Karatov came in and saw us, smiled, [...]ed and then left without saying a word and I was sure we’d all get busted in seconds, but minutes passed and then we just started drinking and smoking again. I bet he did the same thing when he was our age. I wonder what he’ll say when I come to Russian class tomorrow, or if he’ll just smile. He’s so handsome with his short brown hair and wire-rimmed glasses. ((End Entry)) ::Katya flipped through more of the book and finally decided to read the last entry.:: ((Diary Entry)) July 20, 2169 Tomorrow I ship out on Columbia, and as I close this book, I close my childhood and upbringing with it. Dimitri and I are having dinner tonight and then probably go to a jazz club, and then tomorrow morning he goes back to Camp Pendleton and I report to USS Columbia as Chief Armory Officer. I still can’t believe I was picked for this mission, by the commodore himself, but I will focus on my duties and make sure not to let Commodore Moretti or any of my shipmates down. As the whales said in one of my favorite old books, I now also say to my childhood. “So long, and thanks for all the fish.” ((End Entry)) Katya: Fish? What fish? Katya Pavlova Printzyessa Author ID O238908HA0
  26. July 2017 post counts

    Another month brings another round of sim totals! The StarBase 118 Fleet finished last month with an average of 164 sims, and in total, 1,312 sims were written by the members of UFOP: StarBase 118. Of note, the USS Za was decommissioned early in July, so the average across ships actively commissioned in the fleet actually rose to 181 sims from June’s average of 178. Leading the fleet in sim numbers for July was USS Athena with 200 sims. Right behind, the Andaris Task Force and USS Gorkon tied for second highest number of sims at 199, and Embassy of Duronis II finished with 198 sims. Check out some of the highlights of this past month’s simming through the Top Sims Contest to see the sims you and your fellow members nominated and don’t forget to spotlight great sims from your ship for this month! The post July 2017 post counts appeared first on UFOP: StarBase 118 Star Trek RPG. View the full article
  27. Major Tyler Kelly - How Far We've Come

    ((Starbase 118 - Marine C.I.C.)) ((1 Day After the Columbia's Return)) ::Tyler was sitting at a console in the C.I.C. filing the lengthy mission report in which he had to explain how he'd wound up flying the Columbia. He'd also had to submit a signed affidavit detailing the events surrounding Bomba's dismissal, which he'd happily provided. Fortunately, the Columbia's logs provided enough evidence to keep Bomba out of the center chair for the foreseeable future. It had been touch-and-go there for a minute, but in Tyler's opinion, the mission had been a great success in the end. Considering the state he'd been in for his last couple of missions, his own morale had made massive improvements. He'd gone on a mandatory leave to try and find some way to cope with his trauma and had very nearly found himself discharged by Starfleet Medical when he'd met the man that would help him turn it all around.:: ((Flashback - a few months earlier)) ((Utopia Planitia Support Colony - Starfleet Counseling Offices)) ::Tyler Kelly had served as a Starfleet Officer for the better part of 11 years, he'd never had the chance to set down roots or start a family. Hell, Mirra had been his first steady girlfriend in several years and even that was history now too. All these years of serving the greater good, whatever the hell that was supposed to mean, had served only to get Tyler beaten, scarred and finally marooned in the cold vacuum of space as he watched his own ship die. As he sat in the waiting room to be seen by the Counselor for his mandatory sessions, he leaned back into his chair until his head came to rest on the neutral colored wall behind him. He'd come back to Mars because it was the only place he had any history. His mother, Dana Kelly, still lived and worked there at the Fleet Yards but so far he hadn't been able to bring himself to visit her. Tyler could see her face as if she was standing right in front of him, frowning as she took in his slightly overgrown hair, scraggly beard and generally scruffy appearance. Not to mention the fact she hadn't yet seen the 3 parallel claw marks running down the left side of his face where an enraged Gorn had given him a little love tap. No, instead he spent his leave staying in uncomfortable barracks-housing and drinking too much nearly every night just so he could sleep. Tyler didn't know it, but things were about to turn around that day. Not in the counselor's office, but there, in the waiting room.:: Man: Son, you look like something the Targ dragged in. ::Tyler sat up a bit straighter as his eyes found the only other person in the waiting room that morning. He was an older man with a thick neck, square jaw and a head of close cropped silver hair. He seemed like the kind of man that had seen it all and didn't like most of it. Tyler, already aware of his rough appearance, he didn't really feel like discussing it.:: Kelly: Thanks. ::He leaned his head back against the wall.:: I hadn't noticed. ::Despite Tyler's attempt to disengage from the conversation, the man, who looked like someone's tough old grandpa crossed the room and took the seat immediately adjacent to his. Annoyed, Tyler adjusted in his seat as the man turned towards him, clearly intent on continuing the conversation.:: Man: So what's your problem? ::He narrowed his eyes curiously as he prodded.:: You're obviously Starfleet or you wouldn't be here. D'you lose some buddies? Get your [...] kicked? Tortured? ::At first Tyler was caught off guard by the man's indelicate approach, but really he preferred it to the light-handed track the counselors took. Still, he had no idea who this grizzled old grump was or why he was talking to him. He just wanted to get the mandatory counselling session over with so he could get on with his day, not chat it up with strangers.:: Kelly: I don't know, uh... ::He shook his head in confused annoyance.:: All of the above, I guess. ::He paused::...Do I know you or something? ::If the man was put-off by Tyler's attitude, he didn't let it show. He simply sat up a bit straighter, puffed out his chest a little and fixed Tyler with a proud little expression that hinted that he'd been waiting for him to ask that question.:: Man: Colonel Roderick Holland, SFMC retired. ::He chuckled in his grizzled way.:: Well, as retired as a Marine can ever be, that is. ::His gaze found Tyler's:: And I'm here, Commander Kelly, because I've been down in the same hole you're in now and I'm going to tell you how to climb out of it. ::The Colonel had used his name without Tyler ever mentioning it, it was becoming clear that his being her was no coincidence. He just wondered why he was here, and what he'd have to do to bring this strange encounter to a close.:: Kelly: Look, Colonel Holland, I don't know what you think you know about me but let me save you some trouble. ::He felt the same anger and frustration brewing that had driven away everyone who tried to help.:: I'm done. I've given my whole damn life to the fleet and what do I have to show for it? Nothing. I've got no family, what friends I do make get lost to transfer or killed, and there's no place in this god forsaken galaxy that feels like home. ::He fixed the Colonel with an icy glare.:: No, all I've gotten are a bunch of scars, ghosts that won't let me sleep and an extremely vivid memory of what it feels like to freeze to death in a frakking vacuum. ::The older man waited patiently for the tirade to end, a look that was suspiciously close to amusement playing across his face. He pulled a small worn shoulder patch from the pocket of his civilian jacket with a picture of a Galaxy Class ship and the name U.S.S. Cairo emblazoned on it. It looked to Tyler like it had been cut off an older EV suit, judging by the tattered remnants of fabric still clinging to the edges. The name didn't ring any bells, but he could tell by the reverential way the old Marine handled the patch that it held some great meaning to him.:: Holland: I have a feeling I know more about you than you know about yourself, Mister Kelly. ::He shook the patch:: U.S.S. Cairo. We got ambushed by the Dominion patrolling the Cardie border back in '74. Lost with all hands... well, almost. ::He stared past Tyler, obviously remembering events long passed.:: I was a Security Officer, like you, and it was pure dumb luck that I happened to be preparing to run an EVA drill in the shuttle bay. When the ship got hit the force field went down and I got sucked out with an extra canister of o2 in my hands. ::He stuffed the patch back in his pocket.:: I guess the baddies missed me in the wreckage, I floated for a full day before my suit put me under. Woke up half frozen on a Romulan Warbird. ::Tyler eyed the Colonel cautiously, he'd never heard this story, but he had no reason not to believe him. As the old veteran relived his experience Tyler could see flashes of himself in the Marine's eyes. He still didn't know how he was planning on helping him, but Tyler decided the man had earned his attention.:: Kelly: ::Leaning forward slightly, interested against his will.:: Then what happened? ::Holland waved his hand in Tyler's direction and gave another gruff chuckle.:: Holland: I went through all of this too. ::He patted Tyler on the shoulder with a sad smile.:: I think every man, men like us anyway, is born with the notion that they if they wanted it bad enough, they could be invincible. That if we just trained a bit harder and planned a little better than the rest, we could never possibly die. Then we survive a few crazy missions and it just reinforces the notion that we just might be un-killable by virtue of our own bad-assery. ::He glanced down at his hands then back up to Tyler:: Then we are confronted with something like this and our brains aren't conditioned to handle it; no amount of planning or training can save you when you're in freefall in the cold, dark, infinite expanse. You realize that the indestructible self-image you've created, the legend you've built for yourself to cling to when times get tough is, was, and always will be a complete fallacy. ::He let out a sigh.:: And it hurts. ::Tyler felt his face go red as a wave of embarrassment washed over him. He was never the type to share his feelings openly, but this man he didn't even know had just cracked open his head and poured it's contents out on the small coffee table in front of them. It was true, all of it. He was scared of dying, afraid to let his crew down again and terrified of space itself. Tyler felt like he had a lump in his throat the size of a hand grenade.:: Kelly: I... well...::He gave up on words and nodded slowly:: ::Holland stared at the broken man in the wrinkled gold uniform across from him with the sympathy of someone who had been in this exact place so many years ago. Carefully he began the same pitch given to him by another old Marine just like he was now.:: Holland: You're not a lost cause. The things you have done have mattered. ::He pulled a small PADD from an interior coat pocket.:: You want a family? I can give you as many brothers and sisters as you could ever hope for and you will love them like they were your own flesh and blood. I can give you another chance. You will never be invincible, but I can make you a part of something that is. ::The older man pushed the PADD into Tyler's hands and he glanced at what it was. He saw that it was the necessary paperwork for him to transfer from Starfleet Security to the Starfleet Marine Corps and it was already approved, awaiting only his signature. Tyler brought his gaze up to find Holland watching him expectantly, he knew the Marine had pulled some serious strings to get this done before Tyler scrubbed out of the Fleet completely. It was all pending his successful completion of the grueling Starfleet Marine Basic School, but the fact that Tyler found himself considering it, rather than brushing it off and retreating to the nearest bar like usual, was promising. He gazed at Holland with all the desperation of a man at the end of his rope.:: Kelly: Did it work? ::The old marine smiled and [...]ed his head to the side slightly.:: Holland: You think I'd be here if it didn't? ::He paused to let the words sink in.:: Come on Mister Kelly, lets go make you presentable. ::Surprisingly, Tyler rose from his chair and followed the man out the door.:: ((END FLASHBACK)) ((Starbase 118 - Marine C.I.C.)) ::Tyler was shaken from his memory by the voice of the Bajoran Second Lieutenant he'd met back in the Columbia's Brig.:: Torok: Major. ::She waited for him to look her direction.:: You're needed in holodeck 4 to oversee the Orbital Drop Quals, Sir. ::He rose from his console as he fixed her with a quick smile and nod.:: Kelly: Thank you Lieutenant. ::He kept his smile as he made his way to the holodeck, wondering what Colonel Roderick Holland was doing now, wherever he was.:: ======//////======> Major Tyler Kelly Marine Officer Sb118 Ops O238811CD0
  28. Poll of the Week: A Passion for Fashion

    In nearly 250 years of operation, Starfleet has changed its uniform code a great many times. In some eras, the look was utilitarian, and supported operations in the harsh expanse of space. This is seen in Enterprise’s NASA-inspired jump suits, and the fleet’s current outfit, introduced in First Contact. Other times, elegance and refinement was the preferred approach. Such examples include the mandarin collars of The Next Generation‘s season three, and the dignified (though sweltering) double-breasted, blood-red jackets and black pants, seen in five of the six original Star Trek movies. And who could forget the look that started it all: the red, gold, and blue tunics and black pant ensemble from The Original Series? In that time period, each starship and instillation had its own distinctive uniform assignment patch – a reminder of the long-past days when the Starfleet chevron we know today did not apply universally. It seems that everyone has a favorite uniform from the franchise. Each carries such a legacy, and all of them have something to offer the discerning tailor in all of us – well, almost (I’m looking at you, Motion Picture one-piece pajamas!). This week’s poll asks you to name your preferred uniform, and why you prefer it. Are you looking for dignity, or classic style, or functionality? Or something else? Leave your answers there, and explain them in the comments section! The post Poll of the Week: A Passion for Fashion appeared first on UFOP: StarBase 118 Star Trek RPG. View the full article
  29. Hey Guys been a long, long time. I am back and more than willing to get back into the game. Finally graduated high school and Job Corps so i have more free time on my hands than I know what to do with.

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